Start Channeling – Brian, the Dragon


Hi everyone,

This will be a bit different of a channeling since I will mostly be talking from experience in this life, then will let the dragon come through and talk a little (I can only guess they’ll have something to add). For now, this is me talking.

We are spirits in a human body. Every one of us has the same connection to our higher selves, which is a collective of all beings in the universe, essentially.

When you start seeking, there are a lot of “aha” moments where some things you read trigger memories. You also start developing discernment and focusing on things that resonate with you.

Seeking around you (including reading channelings) is important if for no other reason that your soul came here specifically to get a perspective of what it is like to be in this reality, to explore and experience it. That includes experiencing both the so-called mundane and so-called spiritual from this perspective. Obviously, as spiritual beings “prior” to incarnation, spirit is nothing new. However, seeing things from this perspective is interesting and unique.

However, there comes a point where you begin to hit diminishing returns from outward seeking. Oh, it’s still interesting and fun and shouldn’t stop but it also comes to a point where you start to focus more inward.

In essence, everything you do is channeling. When you paint a creative work, it’s channeling. When you write a book, it’s channeling. When you come up with a new idea, it’s channeling. When you share some insight, it’s channeling. Even when you make some decisions in your life. As spiritual beings, everything you do is channeling. That doesn’t mean that every energy you bring forth is appropriate, but what I’m trying to say is channeling is nothing really special. However when you begin to focus inward, you can bring out a clearer message from our higher consciousness. That’s all that channeling is. The rest is just practice.

I used to be lazy and just avoid the effort of channeling, partially because I have been numbed by the reality. I didn’t feel like putting the effort forth to improve my discernment and accuracy. So I only did it for small groups and on request in conversations. I often did it while not identifying the information was coming from a higher consciousness, so that no one had expectations that it wasn’t just me talking. However, I realize now that holding back the message was not only painful for me, but was keeping useful information from others.

What I’m trying to say is that you can channel too. If this kind of messaging is not your cup of tea, there are many different ways you can bring forth your higher energies. It is important that you do so.


It’s the dragon. Well, how can we add to this? I guess we’re done.

Just joking. The writer you know as netdragon does not think we can add to what he said. Oh, how funny. We will surprise him.

We want to provide a higher-level perspective since I don’t think he’s really expressed the importance of continually channeling. In order to continue the process of integrating and ascending in a smooth way (the energy is still pushing you along, regardless) you need to keep connecting to your higher self. Otherwise, you get carried away by the way versus riding on top of it.

The other thing is that it’s not only for yourself, but you also have pieces that you can offer others that you are holding back when you are not letting your higher self shine through. So you have pieces that would allow them to ride the wave instead of being carried along by it. Either way, you get to the same place, but riding the wave is a lot more pleasant than roiling in it.

To add to what he said about people always channeling. You are spiritual beings pretending to be human. Your mind is higher vibrational. That doesn’t mean everything you bring forward is appropriate. Integrated with your higher self is both what you call your “dark side” and your positive energies. This is just a judgement you have based on what’s appropriate for your goals here at this time. There obviously are no energies walking around the universe with a name-tag saying “dark” or “negative” on them. You add the labels. And that IS appropriate.

Specifically, your judgement CAN be the first level of discernment. What is important is not to be paralyzed with fear. There are typically a few things people are afraid of that prevent them from connecting to their higher selves: Lack of confidence, concern about negative energies, fear of their own magnificence / taking off the shell and being “naked”, fear about being wrong, fear about focusing too little on their life. He may not admit it, but netdragon had these reasons as well, even if he may use excuses like lack of time. The most useful thing we can probably say about all this is it’s a balancing act, but you have to do it. Fear comes from lack of love, but the reason for the fear is emotionally-driven. So consider these all emotions that you need to balance.

There’s nothing you can do about your “dark side” or facing your magnificence. You are going to need to acknowledge both of those, then focus on bringing out your magnificence. As far as being “wrong”, there is no wrong. There is inappropriate and you will – no matter how hard you try not to – bring forth inappropriate energies. Through this, you will improve discernment through trial-and-error and intuition/memory of how to do it. That’s the same way you will avoid negative energies.

You are right now in a “safe” energy to learn discernment, where there is a bit of a buffer between thought and manifestation. As things start accelerating, you will actually manifest thoughts/energy you let through very rapidly. You think it, it’ll happen. So it never hurts to start learning discernment right now, and stay on top of the wave. Otherwise, it’s a little more challenging, not only for you but everyone else who needed the message you didn’t share. Either way, you’ll all be ok but why not start early?

Since you are always channeling, just practice discernment in everything you do, with the intent of bringing through the most appropriate higher energies to color the life you lead, and share your message with others.



  1. Confronting some negative inner contents with positive without clear higher purpose will not bring you balances of both, it will bring you mutual neutralization of both – this way it will bring you weakness and confusion. This is in fact our present situation on Earth.

    Indeed it is our human task to discern positive and negative parts of ourselves. But not because you have to »balance them« but because you have to discern what are the contents you can choose. Choosing is living. It is all about discerning which act will bring you most positive or most negative effect, depends on which of both you prefer.

    It is all about clear decision what your path is. Is it positive or negative? If it is positive, you have to recognize your negative aspects only for one reason – to find out how to outgrow them with power of your positivity. When you outgrow your negative part with positivity, you convert energy of this part from negative to positive. This way your positive integrity grows stronger.

    Love and light!


  2. I have that fear of being wrong, but not on a information level. I have a fear of assuming Im something and then not being it.

    Im not very good at meditation, and when I channel It is usually a feeling that comes from within me. Once I was doing a clearing for a home, and when I got to the door I guess the spirits resisted…then I was saying things that didnt sound like me.

    To me a lot of this is very much unknown to me. I am still not sure what I am, if anything, but I do have alot of fear over the uncertainty of what i am and what I am doing. I believe myself to be a Dragon soul in this earthly form. I believe I am somehow related to the gods of ancient egypt, especially Set, Sobek, and Thoth. I have no proof of this, and Im afraid to admit to myself that I am for fear of being blasphemous to the Gods I love so dearly.

    Do you have any pointers or information that might help me on my ways. I will say I have alot of “feathered serpents”, dragons and birds that show up in my daily life. And I am drawn to birds and dragons. Once when helping with a healing session, I was the only one that could work and understand a dragon that was being “held” in the scenario, and the one that we were helping said that alot of my helpers were birds, like gryphons and ravens. My real name means “Little Raven” and I come from native american decent. I have read up on the serpent brothers and feel a connection to them, along with dragons. I was born in the year of the dragon and they interest me.

    Sorry to post a book. Any pointers or info? Im seeking answers.


  3. This is the channeler for Brian, The Dragon. Though lightworkers lost a lot of content, you can access the channelings here on the WebArchive:
    This channeling;

    I also have physical copies and will probably resurrect them at some point on a website or something


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