Archangel Josephine through Deborah Cain: There is No Doomsday Scenario

Note from Wes: I can’t vouch for the accuracy of this information (I have never heard of an AA Josephine nor of an Archangel inhabiting the Earth’s temple or “becoming Gaia”) but as always, you are asked to take what resonates with you and let the rest be.

March 11th 2013

Gaia through Deborah Cain

I (Gaia) am Archangel Josephine.
I was asked to become Gaia by our universal solo logos, long long ago.
Just like all sentient beings, no matter what form we take, we too must cleanse and release.
Our Star brothers and sisters are here to “lend a hand” not to stop events unless absolutely necessary.
Please know my beloved children, I will do my utmost care to cleanse and release as gently as I can.
Please know there is no doomsday scenario.
Try to spread the light through everywhere you go, every person you meet, and pray for light to cleanse and release areas upon me.
We walk together on this journey.
we all are releasing that which does not not serve the one consciousness.
I (Gaia) am a living,breathing, being just in different form.
All who have chosen to ascend must cleanse and release.
Please know dear Wes, I am just like you.
Put aside presumptions, and look at me as Josephine, who chose to ascend and is ready to clear negative energy.
I already am releasing and most will go unnoticed.
Know that I’ll be as gentle as I can.
Some larger events will occur and there is no need to think of it as releasing.
I have done this since the beginning of my choice to become earth.
The only difference now is we’ve moved dimensions, and releasing is part of it, Always.
Even other “planets’ go through the same thing.
We are all one on a journey to enlightenment and bliss.
I love you my dearest children.
Please understand, I (Earth) am passing information about changes because I want everyone to stay safe.
There will be more messages about specific changes coming soon.
My beloved children, know you are loved.
Blessings to all the children of the earth.
Gaia     AA Josephine

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