Steve Beckow: How are Peace and Gender Equality Related?

Written by Steve Beckow

Family 235Is it not interesting how two subjects go together – the ending of violence and war on the planet and the ending of the global persecution of women? Here is Matthew Ward for instance:

“To your great accomplishments that we have heralded previously we add the global spotlight you are shining on the need to uplift the status of women and to end the proliferation of weapons. These heavily negative aspects of your society that long have been dominant in the collective consciousness now are in the forefront of the public eye.” (1)

Why do the two go hand-in-hand in the world’s evolution?

The socialization of a child might be said to repeat the cultural accomplishment of the world in which it’s born to that point in time. I remember being taught, as a young boy, two things: (1) to be peaceful in my relations with others and (2) to respect women. I can hear my parents saying “stop fighting” and “don’t speak that way to a woman.” What ties the two together?

For better or for worse, the biological situation of the genders is such that the woman carries the unborn child and is, for the time she does so and speaking from physical realities, vulnerable to attack. I’m no expert in the subject but I seem to recall reading somewhere that hormones like testosterone induce strength in men and hormones like androgen induce nurturing in women. Perhaps I’m wrong.

But the social situation of the one who gives birth and nurtures the young would seem conducive to nurturing anyways. And the social situation of the one who is not carrying the young would also seem to invite protecting.

In this scheme of things, the male protects the family from all outside threats. And a peaceful world is one which carries no threat to the family. So, if what I say has the slightest chance of making sense, the scheme of things is such that, for at least this crucial time in the lives of families, peacefulness and male protection of women are linked.

One could say that a woman could serve this role in the family as well as a man and that’s true. I’m not trying to condemn anyone to a confining social role. But I wonder if this is not where the original stimulus arises in which the woman is cast in a nurturing role and the man, a protective?

Men probably will never carry children, Arnold Schwarznegger to the contrary. I’m led to believe that in higher dimensions, women may not need to carry children either. We’ll have to see. But I think the derivation of the notion of roles originally hails from this biological design.

Be that as it may, our society now stands on the threshold of world peace and the creation of Nova Earth and two of the primary situations that are out in this world are, as Matthew pointed out, the existence of weapons and the wars and other institutionalized rituals of violence they support and the existence of the persecution and violent treatment of women.

I don’t think it’s native to men to be violent towards women. From what I said above, I think it’s native of men to be protective. The world was not intended, I think, to be a place of warfare or persecution. Life was never intended to unfold as a process in which people are killed, maimed, regimented, enslaved, or subordinated. There’s a Divine Plan to life and in that Plan, I think, people were intended to live safely, to be equal and to thrive so that the baseline conditions were present to allow them to do the work of life, which is to discover who they essentially are.

So I’m not surprised that my parents, for instance, coupled the desire to see me be peaceful with the desire to see me show respect towards women. There’s something deeply resonant about such a way of being for a man.

The rest is a departure from an order in which life works out and we do what works. It’s a departure that’s there to be capitalized on by those who benefit from inequality and persecution but by no one else. And one has to choose, early on, what life path one wishes to follow: that which leads to inequity, war and persecution or that which leads out of it and towards a world that works for everyone.


(1) Matthew’s Message, Jan. 19, 2013, at Matthew went on to say:

“Generation after generation after generation tolerated unjust cultural laws and practices that demean women and accepted perpetual warring and violence as “that’s just life.” Now the voice of your society worldwide is saying Stop!

“Light beings throughout this universe honor the myriad souls who agreed to participate in the multitude of tragic situations that have stirred the peoples to take bold steps forward in those two areas and all others where change so sorely has been needed. The souls who accepted those exceedingly harsh missions did so with unconditional love and they leapt forward in soul growth.”


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