Marianne: I’m Experiencing a Huge Opening

Thanks to Golden Age of Gaia.

AscensionSteve Beckow: The discussions continue to roll in of your experiences of 21/12/12 and your perspectives on it are very interesting. I’d like to post one from Marianne.

Steve, after listening to Hour with an Angel last night, (which I have listened to faithfully the past year) I feel compelled to step forward and speak of my ascension experiences and the major shifts I’m noticing in people around me.

Since 12/12/12 and continuing through 12/21 until today, my heart has experienced a huge opening…. like the Grinch whose “heart grew two sizes that day.” Feelings of great Love, unity, compassion trust and my “oh so being done with drama in my life” have been flooding my being daily.

As the inward shifts take hold, I see outer shifts being manifested with grace and ease… from unexpected sources of income appearing, to needing information or support on something and having that manifest at my fingertips immediately. This happens when I allow my focus to stay centered in my heart and the higher dimensional frequencies. If I allow my attention to slip back to feelings of lack, fear or drama, then immediately THAT is what I manifest.

We must all remember that the Universal Law of “as within, so without” is present regardless of the dimension we are operating on. If we are in the 5th but choosing lower vibrational thoughts, well guess what… we get lower vibration results!

I see the change not only in my life but in the lives of those around me. Family members are kinder, gentler with one another. The customers that I see coming through the doors of the crystal and mineral store I manage are talking of shifts, both subtle and dramatic, occurring to them. Some speak of new doors that have suddenly opened for them, taking them in exciting new directions. Others share about synchronicities occurring that are taking care of their worldly needs and desires.

Many speak of the inner heart shifts that they are experiencing that is qualitatively changing how they live their day to day lives. And, perhaps most interesting, and this goes for people consciously on and not on a spiritual path, is so many people are coming in talking about their sense of how something has shifted and morphed, and while they can’t explain it, they feel excited…. almost giddy… about the potential of 2013.

(Perhaps these people, who did not have such a vested interest in 12/21/12 being a “big bang”, are more clearly able to sense and feel the energies that are hear for us during this beginning of the Golden Age of Gaia because they are not feeling the shift through the lens of disappointment.)

As for Gaia (and this was about HER shift!), my connection to her has dramatically changed since 12/21/12. Even before that date, starting on 12/12/12, the elemental kingdoms began coming to me to instruct me on how to blend my energies with theres to take all activities to a higher dimensional level of pure Joy, Love and co-creation. The morning of 12/21/12, following a vision I had of whales leaping stories high in joy at the ascension, I went into meditation to connect with Gaia (to whom I have connected with at the Council Fire every day for years).

But I could NOT get to the Council Fire. It was like trying to take an elevator to the basement floors of a building, but having those floors just disappear. I called to Gaia and she laughed, saying I couldn’t connect with her on that dimension anymore because she wasn’t there! And when I connect to Gaia now, it is not at the fire, but it is in locations of her choosing where she shows me the picture of Nova Earth that she wishes our help in co-creating. WOW! Talk about a shift!

So yes, I know, without a doubt that she has shifted, as have others around me to the 5th.

So was 12/21/12 a non-event? No. Was it a time of more Love and Light flooding this planet than has ever been experienced? Yes! Was it different for each of us, yes again. Because as the Council of Love has been saying all year, as have other channels (Patricia Cota-Robles, James Tyberron, just to name a few) this Shift of Heart to the 5th dimension is, and was always meant to be, a process… not a “big bang”. That’s how people don’t get left behind. That’s how we get do this and, unprecedentedly, get to keep our physical forms! The message has been the same in my own meditations. It is a process of heart. When the heart shifts to a higher vibration, then we get to create our new reality. But it starts with us!

Mad at the company of Heaven because it didn’t happen in a blink of an eye? That’s like being mad at Mother/Father One for war. WE are responsible for creating our own reality…. our new 5th dimensional reality. We have been given the Divine gift of greater love than has ever been available, and their trust in us that we can create something beautiful from it. They won’t,,, they can’t…. do it for us. They can do it with us, but only if we embrace the Love that we have been given.

As Sanat Kumara has so often been telling me in meditation, now the real work begins… from a new heart space of Love. What will we create? I can’t wait to see!


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  1. it is very hard to believe this story.
    if you have ascended with Mother Earth in the 5D realm that has no ‘time’ concept and ‘thoughts become manifestation’. can you travel the time at you will or change your house to a palace at your will? I bet you cannot!


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