Konstantinos-Interview with Commander Kenan of Lyra Part 1


[Hello dear friends. The following interview was done at least a week ago as far as I can recall. I found the chance and the energy to start translating into English these days. In my last connection, one of the beings, Rakozz, mentioned among other things the name of a Lyran Commander, Kenan, here:http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/2013/09/04/konstantinos-sharing-of-thoughts-from-mer-nun-of-venus-and-rakozz-of-alpha-centauri/.

The next days I started receiving images from which, as well, as from the interview itself, I have to say that I received huge waves of energy that I could feel on my Heart and Third Eye Chakra. The images depict his appearance, his mother ship and also, some members of his crew or other crews but who seem to get connected with him from ‘previous’ lives.

These ‘old’ close friends of his, are 25 in number. And in the last part of this interview, you’re going to see their portraits. The interview will be separated in 3 parts. It took me 9 or so pages while I was writing it down . What I got is that Kenan decided to speak also for himself because  some people, especially the ‘newcomers’ on this or similar fields, tend to deify extraterrestrial beings, especially those who are known that they originate from an advanced spiritual and technological society.

He wanted to show that also they, or at least most of them, have gone through the process of reincarnation and that they have crossed pretty much all the ‘necessary’ paths in order for their consciousness to grow and thus, to benefit ultimately their evolution, on a personal and a collective level. Here is Part 1 of this interview.]

   KENAN  Are you a commander?

I am responsible for the specific fleet which is consisted from 1300 mother ships the smaller ships of which, if we add up their number, are altogether 305,500,000, with 235,000 to each mother ship. These smaller ships are of those types that have the potential to host crew in their interior and their role expands beyond the duties of the so-called ‘scout-ships’, so they can be used for more than just observation.

Do you wish to share some things about yourself? Know, though you may already are aware of it, that what is going to be recorded will be posted. Also later, if you wish, would you like to share some things about that mother ship in which you reside?

Indeed I do and this is going to be one of the many things that I will mention when we reach that point of our conversation. All in due time my dear friend. As dear Rakozz said in your last connection of channeled transmission, I originate from Lyra and my name is Kenan. My age, according to the understandable by you measurement of time, is 52 generations.

This contact is a chance for me to inform not only about myself and the ship in which I reside but also about some things regarding the present activity around your sun for which many volunteers of the intergalactic fleets have been called for its commission and its transformation. Furthermore, the information is going to include things about our ship formations and also, about the systems that some of your governments use in order to monitor and detect us.

You do not need to be stressed. Calm down and trust. As always, so in this case, you asked, before our connection, protection from Spirit and the Archangelic entity of MichaEL. The vibrations of your Heart show Honesty and Prudence and so, the result will be equivalent. So calm down and trust.

Alright. Thank you for this.

You are welcome though ‘thank you’ is not necessary.

[At this point I asked for a small interruption and all of a sudden I saw on my pc’s screen an incoming mail that was about a boy mathematical genius, that from some is considered as a starseed, Jacob Barnett.]

I don’t think that this was ‘random’.

Certainly not. Many of my soldiers and generally, servants of the Lord are among you in different ways and they will continue to be. Do you feel ready and eager to continue?

Yes. Let’s move on.

Very well. I am sensing that the matter of my age continues to be a riddle for you. Truly, it does not really matter so let us not stay on this. In a ‘synopsis’, the specific role of my present form was not achieved in one night.

Once I was a star.

Later, a keeper of Gates.

After that, as I was asking for challenges of a personalized unit in a body, I went through the stage of inspiration and so, I got manifested as one of the first humans in the Lyra Constellation of the 7thenergetic frequency. The vastness of the Universal Sea followed me and consequently, it stood as inevitable to get busy with the exploration and wandering of space.

I experienced Happiness and Solidarity but also, fear and disappointment…and everything that derives from it. Along with many others I did a lot in order to dissolve the defense of the intruders. I experienced the heartbroken feeling of loss of my home and of many of my beloved ones. I have to admit that composure was not my first choice back on that period after the destruction.

I went to Arcturus after my companions’ encouragement to go there, in order to get help about harmonizing my energetic field with the respected one of my Reminder, the one that is known to you, as Higher Self. When I was judged as appropriate in order to participate in the first attempts of resetting order through the new formed, back then, Federation of the Galaxy, I saw instant eagerness to place myself on the ‘first line’.

In order to not make this a longer story, the life that was active through that body of mine was disintegrated violently, after the explosion that took place in the ship that I and 25 more Federation members were residing. It was an attack from the fleet of Carutt. Carutt was one of the leading members of the intruders and his origin was from the Constellation of Boötes. It is of no matter where he is at the moment and what role he unfolds in the book of Life.

I and the others tried, after our mutual agreement, to rescue the ships that were behind ours and were hosting a bigger number of crew members but for a mere moment, the disintegrating ray touched us…

..Treatment was needed, in order for us to recover our inner harmony, when we went over to the reality of the frequency 5.3, one of the places of the transition process where souls of the appropriate vibrational field can reside. There, I met Ashtar who honored us all by decreasing his vibration in order to visit us. He congratulated us and he suggested us when we would feel ready to become members of an intergalactic corps that has been made known to you as ‘Ashtar Command’.

I’m sorry to interrupt you but in the context of joking, I’m asking you; what’s your exact definition of a ‘synopsis’?(-_-) I’ve written down lots of words so far, not that I’m complaining of course.

If I would put more details, neither 50 of your earth years would stand as enough for you to complete entirely my life story dear friend [smile]. Do you wish me to continue though?

Of course. Please.

Thank you. The meetings with Ashtar, after the positive answer that he got from me and the other 25 beings, got increased and most of the times I would say that they were of a ‘training’ nature. And a specific time came that I got ‘manifested’ in the womb of a beautiful woman in Pleiades. There, when I confronted again the stars through the eyes of an incarnated entity, I felt hesitance and fear, though I was not able to recall the reason for such a reaction. But later with the passing of time, my access to my ‘past’ became a natural part of my life, as the same was happening with the rest of the community. My 25 colleagues had been ‘scattered ‘, through the process of incarnation, to other locations of the Galaxy, three of them though, exist, each one of them, to a different Galaxy. Our reunion to the ‘New Jerusalem’, the ship where Ashtar resides, is of those moments that I consider memorable.

Under the guidance of the Commander and of other kind entities, we began to carry out lots of duties, to be witnesses of many forgotten by you events and to offer help every time we had the order and permission for that. As the time was passing, the worthiness of each one of our group of the 26, was transpiring even more to the eyes of our supervisors and guides. There were what you would call ‘promotions’ though the meaning of it for us has nothing to do with your interpretation of it in your workplaces. Basically, what we do is not ‘work’ and there is no financial reward of any kind. There is no reason for it. You already know that things are different in the spaces and realms from which we act.

I was one of the witnesses of the Crucifixion of the incarnated Christ. Lots of time later, I chose to leave my body as a way of ‘rejuvenation’. At my ‘return’, this time to Lyra, when I got to the adult stage and remembered my ‘previous’ training, Commander Ashtar and Jesus Sananda made me with the axiom of the Commander, giving me the responsibility of many lives, each one of which, has the shine of healthy curiosity, discipline to the Purpose and Love. All of them, along with many other souls, help you on a daily basis. The fleet that is under my command, this team that is consisted from whole series of so promising and spiritually elevated souls, is part of the Ashtar Command. I include myself here too. We feel that is a great honor for us to serve the representators of Spirit and through these choices of ours, to serve the Spirit Itself.

As you say this, I feel it as something extremely genuine that outflows from your Heart

like the running clean water of the fountains that flows from the rocks of the mountains.

Yes. Very well put (-_-).

Continued in Part 2

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, you can go to the category ‘Channeled Messages’  of whichever of my two blogs you wish to view. Here are their links: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/ and http://konstantinoslightwork.wordpress.com/ .

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