Roadmap of Our Journey of Co-Creation

Written by Steve Beckow

Nova Earth 438I’m in the midst of another creative explosion and wanted to weave a few themes together, in preparation for a large number of posted articles over the next week.

They include Barbara Marx Hubbard, the 13 Grandmothers, Ervin Lazlo, Neale Donald Walsch and many others, all designed to illustrate how many people have joined together to create Nova Earth.

The themes I wish to weave together are evolution, enlightenment, ascension, consciousness, and human unity.

As always, I start from the origin and look to the destination. The origin is God and the destination is … God. No surprise there. The journey is from God to God. From God we came and to God we return.

And the first moment of enlightenment we have could be seen as the apogee of the circle we follow, the mid-point, the point at which we begin our return.

Until then we’re wandering aimlessly, outwards, seeking we know not what. But in our first experience of enlightenment, or for many others it may be our first spiritual experience, transformational moment, brief glimpse of the Self, call it what you will, we realize what we’re seeking, what’s calling us, what this subsensible, tidal thirst for something more really is.

Called by sages the “longing for liberation,” (1) it’s God calling us home. It’s an itch we can’t scratch, a tidal thirst that we can never seem to slake, a yawning chasm that we can never seem to fill, a gulf in our experience we cannot bridge, a seemingly-endless desire we can never requite. No matter how much we examine it, we can never complete the experience of it and make it disappear.

With that first experience, all of a sudden, we realize that there is something to life, a purpose to it, a task that needs to get done.

We tend to think of ourselves as a form, but the truth of the matter is we’re the consciousness that inhabits the form. And we’ve inhabited many forms.

We all of us pass through all the kingdoms – mineral, vegetable, animal – before becoming human. And we’ll leave the human kingdom eventually and become … again who knows what? An angel?

But we are consciousness evolving. We’re immersed in a process of spiritual evolution, from a place of unconscious awareness of our identity as God to conscious awareness. And the people whom I’ll be posting in the next few days are joined together to push forward by an order of magnitude our knowledge as a human collective of why we’re here and how we can further our journey.

Evolution is through a number of means. It comes from advancing our knowledge. It comes from enlightening our spirit. It comes from remembering where we’ve come from, the trail of crumbs that lead back to the Father/Mother One.  When we move upward within dimensions, we call it progress, but, when he move from one dimension to another, we call it ascension.

All the time we become aware of greater and greater unity. The next stage of our journey is to become aware of human unity and this is a vital stage in and part of building Nova Earth. But beyond that we become aware of the unity of all life and this realization is basic to our conscious and full entry into the Fifth Dimension.

So we are consciousness evolving and returning to its most basic and most extensive realization of the unity of everything. What is that unity of everything? It is the everything/nothing that we call “God.” The mastering of the divine qualities, the deepening of our insight into who we are, the shedding of all false notions and paradigms is how we get from there to here, although there really is no “there” and only a “here,” no “when” and only a “now.” In fact there isn’t really even a “me,” except if you mean by that the One.

That I think provides the context for all that you may read over the next week or so, here. And it also provides the background of our work in building Nova Earth. That is the roadmap of our journey of co-creation.


(1) See “The Longing for Liberation,” at



  1. Thank you Steve…and may i add my humble feeling that for unity there must be forgiveness and tolerance, Shadow is one with the Light as I have read in other channelings. Arcturians also mentions that those who you may judge as dark, may perhaps be beings of light, but you do not perceive, double agents as they are called. In unity there must be tolerance, for every kind of people, be they man, woman, gay, straight, religious, spiritual. The Divine Director through Tazjima put this perfectly and I agree wholeheartedly, to impose your way upon others is a way of the darkness. It is tyranny, oppression. Unimaginable cruelty can result from good intentions. So be that as it may. In my case, Azurite Oraphim Nephilim ( i’ll have to discuss with my higher self about this when i get the chance though). In unity there is perfection, every being has their way and their choice. What works for you, may not work for them. Love Peace and Happiness


  2. Steve,
    You are a treasure! Thank you for putting into beautiful words what we are all experiencing. You clarify things for me. I look forward to your next missives. God bless you!


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