Bridging the Earthly and Higher Self

(See bottom for more info about the bridge pictured)

“Don’t know your past, don’t know your future” – Ziggy Marley

This article has been a long time coming, as I’ve been working to recognize and Love every facet of myself, rather than attempt to Live a Life away from the facets that would be easier to avoid.

I’ve been learning to shine my perceptive Light onto every aspect of my past and present that I’d otherwise hide from or choose to ignore, and I have to say, to do so is very liberating. I feel liberated, recognizing and coming to Love myself as the human being who I am, as well as the spiritual being of pure Love and Divinity I AM.

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when I chose to hide under a spiritual identity of sorts, instead of recognizing the human side of me and Loving that side. I chose to dive-in to the role of the “Pleiadian Walk-In and Representative of the Galactic Federation” and in doing so, I almost-willfully ignored the past that I’m happy to have come from, as well as my human roots.

I’ll forever recognize that I’m on the Earth to genuinely represent the Galactic souls I’ve come to discover exist, the Pleiadian race of whom I do feel I take spiritual roots in, as well as the myriad other ascended races comprising the Company of Heaven.

That belief or admission doesn’t make me “different” than any of you out there, nor does it make me different from the average human being; because if we open ourselves up, we can all find a connection with the souls I speak of and choose to actively represent them.

If you make the decision to genuinely represent them and produce things intended for the betterment of humanity, than you can as well attach the label “Incarnate Representative of [insert race here] of The Galactic Federation” at the bottom of all of your writings.

It’s just a label; an idea that we embrace, as we embrace our own representation of the infinite souls existing in the higher dimensions. It’s easy to get immersed in the idea or perceived glamor of what we’re doing for the Earth, and I’ve come to learn that spiritual vanity, while not as Life Path-threatening as material vanity, is quite real and is meant to be learned from.

Don’t get me wrong; it is important for us to see the enormity of what we’re doing. For fun’s sake, perhaps we should romanticize every now and then about the enormity and the implications of our missions on this world.

However, I don’t think we should hide away from parts of ourselves based in our past, nor from people in our past (to a reasonable extent), under the ideal of becoming more enlightened or being a super-Cosmic, higher-dimensional being who’s come from the spiritual realms to save the Earth.

Again; in a less vanity-driven sense, this is indeed what we’re doing on the Earth, and we should always embrace our sacred roles and be proud of them.

Proclaim your strong connection to the guides or otherwise-spiritual beings you’ve connected with. Actively represent them and the higher dimensions you’ve rediscovered if you wish to, but remember the roots of your current and past Lives as you do so.

Connect or reconnect with your Earthly family now and then; call an old friend for coffee or lunch one day, just to see where they’re at in Life; show those seemingly-former or third-dimensional aspects of your current Life that you seek not to deny them, but rather, to embrace them.

A great sense of Light and Love can come from connecting with one’s family or an old friend who would be excited to see one, and pure wholeness is bred when we can recognize and Love every last part of ourselves.

Some of us come from childhood-situations that weren’t very good to say the least. Even so, what was experienced in our respective childhoods is an integral part of us that’s meant to be perceived and Loved. Every second you experience on the Earth is an ordained part of you, and denying a facet of oneself is indeed denying a facet of the Creator.

Reaping the benefits of an opened and brimming heart, we can treat every situation and person in our Lives with the purest, strongest and realest Love imaginable. We can reconnect with our Earthly roots, and we can find a sense of wholeness and security with ourselves and our Lives that’s truly unbounded.

Thanks to the recent move on the part of my parents back to my home-state of Illinois, I’ve been able to learn this by reconnecting with my family and expressing the pure Love and knowledge I’ve come to find, to souls who Love and care for me.

In short; I seek no longer to deny my past or vainly immerse myself in my role in bringing our future about.

Rather, I seek to help bring it about from a point of neutrality and modesty as I embrace the fact that I’m here, on the Earth, in an Earthly body with genetic roots to people who care for me, to anchor the higher dimensions in every way imaginable.

I’ll continue to enjoy the fact that I’ve been blessed with playing this role, because admittedly, it’s a very fun and fortunate role to play. I’ll continue to dream, look toward the stars and express ideals that some may see as naïve or fictional, because I know the reality of such things and can enjoy and understand them from an Earthly and Galactic point of view.

However, I’ll no longer enforce a veil between my role and growing understanding, and the third-dimensional past and roots I’m blessed to have come from. I’ll no longer treat myself as Wes Annac, ordained Incarnate Representative of the Pleiadians.

I’ll instead see myself as Wes Annac, a soul from the higher dimensions who’s walked-in to an Earthly body and willingly existed in the Earthly family and under the genetic roots that I have, for an important reason.

Reaching epiphanies such as this, the aforementioned sense of Love and security I’m able to feel is just incredible. The statement I’m about to give seems wildly too simple for what I feel and really want to express, and yet, it’s the perfect and the only thing I could say to even slightly describe what I’m now feeling:

Love is truly all there is.

Wes Annac – Embracing and Loving the past, while helping build the Galactic utopia that is our future.

(A very young Ziggy Marley from the eighties says it well)

Contributing Editor: The Golden Age of Gaia

Picture: This is a photo of the bridge in Alton, Illinois, a town I’m blessed to Live very close to.

Across the bridge is so much beautiful nature, it would make your head spin. Down the road from the bridge is the River Road – a very long road that, if taken from Alton, leads one into Grafton, Illinois. When driving from Alton to Grafton on the River Road, you’re driving sandwiched in-between the breathtaking river and the equally-breathtaking limestone bluffs.

I couldn’t think of a more perfect photo to describe my personal bridging of my Earthly and higher self, because I’ve Lived in this beautiful area my entire Life and feel very close with the brimming nature that can be found just across that bridge (and really, all around in this area).

The River Road and the area across the bridge were flooded for quite a while recently, and the water is still quite high around here whereas usually, it’s very low.

Check out the Image link to see the picture above, blown-up.



  1. Thanks for this post Wes. I too have come to this realisation and insight lately. Instead of living with my head in the spiritual clouds constantly and being in denial of my humanity and the reality of an Earth being, I am connecting more with that aspect of myself and I now truly understand that the Kingdom of Heaven will be established here on Earth through the Ascension process. I no longer yearn to go “Home” wherever that may be, or look up at the stars in the hope of seeing my space brothers, but is now more appreciative and loving of what is here, what my role as a human being on this little planet of ours is. This transformation is still in the early stages but I have become aware of this shift in perception in understanding the holiness or divine purpose of being human and being an Earthling besides my feeling of being connected to the Arcturians or any other planetary race. We, us humans, are the divine ones that will uplift this planet to its rightful place and I today am proud of all of us. I thank all those Light beings that have guided us to this understanding.


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