Lisa Gawlas: Quantum Change ~ DNA Transfiguration ~ Shambhala Emerges

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Over the last year and a half, since I have been dedicated to doing the readings in the way they are done, I have felt so many shifts in the field, in the human, is us.  The energies have changed and rearranged themselves more times than I can count during this time, but nothing like what I experienced yesterday thru the readings, thru the way I experienced mySelf thru each connection.

My first lady of the day showed up directly against the Mesa’s upper area.  The area that had released itself while I was gone.  I really didn’t notice that until after we hung up, but then I became fully aware of exactly where her image was and it’s placement of importance.  The first thing I had seen was fire.  A fire so pure it was almost transparent in the colors of the flames.  I could feel the purification happening within her flames of passion.  But not just any old passion.  Ancient, ancestral passion, held deep within the Mesa’s volcanic energy and now is Being released to the readied DNA.

Not only was I witness to this precious souls emergence, but was very much aware of my own.  When the field shifts and the images become so new, so highly evolved in their expression, I have a tendency to have mini-melt downs trying to get understanding of what it means to the person I am reading for.  I can be a bit anal in my own desire to give you as much clarity of understanding as I am capable of.  Until yesterday, I never realized how much this sends… hmmm… not sure how to describe it, but maybe like spikes of energy thru the flow of readings.  Kind of like creating little interference patterns instead of letting it all flow and knowing that somewhere deep within me, I do understand it.  Yesterday, thru just about every reading, that knowing was very present, which was really odd, at least for me.

I think maybe the best way to describe the difference, was up until yesterday I had always been (or allowed myself to be) a passive witness to what is unfolding in the readings.  Not yesterday, I was as much a part of the energy as I was the one relating its visuals to whomever was on the phone.  My brain was not racing for understanding, it already knew.  My brain patterns felt very much like they did the two days ago when I was sleep deprived, only with so much more energy moving thru.

The energy itself that is emitted from the readings, different would be an understatement.  As I became vividly aware of how different I felt in the participation of the readings, I stopped for a moment and focused on the permeating energy.  There was such an intense sense of calm, an indescribable calm.  Anyone who has been in a connection with me, knows I ramble.  I ramble with purpose, looking for the key words and sentences that will release a fuller understanding of what we are seeing.   This was not the case at all yesterday, because I knew.

WIthin the centered calm, the vibration of frequency was so utterly high.  One would think with such a massive increase in the air itself, calm would not be the result, but it was as if the calm was birthed out of the vibration itself.  I realized this was the energy of heaven on earth releasing itself into those ready for its integration within the DNA of biology.

As I refocused my energy back to the fiery energy of my precious lady, I looked around to see what else was going to be shown.  To her left (of her fire image) and center of the Mesa, there were two images that at first confused me, then made me laugh so hard.  Bells and whistles!  Because I have been calling our own advancing spiritual attributes bells and whistles, that is what the field put in the placement of my visuals of what is being released into her, energetically.

I then moved my vision back to her fire Self.  Suddenly I could see a large, metallic gold spiral string of energy that was coming from the depths of her fire and unfolding to the place on earth I call the center of your life field.  I put the most humble of drawings together to show what this looked like.  The triangle I used represents the fire, the spiral is the DNA and the green line is the center field of her life:


A transmutation and transfiguration process started (within some people) June 30th.  Her team (as well as the others I read for) said this process will take 5 full earth days to complete and then another 3 days to adjust to, vibrationally.

I also realized by the close of my day, our biology is truly secondary to the radiance of the new DNA energy of Light.  Getting to here, our biology was primary as we integrated the higher frequencies into us and adjusted to their radiance.  Now, our focus must be released from the body itself and placed on the Soul Light itself.  Tempering our own brain waves and mental activity is key here.  Calm, peace, intense.  Sounds like an oxymoron doesn’t it?  lol

I was sitting in the depths of awe and reverence as I waited for my next appointment time to roll around.  Something indeed has changed, and I am not only witnessing it on the field, but unmistakably within mySelf as well.  I knew, without any shadow of doubt, this IS the energy of Shambhala embedding into the air and our very own DNA (at least within those with a prepared vessel to harness such pure Light.)

I just did a quick internet search on the word “transfiguration” and much to my delight wikipedia has a story on the transfiguration of Jesus (I had no clue, bible stories were erased from my memory long ago.)  I am going to share this one line from their explanation that just hits the heart center of Home:  On the mountain, Jesus begins to shine with bright rays of light….  In Christian teachings, the Transfiguration is a pivotal moment, and the setting on the mountain is presented as the point where human nature meets God: the meeting place for the temporal and the eternal, with Jesus himself as the connecting point, acting as the bridge between heaven and earth.

As I said before and this really hits home in that understanding, Shambhala is NOT a place on earth, but MUST emerge from the human itself.  WE are becoming SHAMBHALA!!

My next appointment, my architect, his energy started releasing itself even before our phone call.  I was doing dishes, looking out to the mesa thru the leafed out trees and felt my connection with him and the winds of change that were billowing out from the top center of the Mesa.  The winds were so, intense, soft, purposeful.  Again, I did not see his biology but felt his soul energy presence as the winds itself bellowed out of the depths of the Mesa and wrapped itself around him like a thick baby blanket filled with pulsing electricity.

As we connected on the phone, this ongoing energy stretched itself out to form the most amazing story of Light.  The winds of change wrapped around him, equally securing him in a place that seems apart from his life field.  I witnessed the energy of his winds extend themselves from the right side of his wind blanket and moved across to hit his center field.  It was if there was a sandblaster now being released, kicking up the sand (it never looked like dirt) from the area of the back yard, creating a large opening that would be his new foundation of his life.  All old debris is being moved out and cleared so a new foundation can be laid in its place.

As I attempted to get a “timeline” of completion of this windy change, the expansion of pure understanding within myself made my own jaw drop.  The entire circumference of what I call the outer field of life looked like a swimming pool of energy, of pure quantum energy.  For the first time in all my years of reading, I seen something new on the field, filled with a new energy I never connected to before, and understood to the depths of its meaning, what it meant and yet, at the same time, a crazy thing happened.  My mouth uttered “what the hell is that” and yet, I didn’t mean it, because I already knew in unspeakable words.  Instantly, I felt my own team brush my brainwaves.  In that split second I remembered the beginning of this crazy and wonderful journey, when I was having a melt down on understanding and incorporating non-judgemental energy into my life.  Franklyn, my daddy from the Pleiades, instantly brought my judgement to my awareness so i could be aware of what I MUST change within me.  Same thing yesterday, only, less in my face.

A personal pool of quantum change.  Many of us are or will soon be swimming within this amazing release of the old.  I found a wonderful website and explanation from a gentleman named Bruce Terrell (click his name to read his site) and he explains quantum change beautifully: Quantum change is a radical shift from one frequency level to another. The word “quantum” comes from the world of physics. Scientists observe that when atoms receive greater amounts of energy their electrons jump into completely new orbits.  With an increase in energy the previous structure cannot sustain itself.  After a quantum change a new stability shows up at a  higher level.  A new reality has emerged.

His explanation fits so perfectly with my own experience in my depleted energy days.  Taking in new breaths of energy and releasing new particles of energy in the exhale.

As I stretched out to get a sense of time, it was non-existent.  The field itself reflected back the knowing of timelessness, in this pool of change, time does not exist.  As it solidifies into our new foundation of life, time as we relate to it, will have been changed as well.

I pondered that statement on my hours drive to the dentist yesterday and what was shared back was:  “Our clocks will still appear to click away minute by minute.  Our days will still appear to harness 24 hours, but for those emerging from the pool of quantum change, time itself will be drastically altered and insignificant.”

After concluding all 5 readings yesterday, I really pondered the reason why I listened to the experiences of “Life between Life” sessions written in the book Destiny of Souls.  It was much more poignant than I ever realized.  Cutting thru the illusion of limitation and prepping my re-membering for the unfolding at hand.

The one thing I know for sure, maintaining this field of energy within and around us is going to take conscious effort.  To allow the removal of any and all that keeps heaven away from our reality, including our own thought patterns and repeating patterns of now following the flow of our own heart energy/promptings.

I know my own repeating patterns are now undergoing radical and accelerated change.

There is so much more, but alas, this is going to be all for today.  Sometimes, too much is exactly that… too much.

I love you SOUL much.  Thank you from the depths of my heart and soul for Being Here and Being YOU!

((((HUGZ))))) filled with quantum change and fiery passion!!

Lisa Gawlas

P.S.S.   We are having a celebration on the Mesa July 19th, 20th and 21st with drumming and singing and filling the landscape with new energy, of Shambhala thu the human voice and heart on Saturday the 20th.  I have an old webpage that I am going to share here (I have updated it slightly) that lists campgrounds (no campgrounds in the Jemez are currently open) and B&B’s for those who wish to celebrate and sing with us.  Please sign the guest book if you are sure you are going to attend, space is limited and I need to keep a heart count.  I Am so excited!!


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