This Is A Special Message To The Channels – Please assist in sharing this


You have all done a wonderful job and your success far exceeded expectations.

Your mission was to come here and channel messages from the higher dimensions.  Those messages were to explain and educate the people of this world about the truth of their being.  It was to show them that they are so much more than what they see in the mirror.  Their higherselves have been working along with you to bring this understanding to them.  This combination has provided many more then expected with the knowing to go to the next phase of this mission.

This next phase involves the integration of the higherself with the physical person.  That merging will provide the planet with walking Avatars (please refer to the previous post for more on that).  This is the way Christ consciousness is to be brought to the planet.  We also would like you, the channels to join the others.  But this choice will be yours.  We would suggest that you start working with your higherself to solidify and enhance that bond into your daily life.  Along with that there are many ways you can work towards assisting the others.  This list may give you some ideas:

  • Channel your higherself and give information about how others can work on integrating their higherself into their daily life.
  • Explain more of what the higherself is to some who are still unaware.
  • Use your normal channel source and discuss how people’s lives will change when they integrate their higherself.

There are many more ways but this should get you started.  I’d welcome people to add ways and discuss them openly with others on the path.  If I get many more ways added as comments I’ll make a separate post listing them.  The most important part is for all of you to begin this integration.  You already have a strong following so this is a wonderful way to continue on to the next phase.

Many people are having this connection come more fully online now.  I would ask them that as they realize this it would be very helpful if they would start writing about it also.  We can use all the helpwe can get.

One final note to our channels.  We are so very grateful for the work you have performed so far.  If you wish to continue as you are that’s fine and welcome.  This is completely your choice, you have done so much that we only wish you to be part of this next phase if that is your wish.

We could not have arrived at this next point without the amazing success of you all on this endeavor.  You have the unending gratitude of us all.

If this resonates with your knowing, please help spread this message.


  1. Hi Wes, I would LOVE to live my comment there.
    DRAWING anything in (heavy duty occult) – we live under karma, so this action will be meet with people going into nirvana (back to nothiness), rightfully so (manipulation via mass is not a very good thing to do – going back to the old fashioned morals, which have no need in explanations, because when we do anything we do know if our actions are right or not).
    By the way Wes, I always wanted to ask you – how does it feel to be a puppet of the globalists, who are paying you nothing (donations) yet laughing at your account.
    Your thing was to channel the messages and place more (positive not occult) messages on a blog page, what you all have turned this into is your OWN responsibility. Time for some to grow up.
    When someone is silent THIS IS only because a person does not want to talk (what would be a reason?)
    I do apologize if a hurt your feelings, yet it is a truth. One thing all of you are missing is a respect (starting with oneself). Nothing more to add, comments are closed.


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