Leslee Hare-Galactic Cosmology Lesson



On May 12 or 13 (2013) I got a galactic cosmology lesson… My Guides showed me an image included here.

Source is the center, that of course is the real Origin we all share.

From the center, the first ring of tiny dots are Celestial Beings, who have no physical form on any level. They have developed distinct consciousnesses so that communication with beings further from Source may better communicate towards Source, through these Celestials.

Next, moving in an outwards direction, are rings of light. These represent the Divine Matrix, where all manifestation becomes possible. Although this field is free from individuation, it is powerful, almost beyond comprehension.

Beyond the Divine Matrix, the ring of larger, transparent dots represent Astral Beings such as Angels.

Outwards from the Angels, the ring of smaller, more opaque dots, represent the progression of Individuated Beings, into greater and greater density. These beings all posses physical form, according to density, ranging from the spirits with subtle form to beings such as humans, with quite dense physical form. Our Galactic Friends dwell within this range too, and they vary in density from Angelic to Human, depending on “race” or “species”, and Soul Purpose.

The darker regions beyond the rings of dots represent a state so far removed from Source that individuation and sense of connectedness is almost completely absent. However, it was strongly pointed out to me to notice that light is present, to some degree, at all levels, and all are ultimately drawn to Source.

(For myself, I’m told that for the purposes of functioning and fulfilling my role in this lifetime, my Soul Origin is the Divine Matrix, because I appear at the request of others. That said, in terms of form and patterns of thought, it’s fairly accurate to say that my Soul Origin is Arcturian/Pleiadian/Sirian, with remembered origins on Lyra, with the first humans. My form is human (not hybrid), although in this human lifetime I’ve hosted (so far) three layers of “walking in”, when additional help has been needed from my Star families. I’m also told that I’m currently undergoing a fourth layer of “walking in”, due to a shift in needs at this particular time. This explains some of the sensations I’ve been having.)


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