How Will We Restore Nova Earth’s Environment?

Written by Steve Beckow

Garden of Eden 345Photo: We each have our own vision of Nova Earth.

We’ve been discussing the building of Nova Earth. What’s the work that needs to be done to restore Gaia’s environment and make this despoiled world a Garden of Eden again?

We usually describe the restoration of Gaia as “terraforming.” By terraforming, we mean transforming Gaia’s ecological circumstances and situations, and changing our industrial practices, to restore her natural health as a celestial body through our efforts and those of our star brothers and sisters.

The starseeds who’ll specialize in restoring Gaia’s environment are often referred to as Earthkeepers and this article is dedicated to them.

What’s happened to Gaia at the hands of her human inhabitants? Leaving aside the energetic and social costs of two world wars and numerous regional wars, let’s concentrate our attention on the impact of our existing industrial practices and the pollution and depletion of her natural resources that has resulted.

The Pleiadian Council through Wes Annac tells us that:

“Many Corporations and controlling individuals within your government and within greedy Corporations, have taken to harming the Earth for their own profit but, dear souls, it has been the instilled complacencies in all of humanity that has continued to allow the ravaging of the Earth in every form that it occurs in, every day.” (1)

Some of our resource extraction policies have harmed Earth in ways that probably none of us suspected. SaLuSa tells us that “the Earth [is damaged] when her resources are removed. The extraction of oil and fossil fuels has led to the decimation of it.” (2)

Of the Gulf of Mexico oil spill, Mira the Pleiadian said: “The Earth is suffering from this catastrophe. She is being drained of her natural resources.” (3)

Atmos hints at oil having a purpose of which we’re not aware; he says that “oil shall be left where it should remain in the body of the Earth.” (4) I believe that oil plays a part in lubricating Gaia, but I haven’t been able to confirm that from galactic or spirit sources.

Matthew Ward also hints at this relationship when he says that “sources of energy long suppressed must be developed for widespread replacement of oil, gas and coal, as no more of those elements of Earth’s body may be removed.” (5)

Atmos suggests that the use of free energy will solve this problem and others for us here on Earth.

“Your dependence on oil has long been a thorn in your sides, and left you at the mercy of those who control its supplies and manipulate the prices. Free energy involves little cost at all, and will replace your fossil fuels and thereby also ensure that after the cleansing of Earth, there will be no pollution as you now experience it. Clearly your Earth could not sustain the present levels of pollution, deforestation, and the resultant damage for much longer.” (6)

Like Matthew, SaLuSa lists deforestation among the problems we’ve created.

“Already powerful groups are urging that steps are taken, to counteract such disastrous industries as logging that is leading to de-forestation. The consequent result of such actions is being understood, and there must be a halt to them.” (7)

Matthew explains that “ substitute materials for building must replace wood, and your forests must be restored.” (8) He gives an overview of some of the changes that need to be made to our environmental policies and practices.

“These [changes] extend from individuals clearing away invasive plants thoughtlessly introduced to the detriment of native growth to laws requiring strip mining companies to resurrect the land they have raped, ore mining companies to detoxify water used in their operations, and logging companies to protect animal habitats.” (9)

On two other occasions he describes the changes we can expect.

“The ever-intensifying light also is exposing the self-serving interests that have long-suppressed your developments in free energy sources and other technologies. Soon those will ‘come to light,’ and along with your space family’s advanced technologies, they will be used to cleanse and purify soil, water and air; and transform your methods of transportation, medical care, food production, construction, manufacturing and communication. In short, life as you know it will change radically and marvelously when Earth is completely out of third density.” (10)

“Not only will the Illuminati money be distributed wherever the need is greatest, but their control of natural resources will too, as will the wanton destruction of the environment through oil and gas extraction, mining, logging and pollution. Technologies now suppressed and the more advanced technologies that will be introduced by your universal brothers and sisters will clear the pollution and provide renewable energy and building materials.” (11)

Saul also gives us an overview of what changes are ahead of us technologically.

“Investment in necessary, environmentally-sound industries will grow, while unsustainable and damaging industries will wind down and then cease operations.

“With abundant free energy readily available wherever needed, coal mining and oil ‘harvesting’ and exploration will first be greatly reduced and then finally cease, as the industries that require that kind of energy become obsolescent.

“Cleaning up and repairing the damage that those basically barbaric industrial conglomerates have caused will be a major task in the next few years, and much, in your terms, technologically very advanced assistance will be provided to ensure that this is done cleanly and efficiently.” (12)

Whether or not we take part in the actual work of terraforming, we can visualize the changes and contribute to the process, SaLuSa tells us: “No matter how little you can personally do to reduce the damage to Earth, you can keep your focus on how you would like to see it. By visualizing a clean and beautiful Earth, you are helping manifest it.” (13)

This then is an overview of some of the major changes we can expect to see as we build the outer manifestation of Nova Earth. Saul suggests that the work will go on for a few years. Matthew predicts that the work will begin in earnest when we’re altogether out of the Third Dimension. In previous articles he suggested that “Earth enters fourth density at the end of your year 2012.” (14) That being the case, one might expect work to begin on terraforming Nova Earth soon.


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