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Hello dear friends, and welcome to the fifty-third issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, I’ll discuss the massive investigation into the Vatican Bank’s 19,000 accounts, as well as Edward Snowden’s decision to work from Russia and Julian Assange’s forming of the “WikiLeaks” party to run for the Australian senate.

We’ll also absorb an update from SanJAsKa; we’ll visualize Love, empathy and justice being expressed during this week’s astral travels; and I’ll answer a reader’s question concerning the cleansing Gaia’s performing on the surface.

To begin for this week – In an effort to bring greater transparency to the Vatican Bank, investigators are combing through its 19,000 accounts to spot fraud, tax evasion and other financial crimes. (1)

In what appears to be an incredible crackdown on the long known-of corruption taking place in the Vatican Bank and the Vatican as a whole, investigators from Promontory Financial Group have been checking the identities and potential financial crimes of each of the 19,000 account holders in the Vatican Bank.

The referenced news story mentions that the campaign to bring greater transparency to the Vatican Bank has progressed at a significantly rapid pace since Pope Francis was elected, (1), and with the many other things Francis has done so far that seem aimed at improving the Vatican and purging it of the evil that’s run rampant, we could very well see an improvement of this sovereign state and religious institution.

I’ll post a snippet from the referenced story, which explains how this crackdown is being brought about.

“The forensic review is being orchestrated by Ernst von Freyberg, (…) who was appointed president of the bank earlier this year.

He has brought in forensic accounting experts from Promontory Financial Group, a risk management and regulatory compliance consulting firm which works in 50 countries.

A dedicated group of around 15 experts from the company have moved into the bank’s headquarters (…).

They are conducting detailed background checks on its 19,000 account holders, from priests, nuns and employees of the Vatican City State, to religious orders, Catholic charities and dioceses.

They are analysing around 1,500 accounts a month and since starting work in May have sifted through around a fifth of the bank’s clients. They scrutinise the client’s identity, check whether there are any other signatories on the account, and hunt for any suspicious financial activities.” (1)

You readers obviously don’t need me to tell you that this is good news.

The Vatican for so long has been a symbol of corruption, oppression and control in the eyes of an ever-awakening public, and with the massive investigation into the activities of account holders at the Vatican Bank taking place, the crimes of those who’ve thought themselves infallible to exposure will be brought to light.

Personally – besides the condemnation and attempted conversion of anyone who doesn’t fit themselves into certain dogmatic and narrow belief systems, I don’t have anything against religion, Catholicism or anything positive they could potentially stand for in the eyes of those who subscribe to them.

I do, however, seek to help expose and give my viewpoint of corruption and misuse of power, especially if it takes place in the confines of something that’s sacred and holy to millions of devoted people. People give their Light and Love to Catholicism, and they honestly believe that what they feel in their hearts concerning their religion is true.

Hearing about the corruption and financial crimes (not to mention the sexual abuse-crimes) of those they’ve been led to believe are holy or have gained a good grace with God that the average person can’t attain, will be both heartbreaking and awakening for so many devoted Catholics.

It can serve as a catalyst for their understanding that those in religious and political power and influence haven’t had their best interests and heart, and it can ultimately help them to connect with God and with spirit in realer, less dogmatic and controlling ways.

It’s not unreasonable to say that there are plenty of Catholics who are very deeply spiritually rooted in their religion.

There are likely plenty of Catholics who feel genuine spirituality in their prayers and attempts to connect with God, and when they can realize that those who’ve set the standard on how they should Live their Lives and connect with God have been purposely keeping them back from connecting with Him in real ways, they can forge that real connection themselves.

Maybe some would say I’m taking my opinion with this matter a bit too far because it’s just a financial investigation into the Vatican Bank, but if you think about it, it’s not just a financial investigation into the Vatican Bank. I have a feeling that this lengthy investigation, which has those doing the investigating working “24 hours a day”, (1), will uncover many of the revelations we’ve been waiting for.

Pope Francis does seem to be spearheading a campaign to bring about greater transparency, not just to the Vatican Bank, but to the Vatican overall. This latest investigation into just what’s been going on in the Vatican Bank is a great first step, but widespread exposure of and investigation into the sexual abuse-crimes of priests is just as important in my opinion.

Again – my feeling is that the Vatican as a whole is being exposed and there are those planted in the Vatican to help bring such exposure about, and every crime committed by every person who’s profited from misleading the masses will come to light.

In other news – There are two news stories for our second segment that I found appropriate to discuss.

The first story concerns Edward Snowden’s request for asylum in Russia and his decision to stay and work from there. (2)

The second concerns WikiLeaks’ Julian Assange running for the Australian Senate as head of the “WikiLeaks” party. (3)

In regards to the first story – rather than staying in Russia temporarily, Edward Snowden and his lawyer have decided for him to stay in Russia and seek political asylum which, if denied, he can appeal in court. It was previously rumored that Snowden would leave Russia for destinations such as Hong Kong, but now, the decision has been made for him to remain and build a new Life of sorts from Russia.

Anatoly Kucherena, a Russian lawyer assisting Snowden, explains the decision and the reasons it was made.

“’He’s planning to arrange his life here. He plans to get a job. And, I think, that all his further decisions will be made considering the situation he found himself in,’ (…).

Kucherena expressed hope that the whistleblower’s plea will be granted, because the reasons which prompted Snowden ask for political asylum in Russia ‘deserve attention.’

’He fears for his health and his life. He’s afraid that if he’ll be handed to the US, torture can be used against him down to death penalty,’ he said.

In case of a negative ruling on the plea, Kucherena said that Snowden has ‘an opportunity to go to court and appeal against the decision of the Federal Migration Service.’

‘He intends to do so,’ (…).” (2)

The referenced story also explains the procedure involved in Snowden’s request being reviewed and hopefully accepted.

“’According to the existing practice, it may take five, seven, or eight days. I’m calling them on a daily basis. They tell me that they’re about to finish the formalization,’ Kucherena said.

The NSA leaker will then be handed a paper confirming that his asylum application is being reviewed. Once this document is received, Snowden will be allowed to leave the airport where he has spent an entire month.

‘There are no travel restrictions. Therefore, receiving the paper will give him an opportunity to leave the transit zone of the Sheremetyevo airport and choose a place of residence – rent a hotel or a flat. [He can] live in any place within the Russian federation,’ Kucherena explained.

According to the lawyer, consideration of the plea will then take up to three months.” (2)

In a nutshell, Snowden will be allowed to leave the airport he’s been held up in and greet the Russian world in a few days, upon receiving the confirmation paper that his application for asylum has been received.

In regards to our second story – Julian Assange, the famous voice behind WikiLeaks, has created a political party named after WikiLeaks and plans to contest a seat in the Australian senate, all from the Ecuadorian embassy he’s been held up in for a very long time. (3)

He’s nominated seven other candidates from the WikiLeaks party, and plans to work to help create a transparent ruling system that’s honest to the people.

In regards to this, Assange is reported as wanting to help “keep the bastards honest”. (4)

The referenced news story explains a bit more about the WikiLeaks political party and Assange’s decision to contest a seat in the Australian senate.

(Note: while “climate change” isn’t something I personally feel we should worry about, it does seem to be an issue in the mind of WikiLeaks.)

“In an editorial published by the Murdoch press, Assange wrote:

’WikiLeaks Party’s core values of transparency, accountability and justice are the template against which we will examine any important issues for Australians: tax reform, asylum-seekers, climate change policy and more. We will not accept legislation or government policy that is based on inaccurate, poorly disclosed or inadequate information. In this way our positions will always reflect fairness, good government policy and practice, and protecting the interests of all Australians.’

Assange said one of the party’s first actions would be to insist on full disclosure of Australia’s new arrangement with neighboring Papua New Guinea to house asylum seekers who attempt to travel to Australia by boat in detention centers there.

Assange told The New York Times in a telephone interview that he could competently run a campaign for an election in Australia from the Ecuadorean Embassy in London.

‘It’s not unlike running the WikiLeaks organization. We have people on every continent. (…)’” (3)

Here, we have two genuinely positive news stories regarding two important whistleblowers seeming to make progress in their respective endeavors. Julian Assange has been held up in the Ecuadorian embassy for quite a while, and Snowden has been held up in a Russian airport for a month. Finally, we’re seeing genuine progress being made by and for these individuals.

While it’s unfortunate that the recent attempts to rein in the NSA’s broad surveillance activities were defeated, (5), two people largely responsible for the loads of whistleblower-related exposure we’ve been seeing are reaching strides and seeking to do good despite their situations and the heavy pressure against them.

I’m sure most of us thought that Snowden would end up in one of the countries that’s accepted his asylum request, but it seems that for him to even leave Russia is too dangerous given the level of heat against him.

This is what a national hero and someone who exposed blatant and illegal (yet justified) corruption has to worry about: the corrupt people he exposed coming after him and using propaganda to smear his name with espionage charges.

We can all send our positive intention and our Light toward Snowden’s Russian asylum request being approved, as while this issue could potentially escalate tensions between the United States and Russia (which I say knowing that politrix is a game anyway), the heightened energies can prove to offer miracles to people who deserve them.

As for Assange, the very fact that he’s been able to remain safe in the Ecuadorian embassy and now, can even head an entire Australian political party and run for senate with that party, all from the embassy; this shows that miracles can happen for those who deserve them. Assange seems to be one of many Lightworkers and exposure-bringers out at the forefront of the collective consciousness, holding corruption accountable and using government for the transparent and ultimately-good purposes it was intended for.

These are the people helping lead us into the future, and while they have to Live in unfortunate or pressure-filled situations because of the attempts on the part of our oppressors to keep their voices unheard, they have much to offer to us and it’s important that we, as an intelligent collective, perk our ears and listen to what they have to say.

Because of Assange’s and Snowden’s actions, more and more whistleblowers will be able to step up and reveal what they know, and it would be truly wonderful to see a transparent and fair Australian government (and fair governments for every nation) that resulted from Assange’s attempts to be a part of the Senate via a political party that actually seeks to work for the people.

The signs of change continue to be shown, and it seems this week that the whistleblower community, which has been largely persecuted by the last two administrations in the United States, has been given an upper-hand. This could very well be because of the shifting energies, and I’m coming to see just how true the idea that tyranny can only maintain a temporary and illusory upper-hand is.

The forces of corruption are being exposed.

They know this, and frantically attempt to prosecute and hurt those who’ve helped to bring exposure of them about. What they don’t see is that even while they try to do this, the rest of the awakening and whistleblowing community is thriving. We have the efforts of Assange, as well as Snowden’s hopeful approval for political asylum in Russia, to prove it.

This week’s news links:

(1)- “Overhaul of Vatican Bank Gathers Pace as Forensic Accountants Start Digging” at:

(2)- “Edward Snowden to Settle and Work in Russia as ‘Entry’ Likely Granted Wednesday” at:

(3)- “Julian Assange to Run for Australian Senate as Head of WikiLeaks Party” at:

(4)- “A spokeswoman for the party, Samantha Cross, told the Fairfax media that Assange wanted his WikiLeaks Party to ‘keep the bastards honest.’” (See footnote #3)

(5)- See “US Congress: Close Vote Defeats Effort to Rein In NSA Data Gathering. Plus, Who Voted Which Way…” at:

This concludes our weekly news.

It’s hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all!



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