TheOne-DreamDreamer – The Sun’s In You, It’s Time For The Quantum Leap! – 6 January 2013

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4550460379_0d35e94d35_zWe’re One big consciousness fragmented into billions of different beings, fractals of Creation. As fractals we already embody -in all our bodies- all of Creation. It’s already what we are, no need to do anything for it to happen. It is and always will be. The gap is only between knowing it… and being it.

The road of awakening had to be walked using familiar tools, step by step, using outside focuses as none were used to Be The Focus of Creations itself as for the mind, it either came from out there or it could not be real… now enough collective consciousness is ready to make the “Step”; now is again emerging into the natural flow of awareness and Re-Membering.

It is the sense of being, the sense of wholeness, the sense of knowing that it all starts within, and for it to be so within has to entail all that is.

Next time you meditate, ask for help, work with energy in any way, let it Be You, and let it come from you, not to you. Letting it come to you from the outside keeps the mind in the idea of separation. It re-creates the need to go “out there” to get it. Using Creation from inside of you, Unites your true self with you as co-creator of reality.

The whole Universe is in you already, all you are have been and will ever be is already in you now. See Creation manifest from the inside out, see it emerge from you, see the help you seek coming not from somewhere out there but from some where in you. Use your mind not to separate your self from Creation but to Be Creation.

Let the rays of Light come from within and expand in you and from you. Take responsibility for being Creation and Creating. Time is now. The egg is broken from the inside out to birth a new life. Yours is the egg, yours the decision to give birth to Life.

Enjoy the ride.

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