Time to Watch Blossom Goodchild’s Video This Weekend? Here’s What Others Are Saying…



A number of you said you had a big end-of-summer holiday weekend last weekend, and that this weekend you’ll have more time to sit back, relax and view, so here again are the details forBlossom Goodchild: The Video – A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and The Federation of Light.

Filmed at Blossom’s Sydney event late last month in HD wide-screen quality, the online video runs for 2 hours 40 minutes and is just $20AUD to view. It features the latest Direct Voice Channeled messages from her native American spirit guide and the Galactic Federation folks. Head to www.blossomgoodchild.com now for all the  details.

Here’s what some of you who’ve already seen it have been kind enough to say…

“Thank you for sharing this with all those who couldn’t be there on the day. I feel that the energies in this video are not bound by time and geography! I felt right there…thanks to you, your team, Stephen, everyone that made this possible.”

“I gained so much by watching/listening to the video. The information from you, White Cloud, and the Federation blended into a clearer understanding for me of what’s going on around and within me and what I can do to help the process. Listening to the words about love had a greater impact than me just reading the words.”

“I can’t stop crying! Tears of joy. The opening ‘meditation’ brought me so much LOVE. . When you said that White Cloud loves to feel the wind and to walk – OMG – I began to weep with all the energy projected in those words.”

“It feels as if the performance is just for me.  Illusion I know, but I am enjoying it nonetheless.”

“Blossom behind you were 5 beings in all colours, on your left side a violet flame and blue white golden rain … And I heard a sound as if you were in their light ship!”

“OMG I felt like I was with family once again and I felt like I was experiencing a bit of home, I sort of felt a bit homesick too, actually words cannot explain the experience that I had and felt, tears were constantly rolling down my face it was very emotional for me as well as soul inspiring.”

“Thank you for what you do. When the FOL said when “the event” occurs you will know by the way you feel I think I had a little experience of it watching the video.”

“I am glad that someone asked about seeing certain numbers and triple numbers well all I can say is I am constantly and I mean constantly must be being downloaded cause I see triple numbers of all kinds and 11:11 all the time.”

“And a special big thank you to you both for organizing the event and to those who worked with you to present it and make such an excellent HD video recording. I was especially affected by the Galactic Federation message and the mention of the forthcoming Event.

“It was a feminine energy coming thru u with great motherly love that the world is crying out for, so beautiful, warm, kind, moving.”

To view Blossom’s video this weekend, head here: www.blossomgoodchild.com

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