Genii Townsend: City of Light Embassy Visit – September 22, 2013

Genii TownsendThanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Stephen Cook: Genii wrote to me late last week – when she was trying to write up this latest message – to tell me she was still flying high from this particular visit to the City of Light in Sedona. I’m sure she won’t mind me sharing this excerpt with you all: “Last Sunday I was invited to go back into the City. OMG! This time, I experienced – and I mean REALLY experienced – the City light and energy frequencies. There are no words to express what I was privileged to to experience. It has taken me two days to come back to earth!  What we are all going to experience is awesome. OMG!”

Visiting A Miracle!

By Genii Townsend – September 22, 2013

On this Sunday morning Sept. 22, 2013, I started the day by watching pastor Joel Osteen (twice), whose constant message is “Your dream is important and God can do anything!” (Thanks Joel). In my inner vision, I venture back to the City of Light as guidance had directed. I readied myself, taking my pen and notebook with me … Here I go … I slide into a meditative state with my inner vision open, not knowing what I will see.

Now I have been there many times as reported in my book “Something’s Coming” but this time, it was quite different … Oh My God!

I see myself at an Entrance Gate but it is all lit up. Absolutely breathtaking with light coming from within the City itself, and even outside as I walk into it. What is going on?

Genii, I heard a Guide within myself say, “After all it is a City of Light that you have been talking about coming for many moons. Did not Charles (Betterton) report seeing a strange light covering over Sedona when you were away reporting on the City of Light back east? Hello … guess what?

“You dear one are standing in that Light as you enter a Gate. It is just lit up as all will see, and you are experiencing it as the light it is, for the first time. Remember how in the last trip here, you were shown The City in the third dimension, where you touched the solid buildings etc.! Today, you are seeing the Light of the City in 3D … of course. Get the picture?

“It is all coming together like it was promised eons ago, and like the Christ reported to you of the Second Coming in the Embassy. Indeed, this time the City is all lit up with light frequencies of unknown origin except they wrap themselves around me with pure delight.”

No one else was around to enjoy my pleasure until I see my City Guide, La-Luke. It had been a while but even he looked all lit up. His smile tells me I am right on time for this invitational unscripted visit. He hugged me and I almost shorted out.

La-Luke: “Welcome back … See anything different?”

Genii: “Hi, good to see you again. Yes this place is all lit up. Where in my previous visits it looked pretty strangely normal. Now … WOW! The City Light is on. What is this to tell me?”

L: “Indeed the City will welcome everyone like this. The Light your friend saw over the Sedona area when you were away, was the City Light you now are observing being tested. Permit us to enter The City. The Light will show us the way.”

As I look around, something has turned up the amperage and as we entered the Relaxation Park, it too is all lit up in colors far beyond what we see at home. The birds are beautifully brightly colored, the trees are splendidly fully adorned to hold the birds settled on the branches. Like somewhere over a rainbow.

It is breathtaking!

L: “Would you care to sit on a massage bench?”

G: “Will I get electrocuted?”

L: Laughing, “No but you just might feel the reason the benches here are programmed to give relaxing massages.”

I carefully sat down and OMG …

G: “It is so relaxing. I can feel it from my head to my shoes. Talk about being calm and in peace. Can I take one home?”

L: “Well, what you are feeling at this moment is just part and parcel of what people will feel throughout the City, thus beginning the healing process no matter the reason anyone has entered the City for a cure.

“It starts with being God-loved in a peaceful sensation as well as the physical, mental, and the emotional feeling of God’s love. People will be relaxed as the emotional captures and expresses what this City is all about … HEALING THROUGH LOVE … GOD’S LOVE!

“Most people of your planet have only a tiny idea of what God love is. They have empty words unfilled through expression, but here it is many times deeper with the wholeness of God’s purity. So shall we venture out a bit more?”

We turned out of the beautiful fantasy setting and into what I sort-of recognized as what Dr. Bill brought through on the original plot plan. Here everything looking lit up but fairly like what I might see at home including a golf course, except the golf balls looked gold … imagine that!

L: “When people arrive, their minds will be so engrossed with what God has brought forth that they may be concerned that they are fantasizing a dream in the third dimension … so a golf course, which is a favorite of many, will put them somewhat in a space they recognize (even if the golf balls are gold).

“A bit like stepping past the barriers the mind produces as normal and into the space world. As a friendly frog Kermit that you love calls a Rainbow connection, we endeavor to connect and not separate your people from the Universal Light Entities who have put much time and God love into everything you see here including the Light you are now experiencing, and the shock of this not being a movie.

“It is as real as your 3rd dimension produces. As said by the Pastor Joel, ‘God is going to take you places you never thought possible,’ and look where you are standing, in the impossible! As has been said of space beings for a disclosure over and over, we laugh, THIS IS A DISCLOSURE! WHAT MORE IS NEEDED?

“It could be nothing else coming in love as even you and I have a universal connection-friendship! So come now, an empty City trolley is arriving to take us to the Embassy of Peace that you have been to many times. Ooo-lon awaits our presence.”

I am so fascinated by what I am experiencing that I can hardly move. OMG! La-Luke tugs at my jacket and helps me onto the driver-less, wheel-less trolley, and we whiz past many people, and buildings with gold domes that I was earlier taught are really space crafts.

G: “I think people have got to get used to having friends from far away places who are not here to control us. (What’s to control? as I was previously told. What have we done with our planet?) But these space friends are here to help us in love. Fear can be a might enemy that can cancel a lot of love! Space vehicles will become a normal sighting and my love goes to each one.

The space technology this City of Light has been lovingly setting in place with God’s direction, is to be a healing device that none of us could build on this heavenly scale. So I thank many loving space entities from faraway places with strange sounding names … (oops got to day dreaming.)

As we whiz past many buildings all lit up, it looks a bit like Christmas, my favorite holiday. Maybe Santa Claus is God in disguise, red suit and white beard with a belly laugh filled with love Ho Ho Ho! Having been honored to previously meet the Christ in the Embassy who spoke of the Second Coming, I am a believer big time or maybe you already guessed that!

Joel says, “Dream big dreams and watch what happens!” and look where that got me. Right Here! Right Now! With even me feeling lit up. OMG! The trolley stopped and we hopped off at the Embassy of Peace, and entered in through the back stage door, and onto the stage I have been on many times before.

Looking over the audience of hundreds of Light Beings, some of whom may look a bit strange, I probably look strange to them as well, and I feel so blessed. Thanks God.

Ooo-lon, (Picking up my thoughts) “Are you not a Jedi Master? Does the entity of Yoda not tell you of strange things, but in the belief, much good can come. Dear one, this invited visit is to help you in informing others that all is well and nearing physical demonstration”

G: “That’s good as the question I get most from people is WHEN?”

O: “Soon, just stay in the now and soon becomes NOW! You all have won your gift from God and those who support that. The friends you see here in the Embassy are part and parcel of those whose universal talents have brought forth what you have been seeing and visiting and speaking to your people about.

“Time is no more. You made it all up. All is now! Take this message back to your world that the light cleansing of your planet is necessary to rid it of unproductive thoughts. The end results will be what you are saying OMG in seeing and feeling, now as love and light invades your planet from technology beyond your knowing, due to friends in high places like you see here right now.

”We send you back to your world that is being cleansed and as you hold the God light with others, this dream place you stand in at this no-time moment, will appear and all will know that the Joel Osteen of your world is quite correct, that your dreams can come true no matter what they may be.

“Go meet this man in person and tell him that indeed he is a holy man dedicated to helping people accomplish … including you … what has not yet been seen in their lives. We hold you in our hearts as we see that your light work has been superior, but you are not done yet by any means …

“Ah, I see your electrical system cannot hold in this frequency of inner vision at this point, so we send you back to your home. Be open to your inner guidance and we shall fill in what is yet to be known of this birth of new light called the City of Healing Light.” (Embassy scene ended.)

I see myself on the trolley going back to the Entrance Gate filled to overflowing in love and light frequencies and feeling happy. What fun this is. Mr. Disney move over! A really big production is about to appear. See you on the green bench on main street Disneyland soon.

In love, light and healing.

I am … Genii Townsend (trans-audio visionary)

Monday September 23, 2013

Genii: “Having felt the awesome glorious light of the City (OMG!) yesterday what more can be said?”

AH TU: “The entrance into the City Gates has a strong turbo frequency and it is connected to the High Towers where the UniPhase Power Capsules (UPPCs) come into from space. The combination of this mix will be a joyous feeling to people being attracted to each Gate from what you would call, the outside world that you live in.

“The people will be so elated that even that energy alone will have an effect on each and everyone. You experienced what the Charles called the Glory of God (The Glow-ray) that he saw while you were with the light group in Indiana and indeed he is quite correct.

“This is another validation of what your book Something’s Coming! has proclaimed about this City of Light and nothing can stop its entrance … nothing! So as said, prepare at the home sight with supplies for the people coming to see for themselves this dramatic demonstration, will be more than the local stores can handle. The light energy will pick up day by day and they will come for any reason even unknown.

“The Charles is a power leader and is expected to be a City/ people official, and even now his Guides are quietly preparing him at this point. Return, we shall speak more. So light it be!”

Tuesday September 24, 2013

Genii speaking with Master YA space technologist: “What is important for me to know since in the City I saw and felt the City light?”

YA: “The Genii student of City light, this indeed is what you experienced and this light also is now what you carry yourself out into the the human public will make a connection of frequencies that are pleasant.

“The advanced technology now seeping thru the portals of the City is enhancing the overall phases of the demonstration at hand. You surprisingly birthed the City some time ago on a trip and now that birth moves into place.

“What you experienced was the truth of the matter and as your message goes out, so does this connected frequency, so project it with the consideration of others, for they even at this point want to feel, sense and enjoy what you experienced as quickly as possible. So send out the written encounter and soon you will have responses that will take you on the road telling of this encounter in the personage of yourself.

YA: “At your service for more insight information. So God it be!”

YA… Em-orgy (space energy) Technician

The Light Center has developed a 25 page PDF document with all the references to Disclosure contained in Something’s Coming! The link to download that is at

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