It’s Not Working – via Brian, the Dragon


Hi everyone,

This is the dragon. We have once before talked about the fact that things will start to seem like they don’t work anymore like they should. We want to remind you of that. It’s easy to get frustrated or even angry when things don’t work right, and that’s the reaction you should have because it brings out your emotions about how things are in your reality. Try not to take it too much to heart though. You may say, “Well, I don’t let it bother me”. If not, then you are suppressing your emotions. Your emotions regarding this topic are also a river held back by a dam. If you suppress them, the dam will burst eventually. Let them flow, but do it in a safe way.

We want to clarify that things are not working any less than before. It’s just the speedup of time and other attributes of the new energy are making it more obvious to everyone.

Things have never worked like they “should” in your reality from the perspective of what in judgement you would want to call “perfection”. Society has always set up things to be unfair, inefficient, and take too long and many people have not been able to do what they have intended to, when they felt in their heart that’s what they wanted to do. Red tape has held them up. People have interfered with their plans. Sometimes things worked, and when they did, it was beautiful! Nevertheless, there were often barriers. It is the nature of the way things were and they were that way for a reason, because that’s what everyone chose to experience at the soul level. At the ego level, they just thought there was no better way. They lacked the tools. It was intentional from the soul perspective and it was “perfect” in that it was meant to be “imperfect”. For perfect and imperfect is just a judgement.

Those barriers are not appropriate for where you are headed. Things are going to work. However, as part of that, people are going to need to collectively realize that the way things are currently set up is faulty. Bureaucracies are not meeting everyone’s individual needs. The systems are not efficient and manifestation takes way too long. Most people have realized something’s wrong. When people lose their homes due to the banking system, people realize something is wrong. When children are shot, people realize something is wrong. So much happens that people don’t see, but some things stand out and are seen. However, too many people still believe it can all be “fixed” through conventional means. That just doesn’t work. People need to accept a little “magic” into their lives. They need to accept a paradigm shift. It involves changing the way they think. It’s evolution, isn’t it?

Many of you have already hit that realization and don’t know what to do. What we say is to watch for synchronicity and use it. The biggest synchronicity is when all of mankind realizes that things are not working, that they just have to change. At that point, the universe will provide. If you watch for the synchronicity, you can help hasten what is eventually going to happen one way or another, by helping the universe give people the answers. Most of you want change, so obviously the sooner, the better.

Huge paradigm shifts have happened hundreds of times in what you call your history, and it will happen again. Things that seemed impossible will seem possible. Problems that seemed to have no solution, will have a solution. They will be like nothing most people could imagine. The “logical progression” will break and a new path found. The path involves breakthroughs that open new doors. That’s what a paradigm shift is.

Until next time.


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