Lucas: Challenging Games – The Tumble Dryer Effect

320px-Polo_in_tumble_dryerAs you know the last remaining issues are played out before the birth can take place. The tumble dryer effect as I call it kicks in. In stead of following the natural heart-felt way of making the choice to get into your inner center you are challenged to get your choices right in an artificial way. You are being pulled out of center and smacked around till you get fed up with it.

You are tumbled if you chose to get engaging the old paradigm till you see the only thing you can be and that is in the center of you. That is done  via the natural way  and is your heart source connection. Then you are dry again behind the ears so to say. You have seen the inner-light and your power.

If your challenged to engage into a  fight or argument, are called to get into activism, or are pulled into legal stuff you have no control over, etc, just know to be making clear you are not going into the duality again. Sometimes you need to engage  these challenges not by free will but due to force and under duress or by real threats. Do engage within your power as a free will human being  and state who you are and that they are in no way controlling you. You control your own vibrational energy frequency that is given to you by source.

I see that lots of (old) stuff is put out by the trolls and the regurgitating mainstream machines of news. They love to get you over and over reacting instead of just acting your own way and  standing in your power by not complying or even going into the stuff they put out there to get you back in fear or into their camp or realm or power.  If you still keep believing the negative or the negative outcome to the story you will create that as a truth or go acting or living by that fear or truth.  So stop following those that take you  out of your own natural inner center: your heart.

You will soon see that you are going through the growing pains from a developing foetus  into a ready to be born baby still in the womb. We are almost ready to be pulled out into the new experience that is to be ours.  Just know all is well, nothing is wrong and it is all finding its space and place  around center. It is how you perceive it to be  that makes the difference.

Engage the play and you will be played as the tumble dryer has enough programs to keep going.

Be love, be heart-source centered. Be the power that you are and always was.

Love and Light,


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