Leslee Hare: Conversation with Adrial – 20 September 2013


(from Leslee: Last week, after a long silence, I sensed that Adrial had made an appearance in my space and wanted me to relay some information. It was so nice to hear from her! I had been wondering about the tremendous quit about Abiquor and Athabantian. Hoping you are all well!)


20 September 2013 – shared by Leslee Hare

Adrial: Please ask questions.

Leslee: Are you still aboard Athabantian?

A: No.

L: Who is still there?

A: Mostly Andromedans, a few Arcturians and Pleiadians and some ??? (From Leslee: I pick up on gentle frog-like energy, but can’t distinguish a name of a race or species…)

L: The celestials have left?

A: For the most part. We are quite accessible to all, though.

L: Why this change?

A: A study of the history of Atlantis might be useful fuel for contemplation. (from Leslee: I hear something like Guy Court? Gicort? Gye… Geyecourt…?) There are friends online who can help you with this. We’d like for you to focus here for now and leave the internet research and distraction for later – or others.

May we speak?

L: Certainly, please!

A: We’d like to say we’re very pleased you connected with Guy Needler (not related to the sound you heard above – at least not directly so) and gathered some new information to spark your expansion. We just wanted you to know how pleased we are with that.

L: Yes, I am too, I’m very grateful.

A: Now. You ask again about “We”. It’s no different than the We from previous conversations. We are all keenly interested in your explorations into other realms and these “Cities of Light” as you so aptly call them. You realize they are occurring and existing alongside you all with every breath you take…

(By the way, we would like for you to use Guy’s description of structure, if he will consent.)(from Leslee – I hope to add info about this later)

Now there’s so much concern about things moving around. Some people want things to just stay put. Yet the higher frequencies are so fluid, you know. It’s really quite fascinating.

We would like for those who feel it appeals to them to play with the suggestion that things can move and remain in place.

Abiquor may be – meaning it’s a possibility, more than meaning it’s a riddle – in Pagosa Springs Colorado, or east of there a bit, or in Santa Fe… or on Olga’s lovely Mongolian steppes.

Please think deeply about how many friends around the world have visited Abiquor in the blink of an eye. And then they return with details and descriptions to fill volumes. It’s quite incredible really, from a physical perspective. It’s enough to make me consider incarnating an additional aspect. But I’ll leave that to you lot for a bit longer. That might confuse some people.

So Leslee, could you please take another look at the Resonance Chamber, the Harmonics Center… And look at placing a huge ball of light in the upper cupola. The ball of ferns goes down in the lower chamber. It’s like a fairy globe… Lisa has seen it already.

Please show a structure like a fir tree down in the labyrinth… You will see. Its tip penetrates the landing portal.

Lisa’s entry atrium is located in the Crystallarium. You might need to make the globe larger.

And yes, please include some Galactics and Star Beings.

Please build a peak for the Kogi and a Mayan pyramid. I hope you will find that someone has modeled a crystal skull you can use.

And don’t forget the horses.

That’s enough about Abiquor for now.

Let’s talk a bit about Vésu. Think coral reef, a bit like the ice rings you saw in your dream this morning. A whirling vortex lays the foundation… But Portadeo should be the one who informs you from there.

I will just add that the coral ring in Vésu connects directly to the ring around the landing platform at Abiquor, and the ring at Abiquor descends and rings the Reliquarium.

There. That should give you and your friends more than enough to play with.

Please do regard it as play. All of these nexi are filled with and radiate lighthearted joy.

(from Leslee: Adrial then told me that I’m in Florida to connect with Mikos, and that I should call my son.)

L: Thank you, Adrial. It’s so nice to hear from you.

A: Ciao! (laughter)

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