Visionkeeper – What Will You Choose To Do? – 3 January 2013

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In keeping with yesterday’s post about building our bridge, I feel it is important to realize these times are critical for setting our goals, creating our plans, laying our foundation and setting those plans into motion. Astrologically, right now we are in a phase that offers us great resources and tools to aid us in our creating, so it would be most wise to take full advantage of this time.

We must remember we are not alone in what we are trying to accomplish so if we need assistance in finding solutions and ideas, all we need do is to ask to be shown what we need to be successful. This new year of 2013 is one of action and to pay attention and focus on whatever it is we are setting as our goals. It is time to do away with doubt and start realizing our true potentials. The shift is happening, we are well on our way into it and it is time to get serious about this new world and the new energies we are encountering. This whole past year was kind of a fantasy trip into wondering what could be or what might be, but we are there now, so it is time to begin dealing with what is!

2012 seems now to have been a time of feeling things out and trying things on. It is now time to decide what it is we wish to individually focus on and create. We are all gloriously different therefore we all have different passions. Pick one and go after it and make sure what you choose will aid in the creation of where we are going, NOT where we are now. Whatever we choose to focus on to create change we need to SEE it and our goal in terms of already being a success. Remember there is no room for doubt or questioning any longer. We ARE the change, it is already here and it is time now to adapt to it and know we are full of potential and trust completely in that!

So take time to be still and go within and figure out what you have to offer in changing the world. What about the old way is no longer working for you and set your intention to find a way in which we can do it better and put that idea into motion. Everything in the heavens are telling us this is the time to be taking action, so let us not miss this opportunity to move forward and find solutions to our challenges.

We must trust that we can do this! We were sent here at this time to be the lightbearers who forge the way ahead through the darkness of the unknown. Have courage and confidence that you can do this! Ask yourself ” How can I help change the world?” Ask, “What really bothers me about what is going on today” and strive to find an alternative solution and go for it! We must stop waiting for others to do this job, it is up to each and every one of us to jump in and get our hands dirty, we are all builders, we have help from the heavens and we have each other. Time to start swinging those hammers.

As we travel along on this journey, the challenges will most probably increase and we best be ready for whatever comes along. We can deal with anything as long as we know what our goal is, where we are headed and we remain strong in our trust and belief in ourselves. It is also time to begin DEMANDING the return of morality and integrity to our world. If you see it being degraded, step forward, speak up and out and demand better.

It has been destroyed by the dark ones and it is imperative we get it back. How can we feel good about ourselves if everything around us has fallen into the proverbial cesspool of immorality? It is time to raise our self-respect and moral values up out of the gutter and once again feel pride for our world and for ourselves. It all begins with us and the time is now for action!

Blessings to us all,

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