Steve Beckow: Mid-2013 Update on Disclosure

Written by Steve Beckow

GoogleYesterday (July 8, 2013) being World Disclosure Day, perhaps we can look at what the galactics have said in the last two months about the progress of Disclosure.

Stephen Cook posted Google’s interactive video of an engaging little star being on World Disclosure Day. I can reproduce the static image but not the video itself. It must be a sign of change that Google would post such a video.

If you saw it, you’d have noticed the continuing tendency to associate extraterrestrials with variations on the little Grey body type. It still hasn’t sunk into the collective consciousness that most extraterrestrials around the planet at the present time are our ancestors and look almost exactly like us.

Looking back over the last two months, Mira of the Pleiades told us on June 11 that fear was still the reason the galactics hold back. “Events are progressing,” he said, “until it is the right time for our full contact with you. We want this to occur in love, joy and truth, far away from fear.” (1)

These comments come against a backdrop of “alien invasion” movies concentrating on themes like predation, abduction, mutilation, etc.

On July 4, the Galactic Federation through Blossom Goodchild also said that terrestrial fear is what has the star beings hold back.

“You must understand the reason why … as yet … we have not done ‘The Big Display’ that you are all asking for.

“So many of you KNOW us. So many of you have awoken and KNOW without question we are with you. Even though you may have your human doubting days.

“Yet so many of you have not awoken and we would simply put so many in to fear and panic and this is not how we wish our welcoming to be.” (2)

Wes Annac asked the Pleiadian High Council for an update on Disclosure and was given a wide-ranging discussion of our readiness and their actions.

“We and plenty others have been telling you dearest souls for quite a while in your concept of time that the small trickles of disclosure coming through your mainstream media would soon begin to pick up, and the continual works that are being brought about by humanity, rather than us, speak to this truth.” (3)

They predicted that the tendency to laugh at the idea of extraterrestrials and ridicule those who support Disclosure would soon stop.

“So very much is being done to bring forth disclosure, in a way that’s as accepted by your mainstream as it can be. While much of your mainstream media has still largely laughed away the recent Citizen Hearing on Disclosure, the subject will soon be in the forefront of the collective consciousness of humanity and will no longer be seen as a subject to laugh about.

“The very idea of our existence has been presented to humanity in a way that’s meant to demean its credibility or the likelihood of humanity finding Life on other planets beyond yours, but truly, we are all right here with you and we have always been.”  (4)

The Pleiadians tell us that negative extraterrestrials are no longer permitted around the planet but the tales of abductions and mutilations continue and strike fear in people.

“While the Citizen’s Hearing was partly focused on the works of the negative extraterrestrials who no longer have the range of freedom on your surface that they did when they were mutilating your dear animals; the presence of the Light is on your world to stay and such lower interests won’t be and haven’t been allotted on your world to perform their deeds or sacrifices…

“The Illuminati as you know them have largely accepted, been a part of and helped in the mutilations of your dear animals on the part of malevolent factions of the Zeta race, but many of the top levels of such negative (Zeta) factions currently experience a form of containment much purer than what the cabal-heads experience.”  (5)

They acknowledge that “we’re working on so many different facets of the overall purging of darkness from this entire Universe.”   (6)

“So very much progress is being made in the realms beyond your physical understanding, and even in your physical realms you’re seeing trickles and waves of disclosure, which we’re happy to proclaim will only expand.”   (7)

They ask us to be ready for a tsunami of disclosure.

“The revelations you’ll find will be uprooting indeed, and as we and plenty of others have in the past, we ask you with Love to prepare yourselves and to be ready to be hit with a tsunami of disclosure that will truly boggle your minds.” (8)

So we have still not reached the place where fear levels have fallen enough to permit Disclosure but events are moving forward quickly. Tomorrow we’ll discuss the tie-in between Disclosure and the abundance program.

(Continued in Part 2. You’re welcome to read ahead.)


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