Lucid Dreaming

Note from Wes: Upon posting this, I realized it is actually a repost from 2006. Even so, the information could perhaps still be helpful.

Originally Posted: Wed Oct 25th, 2006 04:24 am @

Simon: Divine Self, please share with us some revolutionary information about lucid dreaming. Thank You!

Divine Self: Consider that your dreams are but fragments of your Self, and recognize that in order to remain “lucid” for extended periods you would first need to get a strong sense of this Whole Self. Connecting with the Inner Self through a simple meditation exercise is very effective in stimulating lucid dreaming. First, find a comfortable spot and relax your thoughts. Just pretend for awhile that you are thinking of “nothing.” Notice any worries that try to intrude and gently see them fade away. Next, once you are fairly relaxed, and with your eyes closed, ask for your Inner Self to appear to you in your inner vision.

You can make up an image from scratch. Anything that is peaceful to you will do. If prolonged dreamstate lucidity is your desire, then simply inform your Inner Self that this is your heartfelt intent, and then watch as it immediately goes to work on your request. It is really this simple, but you must have the proper intent, which is HEARTFELT INTENT!

Feel your desire for more clarity and lucid awareness as a brilliant sphere of Energy in your upper chest area. Visualize this as any color which speaks to your heart, but a general white sphere will also do. You see, lucid dreaming is a very simple mental activity that is best done while functioning in the higher mental levels of consciousness, which are much more abstract than “logical.” You can store this Light-Energy [Photonic Energy] that you visualize within your aura to use later when you are in the dreamstate while asleep, and it will be used by your astral dream-body for vitality and awareness. Your Inner Self/subconscious will automatically know what to do.

You can also consider enlisting the help of Dreamstate Angels to work with you during both the waking and sleeping states. They will help you remain lucid in whatever state you find yourself in. Whomever you call and invoke, first be grateful for the connection, which is a gift. Lucid dreaming is very easy to experience these days, in general, both for newcomers and veterans, due to the increased levels of both individual–and collective–consciousness, so be confident and at ease.

As for “revolutionary” information in regards to lucid dreaming, there is really nothing more revolutionary than the amazing power of love, and the practical miracles which result from applying it. Love is your base, your center, and when you dive into it and surrender to it–even if for a few magical moments–you emerge into a New Reality: the NOW Reality! The Now-Reality is what lucid dreaming is really all about. Within it, you are totally free (even while you think you aren’t free, while physically incarnated), and you can instantly create whatever results you desire, because all results already exist within it, and you get to choose how it all plays out! This is the essence of lucid dreaming, beloveds.

Simon: Thank You, Divine Self!

Divine Self: So be it!



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