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donate_heartNote from Wes: Lucas of Lucas2012infos is seeking financial assistance to keep his informative blog alive. Lucas has written and posted for us nearly daily and from what I’ve been told, he has helped others out financially when they were in the dire straits he is now in. He is also working with the Earth Star Network on the Unity in Oneness campaign, the seal of which you will notice on the rigth hand-side of this site.

You’re only asked to help out if you can, and if you too are experiencing financial issues than you can disregard this. To those who may wish to donate, please do not use the donate button on this website, the Aquarius Paradigm (or if you do, please specify that it is for the Lucas2012infos blog so I can get it sent to him.) Further instructions on donating are given below.

In this new state of forming our new paradigm via the  newly to explore perceptions of a new vibrational higher 5D life there is still a lot that is not realized yet.  A new temporary money system and political system is not yet in place. Eventually we will in “time” embrace the perception on 5D level there is no need anymore for those systems to be in place.  But for now it is what most of us still are living upon this earth. In re-shaping our world there is still need for  a lot, we are just learning and exploring the how to.

It is now for the blog also a transitional stage. The new news of things we do or gonna shape and form, manifest will in this process grow also exponentially soon.  So there is need to get things out and about to all of you. There is need for communication from and to humans and to groups that loosely connect as they vibrate on the same levels to get things done or get things going in the new paradigm. So important for the moment of now is still money coming in to keep this blog going in 2013 as we already past the first week of our new paradigm year and let our holidays and shift of the 21st December behind.

donate_nowSo I ask of you little to keep this serve going for you all. I just ask a donation or gift in euros or dollars and  if you are able to give. When your in position to be generous that would be lovely. But do not give if you have need for  money yourself for your own livelihood.  It is a strange and still daring changing time. But we are now in a new paradigm where sharing and helping, co-creating from unconditional love and unity are key.  So give what you can and maybe you can make up for the holiday season time that left the blog with less donations coming in.

Love you all and I will be trying to keep this free service free as long as I can manage by your free will gifts and donations.  So donate if you can now and support the blog also when you can in future.

Love and Light,


(c) 2012 – Copyright of Lucas, all writings of Lucas maybe published, re-blogged and posted only in full without altering anything with  the blog mentioned in the article with name of the author Lucas.


The (Lucas2012infos) blog is existing by the grace of donations.  Therefore support the blog and donate  in 2013. Please donate what you can and if you can only. 

donations_neededYou can make your donation via the two PayPal account e-mailaddresses:  lcspeciaaladres < @ >  and lcspeciaaladres < @ > [[=>> due to spam bots you need to lose the < > and spaces between @ and the text to get the correct e-mail address!!]] with reference : Blog donation  Lucas2012infos.   The blog  donation button on the main blog page can be used to donate  and you can also use your credit card for donations go to and follow the instructions. Or go to


  1. Wes,

    I did the same thing this morning in putting a donate button on my blog and writing a post about it. I wish to be in a place where those of us don’t have to worry about these things. I’m okay with myself no matter where it all goes but as a mother I worry about my kids which inspired me to write this. Lady Gaia has been trying to get me to start writing about this for a while now (Lady Gaia is also an Angel and she is SO Beautiful!!)…

    I just want you to know that if it weren’t for you posting my stuff I don’t know if anyone would have read my blog….EVER! I’m really Grateful to you for getting me published and I think that should be your next venture. You could be the publisher of books because I know I will need one and you are really good at putting this stuff together. At any rate, I’m just trying to say THANKS!!!!!!!

    Much Love,


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