Karen Doonan: Archangeloi of the Elohim Message for 16 August 2013


Dear ones we are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we come to guide and to support as you now begin the final ascent into the New Earth in TRUTH. The breaking down of the paradigms of the 3d earth necessary for ALL who wish to cross over and through into the New Earth in TRUTH in the UNIVERSE OF 3. The triggering and outpouring of emotion needed in order to empty the vessel into which the LOVE that IS will be poured, do you understand our guidance at this time beloved ones?

In order to cleanse to the deepest parts of SELF then the deepest parts of SELF had to be exposed for the frequencies that they are in TRUTH for you have walked dimensional timeline upon dimensional timeline, always pouring the lower energetic frequencies through the human vehicle and strengthening their hold upon your energy signature. NOW you are experiencing the release of ALL by ALL. For some of you it may be experienced as the “loss” of a loved one, for others it may be experienced as the “loss” of a way of life, whatever trigger you have CHOSEN at SOUL level will now come into “play” within the 3d earth in order to help you release SELF from the 3D earth and the paradigms that were created FOR you by those who sought to contain and suppress you.

The new energetic frequencies now pour across and within planet earth and ALL are asked to anchor and to find and maintain balance at this time, things are not they appear upon the planet earth to your human form and we ask for you to understand the miracles that will now birth through you and around you as you take your first tentative steps toward the LIGHT OF TRUTH. Many of you have viewed this LIGHT from afar, the old earth always teaching that this LIGHT is at a distance when in TRUTH this LIGHT IS YOU. Now you are asked to blend this LIGHT with your human vehicle in order to achieve WHOLENESS OF BEING in the UNIVERSE OF 3 in TRUTH.

Legions of angels now pour across and within planet earth, all to support this process in TRUTH for all are now viewing the human race with interest, ALL holding the human race in the LOVE that IS in TRUTH, for this is the only frequency strong enough to release ALL at this time. YOU are asked to balance and to walk confidently into the LIGHT of TRUTH, it is not possible to take another with you, it is not possible to walk alongside another, this walk is done in TRUTH by SELF. Once through the portal and over the threshold a period of rest may be needed before you find and regain your balance in TRUTH but you are supported at ALL times by ALL.

Our human emissaries are now in position, they have reached the portal and many have now gone through and have reached the New Earth in TRUTH. They may guide but they cannot help you through the portal physically, the walk in TRUST and FAITH is a part of the expansion of the SOUL in this your human form upon the planet earth.

New codings will shortly be issued for ALL children of mother earth so that they may once more find balance and gain clarity of vision and begin to manifest their dreams into their waking reality. This period of apparent chaos is merely the birth of the human race into the UNIVERSE OF 3 in TRUTH. Mother Earth prepares for your arrival beloved ones, ALL prepare for your arrival for ALL ARE ONE.

This is the ascension of the human race into the physical reality that is known as the human life experience upon planet earth, in the UNIVERSE OF 3 in the linear timescale of 2013. We are the Archangeloi of the ELOHIM and we are with YOU ALL as you NOW LIVE IN TRUTH AS ONE.

Copyright Karen Doonan, all rights reserved


Article may be reproduced in its entirety if author and authors website is clearly stated as above. No permission is granted to change this from the original format which is written. FREEDOM is now FLOWING within and across planet earth in TRUTH.. The call now is to LOVE in TRUTH.


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