Please Don’t Stop Paying Bills

Written by Steve Beckow

Go to Jail 22Photo: OK, so not that bad, but….!

Folks, I’d like to add a word to what Bix Weir has said about debt relief.

We all know that debt relief is a part of NESARA and will come. But I agree with one commentator who said:   “I would highly recommend that you not quit paying your mortgage. I think this would cause you a lot of issues. Wait until the reality comes to pass before taking any drastic measures that could possibly lose you your home.”

If you remember back, the fact that so many of us believed that we’d be reclining on the Fifth Dimension after Dec. 21, 2012 with no need for money, which Matthew Ward denied back in September 2012, caused us a lot of hardship when we found ourselves still on the Third Dimension on Dec. 22.

Moreover, many people could not find work so we were in a huge pickle, which you helped us to get through.  But some of us still face the prospect of losing our (rented) homes too. We’re not out of the thicket quite yet.

We know that much of our financial system is a scam and that is being addressed. But we here do not advise that you simply stop paying your important bills. It isn’t that debt relief won’t happen. It’s that none of us has any idea of when.

Perhaps Bix is new to the date game, but many of us who’ve been here for a while have seen so many dates go by that we’ve stopped looking at the calendar.

The reason for the dates to come and go are many: the egos of the earthly participants, the fact that the Company of Heaven very rarely uses force, the size and scope of Ascension, NESARA and Disclosure, the need to protect terrestrial figures and their friends and families from assassination, etc.

So, yes, debt relief will come, but, no, we don’t know when.  And in the meantime we’d rather have you continue to live comfortably in your homes than be turfed by some recalcitrant leftover from the bad old days.



  1. i do not agree with what you say regarding morgage’s you should know by now that morgages are a scam! pay nothing!! as it says in the book, Freedom is more than just a seven-letter word by veronica of the chapman family £8.99 amazon. you have already bought the house and paid the 25 years interest but the lender is very greedy PAY NOTHING or BE A FOOL AND PAY.


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