Working Toward a New Paradigm: Coming Together, Demanding Truth and Making Contact (Part 1/3)

Written by Wes Annac

As a human race, we feed methods of running this world that simply do not work for us. It is clear to the majority of people on this world that the ways we’ve been treating it and each other have been doing us no good and will not help us achieve a prosperous and peaceful future as we rightly should be, as a sentient collective. Separation, hatred and injustice are rife on this world and the continued denial of humanity’s oneness will only keep leading us down the same broken path that is clearly not working for us.

There are and have been for generations and even centuries, plenty of people on this world who recognized and understood that humanity’s methods of collectively running the world have held us back.

There are a lot of people campaigning for truth, peace and collective sovereignty to be restored to this world and as the powers that were are clearly not working in our best interests and have in fact, hidden and suppressed most of our true history and kept humanity feeding a division of the classes; it is up to us as a collective to come together and begin building upon our New Paradigm.

As others have said, it would be silly at this point to wait for anybody to begin establishing the New Paradigm but ourselves. This is our mess to clean up as a planet, and our governments and the private entities running them and bleeding humanity dry will not help us. They have, in fact, worked quite hard against our establishing of a world that does not work for them.

A handful of wealthy and financially-influential yet private individuals have established much of western society as it stands today, in a partial effort to keep unaware rich and middle-class families from realizing the plight of the poor and from knowing about the injustices to our human rights taking place every day. Our heads and hearts have been filled with constant fear, distraction, and violence through the flickering boxes calcifying our pineal glands, and the mainstream news we’re give every day is controlled and spun in the interests of the people funding and running it behind the scenes.

These people have actually benefitted and continue to benefit from the instated division of the classes, and the very tax dollars usurped every year are used for classified black-ops projects and geopolitical actions which are of course, not in the best interests of humanity. Warfare has been supported for centuries on this planet, without the humanity supporting it realizing the widespread harm and damage it causes. At the very least, a blind eye has been turned to it.

I could go on and on detailing things about this world that we as a sovereign humanity need to change, and the great news is that our world is far from unable to be saved. In fact, we have the massive collective power and potential to come together, unite and in doing so, establish the New Paradigm that even the most unaware of people know deep within we are meant to be living in.

I, like many other writers lately, would like to give my perspective of how we can begin bringing this planet into a New Paradigm of collective cooperation, harmony, prosperity and understanding.

For the most part, our instating and feeding of separation on a planetary level has caused the immense unawareness that has allowed the few with influence, money and power to deceive us for generations. The problem with humanity coming together at present is that there are the few who will resist it; they will resist uniting with their fellow man because within, they perceive separation and hate toward others as it is how they were brought up to live.

They were taught to see themselves as separate from one another, and the entirety of humanity has fed this notion by seeing other countries and races as different from themselves.

It will be hard for many people to realize we are one sentient species who is meant to come together if we wish to see our world repaired, which is why the first and most important aspect of establishing our New Paradigm is finding a personal inner-peace and wholeness that can be attained by allowing calm and happiness in, when our egos will try to fight against our doing so.

Again – some people will simply be too resistant to change and their “shells” may go unbroken and that’s ok, because the majority of us do see the need for personal and collective harmony to be established. All of us who do see this can begin to get active in working toward our goals, and we will find a plethora of routes opened up for us if we wish to do so.

The rest of humanity who could be “on the fence” about uniting with their fellow man would benefit greatly from finding an inner-wholeness and happiness, because we cannot express harmony toward others if we are feeling disharmonious in ourselves. Upon finding an inner-peace and opening up to our inner-selves, we can actually begin to find states of consciousness and awareness that will open us up further to the New Paradigm we are tasked with Creating.

After finding an inner-peace and perhaps beginning to seek enlightenment, we would next be tasked with starting the process of coming together.

Social media has proven fruitfully helpful in establishing movements to end separation and tyranny and establish new ways for our society to live by that are based in the underlying principle of respect for all people, and each one of us who understands the importance of these principles can join already well-known campaigns and help their momentum grow even larger than what it already has, or begin our own campaigns and really work work work toward seeking and giving truth to all people who care to hear our message and eventually, to all people on this world.

Even if the task of coming together seems undoable at present, it is not. It is simply that we have remained complacent and have not allowed ourselves to try.

So many people have now begun to try; have started up grassroots movements that have grown in influence and are spreading out to multiple countries. What a lot of people don’t yet see is that because of the actions of groups like Occupy Wall Street, Idle No More and a plethora of other groups who are answering to tyranny and oppression, we have already begun building our New World.

It has already begun. The momentum has grown like never before, and the Earth is now ours to come together and begin working upon. The will of the people can simply be ignored no longer and the various movements established to those extents have paved the way for the rest of us to finally sit up and begin taking action. Truly, we can do it and we already are.

A crucial aspect of coming together as a collective is addressing and mending the collective separation and hatred in every form it’s been fed.

Racism, sexism, intolerance and prejudice have no place in the New World we are creating and must be rightly addressed and ended. Upon doing so, we may get a laugh out of the ways we’ve allowed ourselves to break apart from each other, and we will see that every last bit of hatred expressed toward our fellow man has served to separate us further and hold us back.

Addressing and mending our separation from each other and everything that has driven it will further strengthen the coming-together of humanity that has again, already begun. This will be crucial to do, as we will have much work ahead of us and we will have to be able to work with each other despite the outer differences we’ve been programmed to believe make us different people. They don’t!

It will be important for us to respect the beliefs and ideals of those around us, even if they are not our own. As we are all to be aligned with the one goal of restoring this planet and restoring collective sovereignty and freedom, we will always be united in that goal and thus, the specifics of the beliefs of each of us should be respected as we recognize that again, such things do not separate us. It has simply been ingrained into our very doctrine that they do, but we can reverse that programming.

It will also be incredibly important to recognize and rightly put an end to any attempted sabotage of our movement or our attempts to bring humanity together. There have always been attempts to sabotage any good things being done for the planet and again, most of it can usually trace back to orders given from billionaires with power trips who do not want our planet to come together and remove ourselves from their influence.

It would perhaps be a bit naïve to assume somebody with malicious intent wouldn’t try to infiltrate our movement, but it will be fairly easy for us to spot anybody bringing-forth false ideals or beliefs that we all know are not in alignment with the New Paradigm.

Attempts to infiltrate small factions of our overall movement and distract the people within those factions by spreading a distorted message could be likely but again, we will have strongly, strongly established the basic principles underlying our New Paradigm and as most of them are taken as common sense; anybody should be able to recognize an attempted infiltration and rightly remove themselves from the influence of the person doing it.

Even the people doing the infiltrating could eventually “jump ship” and turn over to our collective movement, and their genuinely-positive assistance will be welcomed. However, we will have to be discerning as a collective body.

We will see that demanding truth from those who have hidden it from us will be a big aspect of establishing the New Paradigm. There is so much we haven’t been told and now, I will examine a few crucial things that I personally feel we should collectively demand the truth about.

The first avenue of our demands for answers and retribution will be in the area of worldwide wealth and prosperity.

Two percent of people carry about half the world’s wealth, and funding that was initially meant to aide poverty-stricken countries decades ago has instead been hoarded by the very interests who make money off of poorer countries.

Tax dollars are, again, also usurped and used for the personal gain of the billionaires who have established the legal need for us to pay them, and a crucial aspect of coming together as a collective will be to demand answers from these very people. There is more than enough money for every country and every person to live a middle class life at the very least. We are told otherwise and taught to believe that we are responsible for the current failing economy when it has in fact, been manipulated all along.

There is enough money to go around and we as a planet, after coming together and establishing a solid movement, will have the momentum to demand our prosperity be given back to us from those who have kept the majority of people on this world living in deplorable conditions. We will be able to do this in a completely non-violent manner, as we greatly outnumber those who would keep us down and if all of us were truly aimed toward this goal, we would see how easy it is to assert our demands in peaceful ways.

We must rise up (again, in a non-violent manner) and demand our governments begin telling us the truth. Another important topic humanity deserves to know the truth about is war, as we have been misled into believing war is a necessary measure to achieve peace while most people with a bit of common sense know that that doesn’t make much sense. We have been misled as to the reasons we’ve went into nearly every war, and the wars of Vietnam, Afghanistan and Iraq have proven this.

Many wars have been started over natural resources and on false pretenses, and the public’s acceptance of them has been aided by false-flag attacks funded not by the “opposition”, but by interests who stand to gain financially from war. A plethora of governments and tyrannical regimes are bought and paid for by the same entities in control of the United States government and Military Industrial Complex and in many cases, war is funded and gained-from by both sides taking place in it.

We as a people must demand the full truth as to why our governments and the entities behind the scenes have falsely taken us into so many wars and as goes without saying, we must work to put an end to all warfare as we further establish collective peace, harmony and prosperity. The giving of prosperity to all will in itself see a lessening of crime, violence and hatred and if one looks at many of the violent crimes occurring at present, one will see that many of them are money-related.

(Continued in part 2 tomorrow.)

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  1. Reblogged this on Streets of Love – unconventional and commented:
    “We as a people must demand the full truth as to why our governments and the entities behind the scenes have falsely taken us into so many wars and as goes without saying, we must work to put an end to all warfare as we further establish collective peace, harmony and prosperity. The giving of prosperity to all will in itself see a lessening of crime, violence and hatred and if one looks at many of the violent crimes occurring at present, one will see that many of them are money-related.”


  2. Reblogged this on Spirit In Action and commented:
    Wes, as always, has a knack for saying what needs to be said in a concise and easily understood way-a talent I so wish I had! Since I do not, I hope you will all click the link and read this whole article.

    The need for us all to come together, past superficial differences, to right the wrongs and heal our planet could not be more apparent. The task now is to do the work to overcome the false sense of division, to open up to one another in love, respect, compassion and acceptance.

    It is happening, online, in neighborhoods and schools, in the military, everywhere there are people.


  3. Hi Wes, I’ve just read the first part of this article and I felt the energy you put into it, so I’m asking for your permition to translate it into portuguese and share it in my facebook page. I’ve done it in english but it will have a stronger impact in portuguese. Thank you, Namaste


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