God via Heart Song Meditation: Courage

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

tiananmen-square-1989God: Courage, channeled by Heart Song Meditation, September 3, 2013 at http://heartsongmeditation.wordpress.com

Courage is not the same thing as being without fear.

Courage is acting in spite of fear and this is what you have been doing. You have been seeking Me, though part of you is still afraid. For the moment, that is enough. But, as you keep going the fear will fade. One day the fear that has been so much a part of your life will pass into memory. One day you will look back on your fear and laugh, knowing how silly it was that you were afraid for so long. One day you may even forget what fear is like.

You will know peace, Child.

I give unto you peace.

For the moment though you fear even the letting go of fear. You fear that without fear you will do something stupid. You fear that without fear your life would be in danger. You believe that your fear protects you and so you don’t dare release your hold on it. You don’t quite trust Me when I tell you that fear is the enemy.

Fearlessness is not the same as carelessness. You can avoid dangerous situations because you love life rather than being paralyzed by fear. In fact, fear often draws you to that which is dangerous to you in order to address another fear. A good example of this is the draw to excessive exercise. The feeling of power is addictive because it soothes fear. It does not dispel fear, but it relaxes it away for a while. It helps people to forget their relative powerlessness in the world. It allows people to feel strong and to hold onto a sense of control.

I give you freedom from fear. I help you to release the illusion of control. I help you to make peace with your limitations and thereby free you from the bonds of addiction and suffering. Love does that. Learning to love life even though there is so much of it which you cannot control is truly the only path to peace. No amount of power in the relative world can bring you the same peace that My Love can.

Power is a drug and My Love is peace.

You could say that My Love is more addictive than even the drugs of the world, but that paints a false picture. Is water addictive? You need water to survive. So too do you need love. You need love because ultimately love and life are one. Love is the energy of life. Without love their is no life. The water you drink is a manifestation of My Love and carries with it a portion of My Love to nourish you physically and spiritually.

And where drugs bind you and restrict your freedom My Love sets you free. I have never once denied you the right to ignore Me if you so choose. I will never deny your freedom. Freedom is a gift of love. It is natural to give freedom to those that you truly love.

Fear does not give you freedom. Fear restricts freedom. Fear binds and fear paralyzes.

Let go of your fears. Let go of the tightness that it brings you. Let go of feeling restricted. Let go particularly of being afraid of yourself. Let go particularly of your fear of your own heart and your hearts desire to be with Me.

Just because love does not leave you feeling in control does not make it a bad thing. Child, clinging to the illusion of control is the bad thing for you. Clinging to what you have thought of as sanity in the face of Truth is a bad thing for you.

Let go, Child. Welcome My Light of peace into your heart. Welcome My Love into your life. Let Me dispel the storm clouds. Let a gentle breeze of My Love flow through you and blow away the thoughts of fear. Be lifted up on the warm, summer breeze of My Love and soar through the heavens. Let joy fill your heart and rejoice in the beautiful new day that I have given you.

Rejoice Child.

Rejoice in life.

Rejoice in your being.

Rejoice in the reality that you are alive and that I am here with you.

Rejoice in the beauty all around you.

Rejoice in your family.

Rejoice in all that you see and experience this day.

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