Blossom Goodchild: Special Sydney, Australia Event – August 18, 2013

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

Event-Ticket-ButtonHere’s good news for all our Australian and New Zealand readers  – and quite possibly readers from elsewhere who can get to Sydney for the day…

Blossom Goodchild, the internationally respected direct voice channeller and author – a huge crowd favourite with those who attended the 2012 Scenario conferences last year in Sedona, USA, and known to readers of this site for her much-awaited regular messages from the Federation of Light – will be hosting a very special Sunday afternoon event in Sydney, Australia next month.

Titled Blossom Goodchild: A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light, this event will mark Blossom’s only live Sydney appearance for 2013. It will be held on Sunday, 18 August at the Co-Creation Centre in Crows Nest, Sydney, starting at 1.00pm and is being co-presented by Blossom and myself. I will also MC the afternoon.

Tickets are now on sale via Blossom’s website and blog   Or click on the event banner above.

As many of you know, Blossom has built a large local and international fan base through both her regular and profound channelled messages from the cosmic/galactic-based Federation of Light and her books featuring messages from her 14-year-long ‘friendship’ with her Native American spirit guide, White Cloud.

Currently her regular ‘updates’ from the Federation – about what’s going on in our world, both above and beyond – are translated into over 30 languages and are re-posted across spiritual, alternative news and popular lightworker web and blog sites like this one, around the globe. Meanwhile, her books and eBooks, including A New Dawn, The Bridge and The Spirit of White Cloud continue to sell to local and overseas audiences.

As the title of her Sydney presentation suggests, Blossom Goodchild: A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light will see the captivating and entertaining UK-born Blossom providing much soul inspiration for all who attend.

“People thought I was crazy when I first started saying I was receiving messages from an old American-Indian bloke called White Cloud, so imagine what it was like when, around seven years ago, I started receiving messages from some space beings calling themselves the Federation of Light!” she laughs. “‘So as well as talking about the latest updates on the global energy shift – or ‘awakening’ as some like to call it – from both their perspectives, I’m also going to share my personal story as to how I ‘met’ both White Cloud and the Federation of Light.”

The afternoon will be split into two, uplifting segments – and Blossom is planning some surprises.

“The first half will be all about White Cloud – how we met, what he’s been telling us over the past 14 years, and how, when we put his words into action, we find ourselves viewing our lives from an inspirational perspective. I mean, we all have challenges to face but White Cloud helps us to notice the change in ourselves and how we face them,” she explains.

This segment will evolve into a live channeling, as Blossom will receive White Cloud’s energies into her being and he’ll speak through her to the audience.

The second half of the afternoon will focus on Blossom’s equally divine journey with the Federation of Light and the insights they bring us.

It will culminate in a very rare process: for only the second time ever – the first being at the 2012 Scenario Conference in the US – Blossom will also ‘do’ a live, direct voice channeling of the Federation of Light for all those gathered at the Sydney event.

“I didn’t know what to expect when I attempted to bring them through for the very first time in public during the 2012 Scenario conference, I just got this feeling they wanted to come and speak. And, it really was a revelation to me and all the conference attendees,” says Blossom.

“People told me afterwards that they could see this golden being actually enter my body. Which was odd because I’ve always said that the Federation was a collective energy, but many at the conference felt it was a feminine ‘being’ who came through. So who knows what will happen this time around. Or what they’ll tell us.”


Blossom Goodchild : A Soul-Inspiring Sunday Afternoon with White Cloud and the Federation of Light

1.00pm – Sunday, August 18 2013 (until around 4.00pm approx.)

The Co-Creation Centre Level 1 (up one flight of stairs) 59 Hume Street Crows Nest (Sydney)

Tickets: $70 each person (sorry, non-refundable)

BOOK NOW: via Blossom’s website and blog

How to Get to The Co-Creation Centre, Crows Nest, Sydney: The centre is located in the heart of Crows Nest, a 2-minute drive from the North Sydney CBD. It is easily accessible via public transport (bus or train – including from Sydney airport). The nearest train station to the centre, St Leonards, is a 7-minute walk away. For those travelling by car, Free Parking is available both in the Hume Street Car Park (entry off Albany Street) and on-street, in the immediate area.

Overnight Accommodation: If you’re staying overnight in Sydney, there are a number of hotels in the Crows Nest, St Leonards and nearby Greenwich areas. Put these suburbs into Google when you search. North Sydney and Chatswood are also on the same train line as St Leonards.

Blossom’s popular books and CDs will be available on the day.

For further event-related information: Email –


  1. Hi, a year ago June, while I was meditating, the grandmother of all grandmothers, came to me. She gave a gold heart shape locket , and told to keep this close to my heart. Later I found that she was actually Gaia, and I felt very honoured to have met her. I have had many experiences like this. I have been falling you on the changes on this planet, and I am wondering why, it has not happened by now and is it really going to happen, at all ? I have worked very hard on my spirituality, and I would welcome the change emessly. Patricia


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