Shaunie Miller: Medical Industry Needs Reform

Medical Model 22Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Steve Beckow: ShaunieL Miller presents another view of Obamacare.  Many concerns that Shaunie expresses relate to the standard of care and medical practices, rather than the provision of universal access to medical care. 

I certainly agree that the standard of medical care and medical practices need to improve. And they undoubtedly will as we move further into the new age.

Dear Steve,

Thanks for the great article about Obama, Congress, the new ‘healthcare’ plan and the nature of politics in this corporate run country. And, I agree, our political system definitely needs reform.

I am a great fan of Obama, but I have signed more than one petition protesting the new ‘universal’ health care plan for the USA.

The ideal behind Obamacare, as it has been named in the press, is wonderful. But the way it is being set up and carried out is quite dysfunctional and will cause financial issues for many with little benefit returned to them – my family and myself included.

The medical ‘industry’ in this country needs vast reforms before a universal health system will work in the USA. I refuse to participate in the current plan and I do not intend to pay any fines over it either – no matter where that leads me.

Never have I gone to regular doctors unless it was a dire emergency, because I prefer alternative, more natural healing modalities. My mother is 80 years old and seems 20 years younger because she has always felt the same way that I do. She never takes medication unless absolutely necessary or visits an AMA medical doctor unless she has a serious persistent problem. She does go to a chiropractor on occasion and has also utilized a naturopathic doctor who does acupuncture.

80% of people in the USA are on one or more prescription medication – makes for great profits and chronic patients. Until the pharmacutical corporations are no longer in control of the healing arts in this country, universal health care will do more harm than good and I refuse to be penalized by that system if I choose to use alternative health care.

Years ago, on a talk show, I heard a geriatrics doctor being interviewed. He stated that the biggest ‘health’ problem for the elderly in this country is that they are being over-medicated.

A friend of mine had parents who both had a large collections of medications they were on at one point in time. Her father was so grumpy that no one could be around him for long and her mother was in and out of the hospital constantly. My friend finally convinced her parents to get off of all the medications except for their blood pressure medicine.

Her father became cheerful again and her mother stopped being in and out of the hospital constantly. The icing on the cake? They saved so much money from not having to pay for all those unnecessary prescriptions and hospital stays that they were able to buy an RV and started traveling.

On a more sober note, I also knew a couple who were devoted to each other for over 40 years. The doctors performed 8 surgical procedures on her in the last year of her life. None of these surgeries added to the quality or quantity of her life, they simply drained off all of her husband’s resources. After she died he had no money left to take care of himself. He ended up in a state run nursing home and died a few years after his wife.

Another older man that I knew had an eye doctor recommend surgery even though the older man’s eyesight was fine. It was sold to him as preventative surgery. Well, after the surgery, the older man’s eyes were maimed and his eyesight was so bad that he could no longer drive. His eyes never recovered and he had lost his independence.

Last but not least, the third most common cause of death in the USA is from medical mistakes:

In truth, I know that so much will change within the next year and even in the next few months that this will soon be a moot issue. However, I do believe they should delay the implementation of the health care plan until our government has been reformed and the corporate medical industry has been deflated by the truth about their deceptive practices finally coming out in the media.

Once the truth is known, the whole structure can be reworked, reformulated and refined by more enlightened leaders who are responsive to the true needs of the people and who are no longer under the thumb of the cabal and its misguided agendas.

Thanks to you and your team at the Golden Age Of Gaia for all that you do to advance the ascension process. Blessings to all.

Sincerely, ShaunieL

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