Karen Doonan: AA Gabriel and the New Earth Energies


AA Gabriel and the new earth energies Greetings dear ones I am the energies that wish to be known as AA Gabriel and I come to guide and support ALL at this time of vast transformation upon and within the planet earth. Many of you may now be able to move into the heart space and are now aligning with all that is contained within this space. This is the start of the creation of the golden age of the human race and the angelic realms now walk with you as you move into this alignment. FOR ALL JUST IS dear ones and YOU ARE.

The new awakening of the dawning of the golden age is now upon YOU and we call out to ALL who are here to move this process from the heart into the physical waking world, we code YOU with the 333 coding and ask that it ignite the heart space for ALL IS NOW dear ones. Do you understand the guidance? do you hear the call? We ask for ALL to go within and to reclaim the LIGHT that is within for the LIGHT shall now burn brightly across and within the human race as the human race walk towards TRUTH and anchor the LIGHT that IS so that they ARE. Do our words resonate dear ones?

I am AA Gabriel and I come to YOU as the messenger angel as the voice of the angelic realms at this time, we work WITH YOU at all times for WE ARE YOU in TRUTH. Reach out to us, allow us to step into YOUr energy signature so that we may begin to re-IGNITE the flame that burns within the sacred space of the HEART for ALL IS NOW.

Much will now shift and unfold in the human life experience and the call goes out across the dimensional timelines, dear ones YOU ARE and the time is NOW. We ask for you to process our words through the heart space in order that YOU may clear YOUr inner vision and remember who YOU ARE in TRUTH.

ALL is NOW dear ones, that is the message from ALL realms at this time. As the angelic realms now come into your VIEW, as they now ALIGN their energies with YOU the next unfolding begins and this will now appear within your waking human life experience as RE-connections in human form. KNOW that SOUL groups will now move to meet other SOUL groups in the physical, the time for space holding is now ended for ALL who will move to the new earth have chosen to move to the new earth in TRUTH. We are not here to judge for that is not our role nor YOUr role for ALL ARE ONE.

We welcome the new age of the dawning of the golden age of human kind and we send out our energies for ALL. Anchor TRUTH dear ones and listen to that which is contained within the heart space for ALL IS NOW as YOU ARE.

I am AA Gabriel and I come to YOU to remind YOU of YOUr galactic roles in the unfolding of the new on planet earth at this time. BREATHE and BE dear ones for ALL IS as YOU ARE.

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