Changes in the Divine Plan: The Case of the New Governments – Part 1/5

Written by Steve Beckow

Galaxy 22I think that we believe that because something is part of the Divine Plan it never changes. But elements of the Divine Plan do change.

I think the point is more that the Divine Plan cannot be successfully resisted.

SaLuSa gives a sense of the subtlety of this point when he says “it was at a higher level [than your ability to create and the exercise of your free will could impact] that the divine plan was conceived and it will not change except for divine intervention.” (1)

The Divine Plan will not change as far as our functional competence is concerned, but it can and will change as far as the Divine’s is concerned. In fact, Mira the Pleiadian tells us that the “divine plan for the Earth … changes minute by minute.” (2) But it is the Divine who changes it – and the representatives of the Divine in the highest universal councils – not us.

Perhaps I can illustrate the point by looking at the plan for new government arrangements, Some years ago, the plan was to have all the governments resign and new governments take their place. But that appears to have changed in recent times in some respects, as a result of the election of president Obama, the replacement of mass arrests with containment, and the rising energies on Earth.

The Old Plan

For years the conventional wisdom has been that we’re awaiting the fall of the present governments and that new governments will be put in their place. We can see this line of discussion in many of the channeled messages we received in former years.

In December 2003, Matthew was saying that:

“NESARA’s announcement will be followed immediately by the enactment of its provision that all current government officeholders must submit their resignations and be replaced with the honest individuals already appointed to serve until a legitimate election.” (3)

On July 2005, Matthew Ward was saying: “We know your patience is exhausted waiting for NESARA to come and with it, the resignations of the US president and his administration.” (4)

In 2012 SaLuSa was talking about a complete overhaul of government.

“[People] will not yet see [a major change] coming through the present world governments, as there needs to be a complete change within the administration and personnel before it can go ahead.” (5)

In April 2011, he talked about new governments.

“Because of these problems, it is planned to shake up the whole political establishment and eventually do away with party politics. Too much time is wasted on confrontation and decisions made for political gain, instead of doing what is best for all people.Divine Plan 33

“Changes will ensure that only those politicians that sincerely desire to give their time for the betterment of their people, will be appointed to positions within a new government.” (6)

“When the governmental changes are made, as they will very soon, you may be sure that only those who are spiritually motivated will be reappointed.” (7)

In Jan. 2012, SaLuSa again talked about new governments.

“You will find that once there are new governments and the old guard can no longer carry any authority, many benefits will start coming along.” (8)

In Feb. 2012, he talked about putting provisional governments in place.

“Now that the sorting out of people who are not fit to serve you has begun, it will extend to all areas of life. Politicians are by and large unreliable and prone to break their oath to serve you the people.

“They are already under scrutiny and will soon be subject to removal where they have committed criminal acts.

“Provisional governments will be put in place where necessary, and control will be given to those who have proved worthy of such responsibility. We do not expect much resistance to the changes, as we have the absolute proof we need to go ahead and there can be no argument about it. If necessary, we can go back in time to prove a point, so you will realise why we can be so confident. It means that we do not have to resort to force to accomplish our goals.” (9)

That was still his message in June of 2012. “We … wait for the new Governments to be put in place, with representatives that will truly work for the betterment of Mankind.” (10)

This discussion of new governments went side-by-side with the discussion of mass arrests. Here is SaLuSa in Sept. of 2012:

“So much is happening, but we are not always at liberty to give you the details. It must be sufficient to say that we are well in control and our allies are close to commencing a series of actions that will show everyone that we mean business. No longer will we put up with being obstructed, and we will quickly deal with those involved. …

“You are looking at weeks, rather than months, for the mass arrests to take place. However it is a big operation that cannot start until everything is in place. Having come this far we want it to run smoothly, with as little trouble as possible.

“The Arms Industry … shall answer for their involvement in the wars, as will any member of the Forces who have engaged in crimes against the people. Many atrocities have taken place that you are unaware of, but the truth cannot be concealed.” (11)

In Sept. 2012, he was still discussing the notion of rounding up the dark controllers.

“When we need to we can zoom in on any person wherever they are, so there is no hiding place for the dark Ones. When it is time to bring them in we shall waste no time in placing them where they can no longer obstruct the process of Ascension.” (12)

Even after 21/12/12, SaLuSa, was still putting forward the idea of replacing the old governments.

“Your present government, along with others largely in your Western World, are near to being replaced and it is an important move that will enable so many other things to go forward. They cannot handle the present crisis brought about by the collapse of a number of banks, and the corrupt systems used by them to bolster their own profits through false trading.” (13)

Moreover, as late as March 2013, Sheldan Nidle’s sources were saying that “your sacred secret societies and their allies [are completing] a legal takeover of a number of your major governments. (14)

Later in this series we’ll discuss why the plan to make mass arrests was dropped. But for now, I’d like to concentrate on the idea of collapsing the old and bringing in new governments.

The New Plan

However, as early as Feb. 2012, Matthew Ward was promoting what sounds like a new idea of the weeding out of Illuminati from government rather than the complete overthrow of government:

“Within the months ahead, governmental shake-ups will weed out Illuminati members or those acting under their control, and persons with moral and spiritual integrity will step in. The nascent governments born in the ‘Arab Spring’ will become stabilized and tyrannical regimes will fall.” (15)

Wanderer of the Skies, at this time, was also talking in terms of weeding out the corrupt.

“You have much to look forward to in these coming days as more and more dominoes fall at a much greater and accelerating pace. Already, you are beginning to see the turn of fortune occurring on the financial front.

“This will be followed quickly by the media, where many will begin to pay for their crimes and many more will turn towards open, honest, and investigative reporting.

“This, in turn, will be followed by a move to “clean house” with your political leaders and the stepping forward of those who consciously have begun to awaken within the halls of power in your many governments to set straight their role as stewards of society.” (16)

By March 2013, SaLuSa was softening the tone of his comments about governmental reform. Rather than talking about the fall of the old governments, he now was talking about “governmental changes.”

“The real answers to your problems are relatively simple, but finding the right people to introduce them is not so easy. You will have to look to massive changes that will accompany the Governmental changes, and then all things will be possible.” (17)

Also by March 2013, commentators like Matthew were telling us that the NESARA provisions for the resignation of all governments no longer apply.

“The provision of NESARA that calls for the resignation of the entire US government no longer applies. The act was written more than a dozen years ago when the president was a top-ranking Illuminati—he is among the defectors who became active lightworkers—and almost everyone in Congress was either a member or under the control of Illuminati outside the government. Rejoice with us that this is not the case today!” (18)

This is a definite change in the Divine Plan and tomorrow we’ll begin to look in more depth at the factors that may have caused the change.

(Continued in Part 2. You’re welcome to read ahead.)


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