“Pink Rain.” Reflections From The Yoga Mat. By, Bella Capozzi. August 27, 2013.

Cupcakes and Angels Posted on August 27, 2013 by Bella Capozzi

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/pink-rain%E2%80%9D-reflections-yoga-mat-bella-capozzi-august-27-2013

1146465_395053373930294_1434596275_n I want to share a really sweet and pretty image I was given during the Savasana portion of my yoga class, yesterday. Actually,more than an image, it was a journey of sorts.  I can’t be sure what it means exactly.  My personal impression is that I was being shown that the Divine Mother’s soft and therapeutic energy is blanketing the planet right now, and is bringing peace and harmony into our currently rather volatile society.  I truly hope that what I saw was a brief vision of the future, as it felt so friendly and happy, and was heartbreakingly lovely.  This post is all fluffy sunshine and bubblegum, to be sure.  But given what’s transpiring out there in the world today, couldn’t we all use a little bit of that to boost our morale?

My Vision:

☔ I lay still and exhausted on my mat, and then felt everything change around me.  The hot, stagnant air from class became fresh and suddenly cool.  I saw it swirl around me in a counter-clockwise formation, sweeping me right along with it.  The throbbing pain in my ankle (from an old sports injury) went away.  It was such a relief to completely give myself over to the movement of the enrgy, relinquishing all control and any conscious need to think.  I watched from behind closed eyes as the rain began to fall, softly at first, and then turning into a blinding downpour.  So much rain.  Pink rain.  It felt warm and cold at the same time, so cleansing and calming.  I watched as the rain pooled beneath me, creating a depp, rushing river.  My mat became a kind of flying carpet (or in this case, a flying surfboard!) and I found myself being swept naturally along with the river’s current.

☔ The river carried me swiftly through an amazing city, whose buildings were constructed of crystal – crystal of all colors and types – and the existing structures of brick and cement transformed themselves to this crystal, right before my eyes.  There were lots of people standing on the banks of the pink-rain river.  Adults and children.  All of them smiling, holding hands and waving at me as I raced by.  I could so acutely feel their emotions!  They were so happy and contented, and seemed almost devoid of thought, if that makes any sense at all.  I wondered to myself in that moment, “Oh, wow.  This must be what it feels like to just ‘be’.  I think this is what it must feel like to be a 5D Human Being!”

☔ The river then took me outside of the city  and into lush green field of grass and colorful flowers.  These fields stretched on and on, as far as the eye could see.  I then saw the animals.  Animals of every type, grazing and standing together.  They were at peace, and even animals who normally prey upon each other were intermingling and coexisting happily.  Again, I felt a rush of loving emotion, and prayed a silent prayer that I was being given a glimpse of what’s actually to come.  Eventually, the rain ceased and the river slowed.  My mat came to a stop as the sitar music in the classroom ended, and I found myself once again back in the present day.  I lay there for awhile and reveled in the beauty of what I had just beheld.  I thanked God for allowing me to have such a wondrous experience.  Was it literal or symbolic?  I guess only “time”, as we know it, will tell.  For now, I’ll continue to visualize, have faith and believe.

Namaste ~ Bella

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