UK Man Sues BBC for Lying About 9/11

Source: 2012 The Big Picture, 9/24/13

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Great stuff from Brasscheck. Thanks, Richard for the heads up.

The Illuminati’s reasons for “pulling” Building 7 were many, and now the sleeping giant rears its ugly head to bite them in the ass.  

This case should set off a chain reaction, because once the courts acknowledge that the BBC was complicit and had foreknowledge of the attack, it is then a  foundation for further cases to prosecute those who committed the ‘inside job’, and they can go after the murderers and lock them up.

Bush and Co., you can run, but you can’t hide. SOMEONE knows where you are every second of every day. Time to get measured for your black and white striped jammies.  ~ BP


Court Hacking

UK man sues BBC for lying about 9/11

Fascinating court action against the BBC by UK citizens for lying about 9/11.

Interesting angle: In the UK, TV set owners are required to subsidize the BBC. This chap says they’re an organization that supports terrorism—by lying about 9/11—and won’t pay his fee.

The judge listened and local police say they’re taking up the case.



Fascinating Legal Theory


You may be aware that the BBC announced the collapse of World Trade Center BEFORE it “unexpectedly” collapsed. [23 minutes before]

The BBC is required by its royal charter to be impartial and if inaccurate must correct its errors.

It’s never corrected or explained this error which it compounded in 2007 by saying that Building 7 did not fall at free fall speed.

This man took the case to the UK court and said: “If I pay my TV license fee, then I am supporting a group that supports and facilitates terrorism by spreading false information about terrorist acts—the BBC.”

In the UK, where the court system is not hopelessly corrupt, you can do such things. [good one!]


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