Oracle Report – Thursday, January 24, 2013

The Oracle Report

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Gibbous Moon Phase – Moon in Cancer

Ruling Mahavidya: Matangi

Today is surreal.  It might be surprising – but not shocking, which is a more difficult experience.  So we aren’t totally blown away by anything; we take it more gently.  Matangi works like this.  Even though she is associated with coming through and cleaning things up, she is experienced as a relief – a breath of fresh air, a Maori breeze.  She takes care of things.

You can put this in the context of a phenomenally magical Moon phase.  Creative visions have more power right now.  We can also look back to September/October 2012 and see the progression of things/circumstances put in place during that time.  All of that is re-empowered today.  Again, this may be a surprise but not a shock.  We may even be surprised about our own naivete or level of gullibility.

All of that said, surreal can be very interesting and, to some degree, fun.  But it only happens if we are open to it.  Don’t miss the opportunity today.  Stay open to ideas, people, places, events, possibilities, etc.  We need to remember that we are rooted in place on the planet, but simultaneously able to take our minds into far greater spaces.  Let’s embrace the complexity with the knowledge that even if it doesn’t fully make sense now, it will at some point.  There is no pressure.

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