Bashar Q&A: Cannabis Gateway

Note from Wes: I’ve always known about Bashar, but I’ve never actually listened to his words until today. A reader sent in this video, and I have to say that in regards to spiritual cannabis use, what Bashar says is spot on in my opinion. I couldn’t of said it better!

Please read this!!


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  1. Wow… Wes, thank you so immensely much for posting this message. For this past week (possibly something to do with the sextile formations) I have been uncertain about my cannabis use and the extent of it, even though I have been using it for spiritual purposes. I have been asking the higher realms for some assistance on this matter, and this message resonates exactly with what I have been receiving.

    For the past couple of weeks I have been staying with my grandparents as my grandmother has just had surgery removing a cancerous mass on her liver that was pressing on the lower main artery. Thus, I haven’t been using cannabis during the week to respect their lifestyle. This makes the weekend use of it that much more rewarding and awesome (in the true meaning of the word).

    On that note, my dad made some *special* brownies that I will be enjoying with him this evening. Thus, again, thank you immensely for relaying this information (along with all the other amazingly uplifting posts today), and I hope to communicate in one plane or another again in the future.

    Love and light,
    Ben McNees


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