Steve Beckow: Change in Baseline State

Written by Steve Beckow

Steve GrinningPhoto: Baseline state these days

I just became aware today of a rather profound but barely-noticeable shift in my being.

Previously my baseline internal state was rather grumpy. I needed to concentrate and didn’t like to be disturbed and walked around in a perpetual undercurrent of protectiveness, edginess, etc.

But today I was tracking my internal state and noticed that it had greatly and deeply changed. Now my underlying state was one of love and bliss which was just barely contained by the resistance created by my unprocessed vasanas (of which there are many).

This represents a profound shift for me, which cannot be overstated.

But it’s a subtle shift and things can look the same if you don’t know what you’re looking for so let me discuss it in a bit more detail.  Previously I was my vasanas. I was my holding patterns and grumpiness and determination to be left alone to do my own thing. AND I had brief flashes of love or bliss, but these were unusual and departures from the “me” I considered normal.

Now that has reversed (but it could feel the same to the unobservant observer). Now I feel a baseline undercurrent of love and bliss and it doesn’t break forth into a full-blown tsunami because my remaining vasanas, my remaining holding patterns, conclusions, decisions and all the other constituents of a vasana restrain me from just simply going wild with love and bliss.

But I am no longer my vasanas; I simply have them. (That in itself is a profound shift.)

And love and bliss are no longer rare excursions into an abnormal world; they are my normal lot in life. I feel them like the water table just below the surface of my ground of being. They are there. They gush up through every portal and opening.

But the outside observer would not see or know the difference. Only I can. The difference is known only from the inside out, rather than the outside in.

Several things are helping. You heard Archangel Michael say yesterday that we continue being bombarded by waves of light and love from the Source, the Company of Heaven and our start brothers and sisters. We’re rising in energy levels each day. That’s helping.

And I’ve already spoken about a meditation that I’ve been doing which seems to play a major role in this. That meditation is to imagine with each in-breath that I’m bringing up love from Father/Mother One and with each out-breath that I’m sending it out into the world.

This meditation has two impacts on me. First, it draws the love up. But second it reminds me that love is not to be gotten from sources outside of me (like other people) but from sources inside of me (like God, the heart, my soul, all of which are of course ultimately the same thing).

Seeing this second matter corrects a fundamental source of ignorance, which is to think love can be sought externally. But it also addresses and corrects a basic source of co-dependence which is to think that others bring me love when it is I that bring me love – that “I” also being God, as it is for all of us.

Now this effect has been multiplied by a meditation that Christina Mahler and Mary W. have introduced me to, which is a form of shamanic breathing. Anyone who’s done rebirthing or holotropic breathwork would recognize this form of breathwork. It’s connected and continuous breathing and it brings in the prana while releasing the toxins and tensions from the body. This also has helped tremendously.

And finally I notice another change that’s helping. I spontaneously took up the practice of chanting my mantra again after years.  I just felt an irresistible urge to do it.

I’m getting a great deal of pleasure from it whereas, many years ago, it just seemed like an onerous duty. Now there is not a great deal I’d rather do and it doesn’t seem at all onerous or a duty.

And all this has just arisen spontaneously, as if by inspiration.  Archangel Michael said yesterday that we would begin to feel a tremendous drive to begin work on co-creating Nova Earth as if by instinct. Well, this is somewhat the same. The practices I’m doing have presented themselves either by word of mouth or else by inspiration. And the combination of the practices, added to the inflow of energies, is lifting me up and up and up.

What I need is coming to me and my space is elevating with each passing day. Perhaps it’s the same for you.

I can definitely see that, if things continue this way, I will be in a place in the not too distant future that will have me feel quite satisfied with my progress and our progress. And the icing on the cake is that my wants and needs are going down at the same time so I’m finding my ability to be patient through these changes is itself increasing. Yes, all the other situations remain in place. But from this particular and most important angle, life looks very, very good.


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  1. Nice Smile Steve …………… AAM said, More Love, More Love, More Love. I had a funny thought…Now if I visualised in breath of fire in, outbreath of fire out….in true 5D id be dragon hahaha…


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