Newer Version – Heaven’s Bridge: A Song by Wes Annac

Note from Wes: I’ll be out today, Wednesday the 24th.

This is a newer version of a song I’ve written, called “Heaven’s Bridge”. Lyrics will be given below.



Come one and all

To our Light’s rise

And our dark’s fall

We know

You’ll question how

Is this all real

And why now

We all know someone

As we all are someone

Who’s been deceived

Had our heads inside illusion

Lost ourselves in mass confusion

We divide ourselves

When down within ourselves

There’s only Love

Down where we are activated

Harmony without sedation

Sing along with all the Angels

The future has arrived

And they said

It couldn’t be

Peasants don’t learn their true


Only while the night

It taketh the Earth

And leave us blind

To what we’re worth

And we all followed blindly

Questioned not what was plain to see

It is no surprise

Why we have the problems we do

It’s all a hologram to see through

Soon we will reunite as

It becomes known our Light has

Taken over the hate

Step away from this dimension

Sense your personal ascension

Sing along with all the Angels

The future has arrived

Creation’s Love shine down

Grace from above shine down

Emotion takes full form

As the notions break, ego’s torn


  1. Wes, You are a dear, and Kryon’s messages tell us that we are and will be learning from the younger generation ,You are iINDEED quite a poet and budding singer. All that you do here in Aquarius Paradigm aids us “old souls” and gives us ease in this path to enlightenment and ascension. Let no one deter you from this path you have chosen. Congrats on finding a “fixer-upper” to aid your work by having a quiet place to maintain your own center. Our lesson in life was that finding a peaceful place helped us to finally “wake up” to our Divine Self” , find our creative sides, and reconnect to earth and all her creatures.(we teach natural beekeeping). It took us 38 years to get here, well worth the wait.

    E-mail me when time as I want to make a small donation(by snail mail if possible) to help with the “plumbing” of your new home. My son( now 40) and I have memories of having to “dig” under an add-on with a looong screwdriver(envision clay), an army shovel, and a carry-out bucket down to the sewer line that HAD to be new in add-ons., To save $900 with the NEW plumber(we fired the old one who did not bother to look under the house) so he could put a new one in. We had 18″ of space to work in…my husband was a BIG BOY and all he could do was give me a back massage later (chuckle- still does).

    We are in service helping with the grids and teaching others to reconnect with the Earth, living the universal and cosmic laws by increasing our OWN LIGHT, and in meditative service to ALL through Sanandas Eagles. With blessings for you in Love and Light. Helen


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