Steve Beckow: Bursting at the Seams

Written by Steve Beckow, The Golden Age of Gaia,

Larson 22I probably shouldn’t say “this is my last word on the conference” because it’s affected me quite a bit and much of it’s below awareness and just bubbling up. So this is not “the last word” but “the latest word.”

I just spent three days with a group of people who were all engaged in the same lightwork, apprized of the same baseline of events, and equally dedicated to serving the Light.

Now if you don’t think that was some kind of portable feast – and a rare occurence – then I don’t know what would be.

You know how we often say that we can’t find people around us that we can talk to about our lightwork? So many of us live double lives – this outrageous life and then restraining ourselves and walking around as if the world is falling apart and there’s nothing we can do about it.

It reminds me of a Far Side cartoon I once saw where the cow was saying to the lamb: “No, Einstein’s theory was one of special relativity. He didn’t claim to be accounting for, say, some phenomena which are now being explained by string theory.” Then they both spot the farmer coming and together chime in: “Mooooooooooo.” “Baaaaaaaaaa.”

Well, last weekend we openly discussed string theory. And Ascension and a new life.

I’ve written a lot about listening and shared how, if a person is listened to long and deeply enough, they solve the problem they may have been experiencing, themselves. Goodbye, problem-solving therapy. Goodbye working yourself to the bone for your dollar!

We so, so seldom get an opportunity to get all of what’s there for us out on the table.

Well, similarly, when we gather as a group of lightworkers like this, it’s as if we all have a chance to get it all out on the table (whether we speak a word or not – paradox).

And that has an integrating and inspiring effect. It’s as if we all expressed ourselves completely on this common, global, interdimensional enterprise we’re all engaged in.

Even if someone else expressed one point and we did another.

It was like the effect of the ancestors assembling and retelling the history of the tribe.

I cannot think of a more affirming experience that I’ve had in a long time.

Sedona before it. But these events are few and far between.

A gathering like this validates what one is up to and gives one the courage to go the next mile and to go it exuberantly.

I cannot say what the effects of the Fall Equinox may or may not have been because I lived in a connected, affirming community for a time and that in itself accelerated my personal process. What may have occurred on the Equinox is invisible to me.

I’m bursting at the seams, which is nicely timed because the Reval could be here any day.


  1. Hello!

    Wonderful message!  

    Each and every morning seven days a week I meet with a highly diverse group of folks for morning coffee and obviously my aim is “to solve all the world’s problems in one fell swoop”.  I worked beyond belief hard on 2012 Scenario distribution with comments relevant to each article, but life interrupted my fervent work to attend to life’s problems at hand.  I was literally too broke to attend Sedona Conference and grieved, privately fussed about that, but this year switched to “Wow, I am in the class of my lifetime starting at 6:00 am”, and now have my first idea heading to product market within the week, hoping I can get the bank to help me shove this out the door, so to speak.  Currently, I have no idea how I will do it, but suddenly received the “Divine Download” to do my ideas-to-market, get back in school to end up working on cellular rejuvenation–and I intend to succeed at this–just have to get funding going first.  But, my point is to please continue your immensely fine work and I will distribute as “Divinely Ordered”, get to Sedona or wherever any lightworkers meet and enjoy what you folks are enjoying, and hopefully soon be in better financial position to help not just myself, but you all, too (yes, I am a Southern Lady of a “classy age” who simply intends to help in every way I can to end world chaos in every way I can.  

    Thank you for every effort you each put forth.  It sure has helped me and possibly shocked some of my email list recipients, but no matter, I intend to carry on as inspired by you and the Higher Up’s.

    Thanks again with hundreds of hugs,

    Janice Russell (aka januscatinhat until further inspired for new “insignia handle name”)



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