Konstantinos- Sharing of thoughts from Mer-Nun of Venus and Rakozz of Alpha Centauri



I am greeting you dear friend and co-walker in this great book of Life. As you received the first time that you came in contact with my vibrational field, my name is Mer-Nun and I exist to a level of a very high energetic frequency, on a world that, among other names, you call Venus.

I am what you would call an apprentice though my years of age, according to your system of time measurement, are much more than the respected age of your teenagers. At this moment, I am available to share my thoughts with you. But after that, I will have to return to the class, on the specific occasion of which, I am trained on how to handle a small scout ship, combining the knowledge of the mechanical systems with the mental implementation without using hands.

Later, I am going to learn how to coordinate to the maximum, my body with my mind and then, how to combine these two with the Universal Mind. It is about a probation on the realization of the Self beyond form through the daily activities of the community.

But forgive me if I expanded more than it was necessary. Judging from my present attempt of telepathic communication with you, it seems that since I was allowed to go on with this, that it is something that contributes to my personal evolution as well as yours and maybe others’, too.

Life on Venus, since its first appearance, is contained to the cellular memories of the planet on which you live currently. That is because the Life-giver Force was transported on purpose from my world to yours, in order for the big Experiment to begin. Venusians and Pleiadians are indeed, on many levels, closer to you all but they are not the only ones. We are so many..all of us consist a vast family.

What I came to realize since my first moments of existence on Venus is this: Even on the highest levels of existence, the strong desire  for experiencing the Knowledge, makes Life an endless adventure of exploration and self-discovery. Even if someone has come to Know everything, if that is possible, if he has not experienced anything at all, then he carries the half of this Knowledge. But again, by mentioning the knowledge that is about the Infinite, we cannot talk about limited percentage points.

What would be the most appropriate answer to the question ‘Do you know everything?‘…’Yes‘ or ‘No’ ?  Why not ‘Yes and No‘ ? ‘Yes‘ because the True Self that exists beyond forms, Knows indeed since it is the Source Itself and at the same time, ‘No‘, because the conscious part of the individual personality of the form, still discovers in a way, through experience, this which its unconscious and glorious part, already knows. But again, Infinite is Infinite and even what I just said, is nothing more than a mere reflection of the inconceivable nature of the Father and Mother of All.

But now I have to leave you, but as I can see, one of my teachers, who you have already met, intents to continue with you at this very moment and not on another time. I wish you good times and I thank my teachers for letting me make this contact. I wish for all of us to come together in a relationship based on the principles of our inherited Universal Love and Brotherhood. I bit you farewell.


I am greeting you as well, dear scribe. I am Rakozz and through this bioneurological form of molecular structure E and energetic vibration 5.3 , I originate from a world that in my people’s language is called ‘Nidunt‘. This world exists in the location that you know as Alpha Centauri.

I hold the scope of a guide and teacher in the crews of the armada of Kenan, a well acclaimed Lyran leader of the intergalactic fleets. There are others as well, of course. You already know about Ashtar and Christ Jesus  to whom both we turn for the final approvals.

Things in your world follow currently a direction that is proven with the passing of time, even more propitious and promising regarding the transition of Gaia’s species to higher vibrational octaves. The third millenium will be the high point but even in the time that will come before, will be full of significant turnarounds and manifestations of long-awaited events. Of course, it is of no meaning to look that far but from my part I am telling you that on the vibrational field of entities such as Ashtar, Athena and Christ Jesus, there is much uninterrupted work done, which means the game for you and your world, is way far than ended.

Analyze and feel at the same time, without turning to only one of the two polarities of your existence. Always from the center. From there, the view is wider and more clear. The science of removing the veil of the temporary amnesia and the direct healing transmission from the etheric to your physical body, is going to be in the category of the achievements that will consist significant part of your history.

Also, remember that there is a difference between the different creative ideas and the separative competitive variety . Those who will see  the meaning behind this phrase, will understand what I mean. I have to go now because I am needed. It was my great pleasure to share energetically some of my thoughts. I wish you all strength and courage and like us, you also are not alone.

As received by Konstantinos.

PS: If anyone wishes to read the previous messages, you can go to the category ‘Channeled Messages’  of whichever of my two blogs you wish to view. Here are their links: http://awakeningtothedivine.wordpress.com/ and http://konstantinoslightwork.wordpress.com/ .

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