Julie Miller – Archeia Lady Charity: The Shadows will Always Give way to Your Love and Light


The Shadows will ALWAYS Give way to YOUR Love and Light

Message from Archeia Lady Charity

Received by Julie Miller

June 22, 2013  

A while has passed since speaking through your beloved Sister. Deep gratitude goes to her this day for granting us time with you today.   It is clear to us, becoming closer to God is difficult for some of you. Dearest Bright Hearts the separation you may feel between you and God is obvious and it does occur because of the nature of your thoughts and some of the beliefs you hold are preventing your relationship to mature and blossom.

Many times through your day, even if you do not ever voice the words, even the slightest of negative thought, judgment, criticism, etc., will bring you further away from the capacity of accepting God’s Love and flowing freely with Him in every aspect of your journey.   Darkness is a necessary component along your journey. You cannot find Light without it. There are many Dear Hearts that are only focusing on the Light and avoiding at all costs what is within the unknown folds of the shadows.

The shadows of your life are not to be feared Dear Hearts but to be embraced because through them you learn so much more about yourself. You learn where your strengths are, you see first-hand exactly what you are capable of. And through the darkness, once all the fear and confusion has passed, what you discover is beautiful divine Light – a light that showers you with a glowing feeling of bliss and contentment. It is through difficult situations that teach you what it means to truly appreciate these momentous gifts of clarity, joy, happiness and the feeling of God’s Love moving in through and around you.  

Too often we observe many Dear Hearts too fearful to step into their shadows. To step into your shadows does require a great deal of readiness and courage. But remaining in fear of the unknown will remove you from the sacredness of God’s Love being able to flow freely through and around you.

By denying your opportunity to gain more knowledge of your Self and the potential to apply this knowledge as invaluable wisdom can help to cultivate uncommon irritability, harshness through criticism towards other people where you may feel justified for behaving so inappropriately helps to remove Love from the areas where the shadows rest.

By choosing Love instead of fear Dear Hearts you are consciously telling us and your Self that you are ready to no longer avoid learning what the shadows hold.

Remember dear ones, to be fully balanced with your Self, is not covering up your shadows. To be fully balanced with your Self, is through acceptance of your Self as you are with all your good qualities and all your need-work qualities. This does not mean you cannot create Self-Improvement projects, we encourage you to work on areas you know without a doubt that require deeper development and attention, and we will always guide and support you each time you ask for direction. This is your journey dear ones. Exploration of Self is a great challenge, one that will fill you with incredible knowledge that is found not from books, but from going within and allowing this knowledge to blend with you.  

We understand Dear Hearts that fear prevents you from learning more of your Self. Fear causes stagnation and you are not meant to be stuck; you are meant to grow and flourish. You need to be willing Dear Hearts to let go of the heavy emotions that are not loving or supportive of others, and instead begin feeling and knowing God will always support and love you as you learn to let these heavy and unneeded emotions go. With Trust and Faith, turn to God for your protection and support when you are dealing with burdensome emotions. He will never fail you, He will love you and with your allowance will support and guide you.  

Understand Dear Hearts, as you approach your shadows, meet them bravely but with Love. When you are filled with Love, the shadows give way to your Light. Even if you experience shadowy thoughts, when you counter them with love, those shadows in your thoughts that are often expressed through emotions and feelings also give way to your Light.

The more you accept God’s Love to flow through and around you; your heart increases its arrival of Divine Light and Love and brings you into higher dimensions of Light through the love you are feeling, as you become ONE with God. At this point there is no longer a separation or a nervousness want to pull away, there is only a breath or sigh of joy that flows through your whole being, infusing you with His sacred energy that will touch and affect all that you do.  

It is up to you Dear Hearts to be always aware of your Self, of your feelings and emotions. It is up to you as well to recognize when your own Love has left in order to pick up the lesson that is there for you to reacquaint your Self once again the Divine nature of your Self. Remain faithful to the divine love that you share with God. It is sacred and through your efforts to allow God’s Love to flow within you and around you, you are also anchoring a fundamental part of your Inner Self that will free your soul so it too can become ONE with its own Divine and Sacred nature.  

Through your learning to accept God’s Love and to become ONE with His infinite energy you will discover the necessity of forgiveness. It is important Dear Hearts to learn to forgive your Self. It is easy to forgive others, but you must also learn to forgive you for any mistakes you may have made and for any inadequacies you may have felt or discovered.

Through your efforts to forgive your Self, you will learn how to identify any past errors that were done intentionally. We are always here if you require guidance during any phase of your journey. And we know how uncomfortable you may be when you apply forgiveness to your Self. When you approach any past mistake or error, approach with love and compassion, seek God’s help if necessary and learn Dear Hearts. Take from these lessons all the knowledge they hold. Accept the error at the root of the problem and allow yourself to be healed as you release through God.  

As you learn to forgive your Self, it is important and essential to develop trust in your Self and in God. Turn to God and admit your errors to Him. He knows them already, yet it is essential you speak them with your own voice as your words carry exceptional power. When you hear your own words that are filled with love, compassion and forgiveness; your Inner Self also hears and deepens the connectedness between your whole self and with God in a sacred and divine way – there is a becoming of more pureness and Light with your admittance and through your expressed words to forgive your Self you are allowing the natural state of your Self to return this place…to just BE.  

You are often bombarded with distractions from what others are saying and doing to what is available through various media choices. It is important through the efforts of learning to forgive your Self that you also let go of any contradicting thoughts where you may feel not deserving of the God’s Love to flow within you and all around you.

You are worthy, you always have been. Learning to tune away from many of the negative distractions that feed your mind and help to prevent your relationship with God is a very difficult step, but not impossible. Through this fundamental step, you are again provided with many opportunities to learn your Self more and just as important you learn more of the world around you. You emerge with a new scope and view on life and of your direction within the journey you have embarked upon. You have within you the potential of deepening and recreating the relationship you have with God, making it impenetrable where this relationship is not only ONE with Him but ONE with your Divine Heart.  

The more you let go and forgive your Self for past mistakes and the willingness to let them go for good will always bring God’s loving Presence towards you, around you and within you.

When you learn to anchor in His Love, you will feel an overwhelming release from your soul, which removes any lingering darkness you may have been unaware of and brings you into full operation with Trust and Faith in God’s Love and with your Self in all walks of your journey. As you anchor in His love you are also anchoring the best protection any Dear Heart could have against the negative forces that often try to bring you down.  

Be strong Dear Hearts and learn to recognize your Self within the Divine Nature of God. Because within Him, is you.  

I AM Archeia Lady Charity through Julie Miller 

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