Archangel Michael through Ron Head: Be a Child Again


Archangel Michael Through Ron Head: Be a Child Again

As channeled by Ron Head – January 02, 2013

Welcome to your new age. Is there not a feeling of newness around you? Some are having difficulty orienting themselves in such a different internal environment. You will have yourselves anchored firmly soon.

There is a feeling of the world holding its breath to see what will happen. Also, it seems that the whirlwind you lived in for so long had begun to subside. There is a feeling of calmness, of quiet. It is time allowed you for an assessment of who you are, of what you want to do, for a flexing of your internal muscles. Time to learn how to walk in your newness, dear ones.

For many, it is time to realize there is a newness. Some dear ones will be surprised at new feelings, at what comes out of their mouths. Some final adjustments are still being made. That is causing quite a few of you to sleep far more than you were used to. It will pass quickly.

You may begin now to remember more and more of what passes in your dream states. Formerly, you have been unaware of how you passed a great deal of your lives. That is not so necessary anymore. You have hidden a great deal from yourselves that will gradually begin to surface now. Also, the abilities of many to expand their awareness of what is around them will become more and more obvious. There is a wonderful newness and beauty to your world. We invite you to open to it.

Listen to your inner promptings and let the old restrictions that you accepted years ago to drop away. Be a child again. We are loving what we see as you begin to understand and get your bearings. Gather yourselves and assess your dreams anew. Begin to look at them as new possibilities.

Good day, dear friends.

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  1. hii there wess. . i wanted to ask u a question if u dont mind. . what is it that you do when u meditate. . ? do u visualise something or just go deeper n focus on nothingness or your heart or anything else . . this question has been on mind since weeks. . i cudnt find a link to your help blog so im posting it here. . i hope u can help me on this. . much love. . 🙂


    • Hello friend,

      For me, meditation lately has been an inner-attunement to purer realms I’m beginning to recognize and feel. They seem to come in the form of glittered and colored vibrations I can perceive of and as I attune deeper, the vibrations increase in scope and become much more wonderful to behold until eventually, they begin to form some type of portal or merkaba which has been represented to me as an eye opening and blinking at me, from wherein I can receive wonderful impressions of our New Earth and a plethora of other landscapes. While I receive impressions of those landscapes and don’t quite “see” them in the manner I see the vibrations, during such experiences the vibrations I perceive of tend to form what seems to be the colored background of a landscape of some type.

      Even as I answer this now, I am just coming out of a particularly potent meditation. Hope I could help friend! 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


  2. wOw. . ok i get it. . d reason i asked u dis was bcuz i was a bit confused whether i shud visualise or sit with nothingness while going deep. . i think, after reading ur experience, that d answer would be the latter. . am i right. . ? thanks 4 sharing u experience wid me brother . . 🙂


    • Happy to help dear friend!

      I’d say that you can do both if both method suits you but if not, I’d recommend going as deep as your meditations will allow. 🙂

      Much Love,

      Wes 🙂


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