Steve Beckow: A Pivitol Distinction

Written by Steve Beckow

cutmypic(3)Photo: White Cloud Speaks

I’d like to highlight two statements that were made recently to make the point that I think we’re being moved from what I conceive of as a society-wide or humanity-wide constructed self into a society-wide higher Self and I consider the ultimate completion of that movement to lie in Ascension.

I know this article may be long for some but the distinctions made here are extremely enabling and powerful. I urge you to read it slowly and contemplate on what the two masters are saying.

The first source is White Cloud, who channeled through Blossom Goodchild for our July 29 An Hour with an Angel.

White Cloud began by saying that “an Event” was going to happen soon and that event is the Ascension that we are waiting for. “We do not give dates any more,” he added, “because when it cannot work in the way we had perhaps planned it is too detrimental in the long term. “ In this he’s no different than Linda Dillon’s sources.

He then continued, making a distinction that I think is pivotal to us right now:

“If you are to live your life in the way that is desired and that is by living every moment that you can in joy, … working with that, concentrating only on that, focusing only on the joy of your life, then it is that you are raising the vibration.

“And the more the vibration is raised, the more quickly these things shall come about that you are desiring.

“But when so many of you … are saying please, and when Blossom looks up at the sky, and says please, will you show yourselves, it is not because she does not believe that such a thing can happen. It is not she needs proof. It is for her that when that takes place, in the deepest part of her, she knows then that the Plan is well underway, so to speak, and that is what so many are yearning for.

“But what I wish to say again is that that will happen by you concentrating on the joy of your life, when you when you have stopped wondering when and take the focus away from that [expectation] and focus on the moment of “Do I feel happy right now?”  …

“I spoke yesterday as well of the Event that many speak of and many thought it would be of December of last year. But I am saying to you that this Event has not gone away. This event will be taking place.

“And it is a showering of love that will descend, if you like, on your planet, in a way that it has not been done before. But that Event can take place according to, in simple terms, depending upon the happiness of those souls on Earth.” (1)

I then asked him if we should feel detached and balanced about whatever happens or should we be joyful in anticipation of what is happening. And he replied, making a distinction that I think is key to lifting us outside the socially-constructed self:

“I am saying to you [to be] detached from any outcome. It is … the joy within the Self [that is profitable]. It is not about, for me I would say, the Event is coming. Yes, that is joyful. It is indescribably joyful. But the soul/Self knows before it came, in the greater knowledge of itself, that this Event shall take place.  …

“By wanting to be joyful about what is coming ahead, you are not being joyful about the moment you are in because you are desiring that something in the future will bring you joy instead of concentrating upon the joy you are in now.

“And I would just say, with all things, … be detached from all outcomes. Just be in the presence of yourself in each given moment so that whatever lies ahead will be joyous because you are not putting expectation upon something, because you are concentrating fully on being love and light in this very moment.” (2)

We are joy. Joy is a divine state and we are the Divine. So when we concentrate on being the joy we are, we’re in alignment with the Self.

When we concentrate on experiencing joy in the future when something happens that we want, we’ve broken the contact with the Self and invested instead in the constructed self.  No pass. Do not pass “Go.” Do not collect $200.

Ascended master KuthumiPhoto: Depiction of the master Kuthumi

What White Cloud said here reminded me so much of what the second source, the master Kuthumi, told us on July 12, 2012.

He advised us to let go of all contracts, even the contracts we’ve made around Ascension, in favor of allowing our Divine Self to emerge and simply be. He said:

“[It] will take time but eventually you will see the falling of all forms of contracts, even contracts created to bring forth peace and love, even contracts made with your soul, the inner planes, guides and the Creator, until there are no more contracts in existence within the entire universe of the Creator.

“This would signify that karmic laws and patterning would completely be erased. It would also symbolise that you and humanity would have accepted your own inner power, truth, peace, love and divine oneness with the Creator, humbly and lovingly existing in and as all that is the Creator.” (3)

He isn’t saying that we should not do what we came here to do but he’s saying that there’s a higher state even than just simply fulfilling our duty and that higher state is being the Divine that we are. The bonds that then arise will be stronger than the sense of duty that has us fulfill our contracts. There will then be no need for contracts.

I cannot help remarking that we’re being given at this time teachings that in past ages probably would only have been given to high initiates.

“Even creations of the mind that seem appropriate and needed may collapse. This is only to allow and make way for a true manifestation of peace which in many ways needs no words or explanation but simply manifests and is experienced creating a unified bond that is beyond your imagination but is stronger than any contract of the mind.

“Rather than contracts, bonds will be formed which are an expression and manifestation of the divine unity and oneness of all souls and the Creator. The reforming of the Creator’s vibration within all of us and between each soul will manifest creating a consciousness of oneness, trust, love and truth. Therefore no contracts will be needed of any form and healing will have taken place within and between all.” (4)

He then goes on to nail the point down. Contracts are flimsy compared to pure love and Self-knowledge.

“In many ways contracts could be seen as flimsy, they have the opportunity to be broken, divine bonds are created from the purest place of love and Creator familiarity which cannot be broken or misused because it is the synthesis of all that you are and all that is the Creator.  It is not to create bonds but to reform that which has been separated, the separation of the Creator.” (5)

Remarkably he then says almost the same as White Cloud did, that attachment is grasping but unconditional love causes everything to move.

“It is very similar to the process of attachment and detachment. When you are attached to a person, energy or outcome you are not experiencing a divine flow but are grasping, hindering and holding the flow.

“When you dissolve all attachments but replace the attachment with a connection of unconditional love, everything begins to move with and in the divine flow of the Creator. In truth the Creator is experienced.” (6)

He ends by advising us “to ask for all contracts and agreements made by you and even your soul to be brought into the highest vibration of peace and love to work in unity and oneness with this new era and the Creator’s vibrations upon the Earth.” (7)

These two passages say to us that it isn’t conditional love and joy, it isn’t love and joy for a reason, that is profitable, but it’s simply being the love and joy, being our native and divine state, that is profitable.

This alteration moves us from the constructed self of all of us as a society, that waits for expected events to be happy and loving and so postpones our love and joy and makes it depend on the outcome of events, to the self outside the box of all of us as a society that concentrates on being the unconditional and unconditioned joy and love that we always, already are.

It’s a fine distinction, but, I think, a very powerful and, as White Cloud says, a very profitable one.

[You can hear White Cloud speak in Sydney, Australia, Sunday, Aug. 18, 2013. See notice in righthand column.]


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