Steve Beckow: What Factors Make Ascension Challenging? – Part 3

Written by Steve Beckow

DUMB 22Photo: The galactics removed all personnel to safety before blowing up the cabal’s military bunkers.

(Continued from Part 2.)

One of the factors that plays a role in what the Company of Heaven can and cannot do is that they must obey the universal laws. Primary among those laws is the law of free will. They cannot and will not do anything that abrogates or interferes with our free will to choose.

Put another way, there are areas of life in which they cannot intervene unless invited to.

Let’s listen to them explain how that impacts us and all the events surrounding Ascension.

The Galactics Will Not Interfere with Our Free Will

SaLuSa tells us that “the authority we carry does not mean we can proceed just as we wish, as there is a correct way to approach … matters that are important to your evolution.” (1)

“God has given you freewill and will not interfere with your decisions,” he tells us, “unless the outcome goes beyond your Earth and affects other planets and life forms.” (2)

Those galactics who are here to help us with Ascension have taken an oath not to violate our freedom to choose our future, he says.

“We have taken an oath to God that we will uphold all souls’ rights to experience as they choose, providing it does not impeach upon another’s freedom.

“We also acknowledge that each of you has been given freewill to create your own path, to gain the experience needed to further your evolution. That, Dear Ones, is why we cannot just jump in and take control of your affairs, as that would take away your opportunity to evolve as you have chosen.” (3)

Ker-On of Venus tells us that, while “your right to use your freewill has been observed by us, and our presence has not gone beyond permissible intervention in accordance with the Laws of the One,” this will change once we are well on the way to Ascension, he says: “Yet once you are well on the path to Ascension, by the Law of Attraction we can freely help you and openly approach you once more.” (4)

SaLuSa reminds us that “in the larger picture you are looking at a Divine Plan for the Ascension of the Universe.” (5) The star beings are here to ensure that our Ascension occurs, whether we as individuals choose to ascend or not.

“We … answer to the higher Beings who oversee your civilization, and have their own responsibility to God to make sure God’s Plan works out.

“That of course is your destiny to complete this cycle of duality with the opportunity to ascend. We are here to ensure you are not denied it by any outside interference or through the activities of the Illuminati.” (6)

One of those higher beings is Sanat Kumara, who reminds us that it’s our choices that will determine things.

“So much hinges on these hard decisions that each of you is making. It is not us. We are in support and we are certainly giving you the fuel.” (7)

SaLuSa explains that the line between non-intervention and intervention “is drawn where the Law of Attraction is concerned, as interference with that would deny you your freewill choice.” (8)

The beings here to assist us “have the answers to the world’s problems, but cannot thrust them upon you but we will be subtle and put ideas out so that you can find them yourselves.” (9)

The Galactics will not Interfere with Our Karma

The Company of Heaven will not interfere with matters of karma. SaLuSa says that “our role is one as your protectors as far as karmic law allows.” (10)

“There is … a limit as to how far we can go, as we must not interfere in situations where you are reaping your own karma. We have to stand back, but it does not prevent us from trying to ease your experience by continually sending you Love and Light.” (11)

They take their cue from the higher councils that oversee our Ascension, SaLuSa tells us.

“As you should know by now we only go as far as the higher Councils authorise us, and we would not do anything that could be seen as interference. You have created your reality, and it is not our place to prevent you experiencing the consequences.” (12)

If they did interfere, they would deprive us of the opportunity to learn from our mistakes, he says.

“We are not allowed to stop the unfolding of karma that has been brought about by the actions of Man on Earth. If we did, we would be denying you an opportunity to learn from your mistakes, and we ourselves would incur karma.

“We are too wise to even consider it, but can often lessen the effects of the outcome. Our action is often beyond your understanding and operates on a Galactic level, and we are very much involved in the use and control of energies to bring balance to Earth.” (13)

Where the Galactics Differ from the Dark Cabal and the Negative ETs

Unlike the cabal, the galactics will not do any action that harms. SaLuSa cites the operation that destroyed the deep underground military bunkers as an example of this.

“We have no hesitation in showing our superiority where technologies are concerned, and make it clear to the dark Ones that opposition to us is futile. Yet they stubbornly refuse to give in, knowing that any engagement with them requires us to obey the rules.

“We respect all life, whereas they have none at all even when it comes to fellow humans. Life to them is expendable, and they will use it to gain over anyone who gets in their way.

“We on the other hand will remove our ‘enemies’ to safety rather than kill or wound them. You may therefore be assured that we removed all personnel prior to destroying underground military bases. Anyone who says otherwise is untruly reporting events, and out to paint a false picture of us.” (14)

The member races of the Galactic Federation also point out that there are negative space beings who don’t respect the universal law. SaLuSa gives the example of the Annunanki.

“When we seek out other civilizations it is never to colonies them, but some groups of ET’s who are not members of our Federation have that in mind. It has happened to you in the past, and the presence of the Annunaki some 5000 years ago in Sumeria is such an example. Much that has filtered through from those times has led mankind down the slippery slope to near annihilation.

“Whilst it is true that they falsely presented themselves as gods, Man was in that time at a low point in his vibrations and open to their rule. However, the time of the warriors of war has now been overtaken by the warriors of Light. By regaining your rights, you will also once again become the Sovereign Beings that you were born to be.” (15)

We here on Earth are for the most part not used to dealing with people who respect our freedom of choice. Our pictures of the forces that protect us seldom includes allowance for such spotless behavior. But in dealing with the galactics, we have to factor in their obedience to the universal law.

While it means that our free will will not be violated, it also means that actions that the galactics take may be slower than what we’re used to and more circumscribed. When we wonder at the pace of some events or what appears to us as a galactic refusal to act, we have to factor in the galactics’ respect for the universal law.

(Continued in Part 4.)


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