Preview: The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter 27th Issue – The Channeled Bits and an Astral Discussion

The following is a free preview of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter, which we are offering for $11.11 a month. Income from this Newsletter helps me to continue giving the routine free work given, and I offer this preview for those who cannot subscribe (as well as to offer the subscribe option) in hopes that it is of service. Option to subscribe will be given below.

Hello dear friends, and welcome to the twenty-seventh issue of The Aquarius Paradigm Weekly Newsletter.

This week, we will absorb and discuss updates from the Pleiadian High Council and the Ascended Master collective, as represented through Jeshua. We will also perform a new exercise with the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes during our astral travels, and I will answer a reader’s question about specific blood types possibly defining a deeper telepathic access.

To begin for this week, the Pleiadian High Council come before us to deliver their hopeful, joyful and peaceful message.

“Oh, the strides humanity as a collective is and will be making in time ahead as you all realize the increasing need to put an end to the old paradigm and the very mechanisms that have driven it for so very long. We come before you dearest souls at this time to deliver a message of hope, joy, peace, abundance and Love for indeed, are these not the very concepts forming the higher dimensional experience you have all been looking for and working toward?

Have you not been working with so much of yourselves to find the peace, harmony and sustainability in your everyday Lives that you know and can feel drive the unlimited and fruitful experience of the higher dimensions?

We have been working with much of ourselves to help you find this experience and to help you take the necessary steps required to anchor the higher realms unto your beautiful, brimming pre-fifth dimensional surface, and you are pulling the higher realms toward you increasingly as your planet and collective begins to reflect the strides and Light energies that you the Lightworker public have reached and manifested.” –The Pleiadian High Council

We are told of the work we’re doing with Gaia’s Light grid, and we’re told that this work is a collective effort.

“You are helping to rebuild and pump-up Gaia’s newly formed grid of Light, and we mention this Light grid as often as we do because of its and your importance and role in this time. You are working with Gaia’s Light grid at times when you do not realize it is so, and in your sleep realms you are working especially hard to pump this grid up with the most Lighted and pure energies you can bring through yourselves in any given moment.

We speak of each of you as generally fulfilling this role because it is indeed a collective effort, and you are all working together with us and so many other facets of the ascended collective to rebuild the condition your world is in, and a facet of doing this has been to work together to pump Gaia’s Light grid with pure, cleansing energies.”

I could imagine each and every one of us getting together in the astral realms while our bodies lay sleeping, and anybody who’s been subscribed to this Newsletter for a small amount of time knows that communing in these realms is much easier than we would expect. As we are holding the place for the purer energies to come through, it makes sense that we are communing with each other and the celestial forces assisting us in assisting Earth.


The PHC allude to the hidden-away memories of past Lives we all possess, and we are told of the work many of us have done with the Galactic Federation and the Galactics in general, in the past.

“The higher realms and we souls within the higher realms have joyously awaited the occasion when your entire world is to be re-initiated into the states of full consciousness that you had Created the lower dimensions of experience you have been working through from, as you all carry latent memories of past Lives wherein we were very present on your world and wherein we were helping you to find increasingly-pure states of consciousness.

Some of you who are naturally a part of the Galactic Federation and our specific Council of the Light Forces have worked with us fruitfully in past Lives on your beautiful world, and many of you have helped to represent us to your various societies when they were ready to be reinitiated into purer states of consciousness.”

I can’t imagine how many ancient civilizations we don’t know about in this day experienced genuine benevolent extraterrestrial contact, as the art of many civilizations we do know about certainly alludes to something interesting. Many of us are working to introduce the Galactics now, and it seems that we have been for a long time.

To finish the communique for this week, the Pleiadian High Council discuss those who have and still do work against the Galactics’ presence being accepted, and we’re told that that will be a problem of the past.

“Some of you worked against us in past Lives, wherein your unawareness was stronger than your ability to see a genuinely-positive influence who wished to help you, and some souls are fulfilling the roles now of working against us and attempting to prevent the collective of humanity from realizing the assistance we wish to give, as well as the very reality of our presence.

These will all be problems of the past so very soon and as we turn this temple over to the dearest Ascended Masters, we thank you all for the resolve you have and will continue to show. The Divine is working out a very wonderful plan for each of you individually, and we ask you to open up to the endless bounties heaven has to offer for truly, they are before you now.”

Thank you to the Pleiadian High Council. (…)

Our next group of speakers for this week will be the Ascended Master collective. I was quite surprised to find that dearest Jeshua wanted to represent the collective for this week’s message, and I allowed the communication to flow through accordingly.

To begin the communique, Jeshua and the Ascended Masters ponder the concept of collective Love and harmony.

“Greetings, dear souls. It is I, Jeshua, representing our collective.

I am here before you today to speak of the concepts of unity and collective Love. How much have you dear souls heard of collective Love? What I mean by this question, is how often is collective Love expressed or discussed in your society as it stands today?

You hear, of course, of romantic Love and Love of family, but the very concepts of unity, harmony and collectively-shared Love are not discussed in your current society because you are taught to perceive yourselves as outward beings and separate from each other. You have not been taught to embrace collective Love or unity towards your fellow man and in many cases, you have been taught separation and hatred in ways that see you apart from your fellow man and your fellow Earth collective.” –Jeshua and the Ascended Masters

The very idea of coming together is explored further, and we’re told of the potential acceptance of world peace and harmony in those who would resist it at present.

“There is so very much required, my dear children, for humanity to come together and express unity and Oneness toward each other on a mass scale. We ask, dear souls: how can you come together if you still perceive (solely) outwardly? You can, of course, come together very easily if your collective intent and focus are aimed toward doing so.

You can indeed begin to come together and while there will always be the few within your collective who resist uniting with their follow man as they wish to continue to perceive separation-based concepts about themselves and those around them, the majority of your collective will begin to respond favorably to coming together and those of you who will be at the forefront of introducing and reintroducing the concepts of collective Love and harmony for all to benefit from will find the influence of the message you wish to spread latched-onto by every soul on your world who knows that change is simply inevitable and can no longer be stalled.”

It is our task as souls who are aware of the big job needing done, to do just what Jeshua is suggesting; introduce and reintroduce the concepts we know will drive a collective higher dimensional experience. The collective may attempt to remain complacent but if we persevere, what we have to share will eventually settle and begin to become accepted.


To finish the communique for this week, Jeshua and the Ascended Masters remind us that the size of our task does not have to make it more difficult.

“You truly can do this and we do not want you dear souls to feel otherwise. It is simply that we want you to see and realize that it is a big task, but this does not have to mean it is a daunting one. Rather, it is the most important task you could possibly set out for yourselves at this point and we ask you to embrace this task knowing the joys many of you have already been able to experience and knowing that the higher realms and we of the higher realms are here for you and will continue to be here for you.

In Loving service to the One Infinite Creator, I am Jeshua speaking for our dearest collective. The entirety of our collective is smiling upon you all, and we ask you to see, feel and realize that the higher realms are and have always been all around you. We will continue to make ourselves known as you continue to open up to us and while we will be temporarily leaving for now in the form of this specific communication, we are always to be found within.”

Thank you to Master Jesus, and the entire Ascended Master collective. (…)

Now, for this week’s Astral Travels.

This week, we are going to work again with the Hathors of Earths Solar Astral Planes as they teach us to further work with the energy coming through us, which we are learning to anchor unto ourselves and radiate out for the Earth to benefit from. During our first exercise with the Hathors, they taught us to bring a pure and clear stream of energy through ourselves while bringing through as well, a larger and more powerful “short burst” of energy.

The Hathors are going to be leading this week’s exercise again whenever we connect with them and from the impressions I’ve received, it seems that they are going to teach us to increase the quantity of energy coming through the small stream (thus making it bigger) while still maintaining the energy’s purity.

It seems that they are teaching us to bring energy through ourselves in a manner that will first be easy for us to visualize and attain, such as the small stream we worked with previously, and they will steadily teach us to upgrade this energy so that we can bring it through in much stronger and purer ways than we are beginning to learn to do.

I personally am quite excited to continue working with the Hathors because it seems that they really do have a lot to offer us apart from their channeled communications, in the avenue of energy work and bringing the pure energies of Source through ourselves. I’ve also been “told” that as they are moderating these exercises, they are in charge of directly giving us the streams and bursts of energy we’re making the active effort to absorb unto ourselves and radiate. In essence, we are receiving the very energy we’re attuning to from the souls who are helping us to receive it.

To begin this week’s exercise, I would like for us to meet back up at the familiar landscape of our dear friend the tree, which is where we met up during the last exercise that was led by the Hathors. At this point, for those of you who have been with us for a long time there is likely little I have to say to help you find yourselves near our friend the astral tree, as you have likely found and utilized your own personal methods of getting there.

However, for those of you who have recently subscribed or are unfamiliar with the previous astral travel exercises we have practiced, I will offer a short recap of how we get to these realms and a general method of visualization to find yourselves there. Those of you who are long familiar with how to visualize and feel yourselves in these lands may scroll down a few paragraphs if you wish.

As has been stated, our imaginations and the landscapes, places and things we can imagine and visualize are real, energy-based Creations that we express in our personal astral realms when thinking of them or imagining them. When our bodies sleep at night, our spirits leave and traverse plentiful astral realms with the help of the spiritual molecule Dimethlytryptamine, which every Life form has in its physical body.

What have been called “out of body experiences” are had every night when our bodies lay sleeping, and when we are awake we can receive impressions of and interact with the astral or “etheric” realms by way of imagination and the Creation of specific things. We could recognize these realms as our “dreamscape” because they are the realms we have our dreams in.

I have devoted an entire section of each weekly Newsletter to utilizing specific visualization and imagination-based abilities to imagine, feel and Create specific things or entire landscapes. We have met up with a plethora of ascended souls including SanJAsKa; we have visited entire ascended cities and this week we will again, be working with the Hathors of Earth’s Solar Astral Planes. (…)

It is hoped that this preview has resonated and been of service. Much Love all! 🙂


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