Henry Jones: QHHT: Understanding the Bigger Picture

Written by Henry Jones

cutmypic(1)Steve Beckow: We heard recently from Suzanne Spooner about her work in Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy. I asked practitioner Henry Jones to explain the theory behind the discipline and share some of his experiences.

QHHT: Understanding the Bigger Picture

Henry Jones, II

Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy is a hypnosis technique developed over 45 years by Dolores Cannon. She’s spent more than 30 years refining the technique. Everything in it has a definite and proven reason for being. It’s also full of safeguards so that the client will not be harmed.

When Dolores Cannon first began her work in regressive hypnosis and past-life therapy in 1979 she never imagined the unusual places and the situations the process would take her.

The QHHT technique involves placing a subject into a deep level of trance where the subconscious can be accessed. This process is very much like going into the dream state when we sleep. First you close your eyes which immediately places you in the alpha state of trance. Closing your eyes cuts you off from visual stimulation.

The next thing that usually happens when falling to sleep is that your breathing gets shallow and the sounds in the room begin to fade. The last thing that happens is the images start to come and before you know it you are in a dream. This is the exact process that the induction of QHHT follows.

The dream state is a majority right-brain function. This side of the brain has the images and the symbols; it is the most creative side of the brain. After a subject has been placed into the trance state, the longer they are under, the deeper they get into the trance state. According to Dolores Cannon, the Somnambulistic level is the deepest level of trance. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung called this state the universal mind.

What makes Dolores Cannon’s technique different from and unique among other hypnosis techniques is that she has found a way to go directly to the Source of All Knowledge. The Source has the answers to all questions we could ever ask and also is capable of performing instantaneous healings on the body. She calls it the “Subconscious” because she did not know what else to call it.

But it is not the subconscious as defined by psychiatrists. That is a childish part of the mind, and is the part used by hypnotists to work on habits like stopping smoking and losing weight.

That is not the part of the mind that one works with in this process.  If she could define it, she would refer to it as the Higher Self, the Higher Consciousness or the Oversoul. It is so big and huge that it has the answers and solutions to everything.

Dolores calls it the “Subconscious” for simplicity, and “they” have said “We don’t care what you call us, we will work with you.”

I began developing my own regression techniques in 1995 after reading several books on hypnosis. It was a hobby at first. I’d place my friends in a trance state via visualization. Most were incredibly surprised by the experience. They could not figure out how they saw the images or found the words to describe what they were either seeing or experiencing.

As recently as 2012 I started running across interviews with Dolores Cannon on YouTube speaking about QHHT. I was fascinated and decided to look Dolores up to see if she taught her methods. Luckily she had just developed an on-line course at a reasonable rate. I took the course and found it quite easy to follow and administer.

The first time I connected with the subjects Higher Self and it really did have all the answers for the client, I knew I had stumbled onto something that had the potential to really help many people in the Ascension process.

Imagine being able to go into past lives and see how the experiences in other lifetimes affect this life. Not only was I able to take clients into past lives but future lives and parallel lives as well. I personally believe all lives are happening simultaneously in the forever moment of now. So basically I see this process as raising one’s vibration through and then accessing the multidimensional aspect of your personality.

Often I have had clients who were afraid of the process because of mainstream media’s portrayal of hypnosis. Clients think the hypnotist will have the power to control them and force them to do their bidding. This is simply not true. I see it as a ploy to keep you from accessing your Higher Self because you will understand that you are immortal and a Divine Aspect of Prime Creator.  This is an extremely empowering conclusion.

Here are a few adventures that I’ve experienced while placing a client into the trance state via the QHHT technique.

My first client was a [space] engineer. He was definitely a left-brain individual who was all about facts and figures. He also was a little afraid of relinquishing into the process. He said he was a classic control freak.

There is a part of the QHHT session where you may take the client on a cloud ride and the engineer was afraid to float up and get on the cloud. So I decided to ease him into the clouds. I suggested there was a cave in the area that he had arrived in which was on a beach. So many people land on a beach when you ask then to go to the most beautiful place they have ever seen or been. I said the cave was just past the tree line on the beach.

He walked back and there was the cave. He said the cave was dark. So I said there is a torch behind you and to use it to see his way in. He grabbed the torch and went in. I suggested there was a fissure in the wall and if he places the torch there the entire cave would lighten up. He did so and the cave lit up. I told suggested to him there was an elevator on the rock wall to his left. He said he saw it. I said well go on it and push the up button and it will take him high into the clouds.

He did and then he said hey the elevator was filling up with smoke. I said this is the cloud and he said oh nice. I said the room would dissolve and he should lie back onto the cloud. He did so and then as he finally relaxed I moved him in the cloud. He said that all of a sudden he was flying in a wormhole through space. I slowed him down and asked him to arrive in the most appropriate time and place where he could gain information that would best serve him in this lifetime.

He said he was nothing but energy and he was in the presence of Source. He said this was his first time on Earth and that he was here to help with the Ascension process of the universe. I was of course in Heaven when he said this and I knew in that moment that Quantum Healing Hypnosis was perfect for me.

I’ve had clients who were from other planets and dimensions. Most say the same, that they are here to help with the consciousness shift taking place on Earth. I have had clients who say they are Extraterrestrial that are in ships above the earth working on cleansing the planet, stabilizing the faults and volcanoes while we go through the photon belt in this part of the Galaxy.  They say they are the scientist and the experiment at the same time.

Clients have described themselves as having blue or green skin with 3 fingers and an opposing thumb. Many say they are very tall with huge eyes. One gentleman said he was an aqua man of sorts with gills on his neck to breathe. Another gentleman says he was a cat person. One Indian gentleman told me in the session that he met a young stealth Lord Buddha (1)  and that was an amazing session! I cannot go into to many details of these session because of client confidentiality1

I had one client tell me she was a tall, hairy, Bigfoot-like creature on another planet and they recruited her to come to the earth to be a Protector.  In this life she is a beautiful model and in the other life she was a male Bigfoot with a mate and offspring. She did not want to come at first but she was given an option. She chose Earth. I have not figured that out yet.

The bottom line was she had planned to kill herself in this life. QHHT confirmed that she was immortal and that she is much better off here helping this planet than killing herself. She understood that she would be the one making the choice to come back and that she would not be judged by anyone other than herself if she had killed herself.

QHHT is a fascinating process that I highly recommend to anyone who has a hard time trying to understand the bigger picture in which we all exist. I record every session on video  the client takes home and listens to at their leisure. Thus far my clients have really responded amazingly through the process and say that they have been healed on many levels.

I have yet to have a client with a disease the client desired to have removed. Dolores Cannon say this process has cured AIDS and cancer instantly. She even claims the process has regrown organs right before surgery leaving the doctors baffled. Dolores Cannon has performed QHHT on thousands of clients throughout her practice over the years. I just began in March 2013.

I look forward to continuously growing and developing my skills to help in the ascension process. I was told in a QHHT session that I would be a catalyst for light workers on the fence and newly awakening Souls. I’d like to thank Steve Beckow for giving me the opportunity to share my experiences here.

You may find out more about Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy by visiting http://www.Dolorescannon.com.


(1) Steve: In fact there is a new young Buddha on the planet – Ranjit – who spoke with us  on An Hour with an Angel: http://goldenageofgaia.com/2013/07/the-new-buddha-the-masters-are-arriving-daily/.

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