A Cornucopeia of Ascension and Other Related Experiences

AscensionSteve Beckow: Folks, I received so many accounts of Ascension experiences, interesting experiences that aren’t claimed to be of Ascension, etc., that I determined to post them all at once. I’ve refrained from identifying people more than by their first name or initials. In some cases, I’ve posted only excerpts, deleting the personal messages to me.

To those who ask have I ascended? I’m afraid I don’t know. That isn’t a question I’m qualified to answer, I’m afraid.  But I do thank everyone who sent in their accounts, which I must leave to speak for themselves.

This is a longish document. If it doesn’t interest you, perhaps just pass on to the next article.

Hi Steve,

I ascended on 9/11, though it wasn’t until I read a channelled message from Linda shortly before 21.12.12 that I understood what had occurred and realised that I was a Gatekeeper.

On Saturday night (8th Sept) I was at a cinema with a friend when my heart started to race and this feeling of complete love enfolded me. At first I could see bright white light and vague outlines of figures. Then a circle of etheric beings appeared very clearly in front of me. A male figure at the front of the group reached out his hand to me.

I closed my eyes, then opened them again repeatedly. I realised that there was no difference between the two. Whether my eyes were opened or closed the vision was the same. It was as though the veil had suddenly become transparent and i could see the etheric world.

I was literally breathless. It’s hard to accurately describe the exact feeling other than to say that I was astounded by how close this was.

If I wasn’t so full of joy I would have cried at that moment. To know that these beings are so close and just waiting is incredible!! I can’t remember now exactly what was said but think it was along the lines of ‘when you fully realise this reality, you’ll kick yourself for ever doubting it! Keep on, and in time, more information, more understanding will follow.’

When I got home and climbed into bed an intense energy started to stream in through my crown chakra, and right through my body. I was both seeing and feeling the light as this was occurring.

I felt such a strong movement of energy I thought I was leaving physicality… Needless to say i was surprised to wake up still in my bed. When i did, i assumed this was just a part of my awakening process.

On 21.12.12 I didn’t experience much, other than a strong pull as I was going to sleep that night. It was so strong i thought i was being physically lifted up from my bed.

I want to thank you for continuing with your writings Steve. They are so worthwhile, and perhaps many like me just don’t entirely understand what they’ve experienced – its helped me to connect the dots :):)

When I close my eyes I see my higher self standing in golden light in an open doorway… I now understand why!

With much love and gratitude!


AscensionThis is an email for Steve Beckow re a comment AAM made about hearing from people who feel they have already ascended….out of the 3D. That I have done, but still not fully embodied my soul essence which is what I AM very wanting to do.

About 4 weeks ago, I was invited to meet someone at a restaurant in Calgary, Alberta for breakfast. I decided to go on my own the day before, just for fun.

I went in, sat down and looked at my surroundings. Everything looked drab and dreary even though there were plenty of large windows. I began to feel as if I was sitting in fishbowl with murky water. People looked dull and unanimated.

In my mind’s eye/ear I heard the thud of a large metal door closing. Around the perimeter of the door was a metal lip covering the door frame and there was no handle only a lock with no key. The door could not be opened from my side.

The message was “the door to the 3D world is locked and I can no longer enter”. Clearly, it is all around and I can feel the energies but my own relationship to that dimension has been altered. Perhaps I AM in limbo.

You know, it is all about the shifting of energies and all will come from that. At the Quantum Leap on Sept. 18, 2007, when the new energy became a little more prevalent than the old energy of duality, nothing noticeable happened. Not then……months later the stock market took its first hit and nothing has been the same since.

Many people are disappointed because they haven’t experienced some sort of sign of change with the 2012 dates. The changes are again energetic in nature and the changes for each of us will happen according to our own level of consciousness.

It’s a soul thing.

It’s about letting go of the mind and working intuitively and following our feelings….the language of the soul.

Most people want their lives to change without doing the necessary inner work and facing their own stuff.

Steve, I do admire how you share your experiences and talk about dealing with matters that occur in everyday life.

People are easily distracted with the whole idea of galactics coming and all will be well. How can that be? There won’t be any emotional saving going on. Jesus hasn’t saved anybody has he? There is still so much fear and sadness in the Christian community. None of these galactics are more god than we are!

Since I awoke, I knew that I had to clear every cell of my body. Becoming present in the body, breathing into my belly is of utmost importance to me. Feeling, feeling, feeling is the order of the day. What you call vasanas, I call aspects of my soul. When I see, feel or hear one, I do the conscious breath. Breathing into my belly to connect with my soul, I call that energy to come forth to be reunited with soul.

Generally, that energy comes through my crown chakra and into my belly. When integrated it is DONE! There may be more aspects with the same flavour and some may come in groups, others, one at a time.

Many times it is unfun, especially the fears. There have been times when the area around my crown is sore because of the intensity of the energies. Now my mental chatter is minimal unless an aspect is surfacing to be integrated.

That is the coming home.

I was a very airy person….no earth astrologically, I have 9 planets in air. I used this same breath to integrate all of those airy aspects. It is important to me to be fully in my body to help keep me balanced. The more aspects I integrate the more I AM in my body.

This breathing is basically what we did as infants so the mind is not involved. The body knows how to do it on its own. I learned about this from Quan Yin through Norma Delaney. If you are interested you can read about Norma and Quan Yin at http://www.newbreath.net

For me there are 2 ascensions ( I know we are always ascending, I’m speaking of particular points). One is the 2012 situation and the other is to be at one with my soul. That she and I live and work as one being. The human and the divine. In truth, it is the driving force within me.

I do understand the frustration and disappointments, I feel it too sometimes. I feel as if I AM on the precipice of doing what I came here to do but until I make that deep connection, zippo is happening.

I have been feeling a warmth emanating from my belly or my heart quite often and it is growing. At night I feel a heat up my spine and throughout my body. It is always gentle and comes and goes. For me that is the presence of my soul merging with me bit by bit.

[Compliment deleted.]


Ascension 782I have been directed by Archangel Michael to give you this message. Here is what happened to me during the period of December 21 to the 25th. I believe I was given some revelations and that I also descended into the Netherworld / Underworld for the 3 days of darkness. The descension (1) was necessary to clear the negativity and provide an open pathway for the light of ascension. For everything their is a process.

I work in a 19 story office building in downtown Detroit. I was asked by my angels and guides to return to Detroit from Florida in September of 2011. I have to admit that I was not thrilled about this request, but I chose to surrender and do as I was instructed to do. After applying for 285 jobs, I got this one as the office manager / bookkeeper of this building on May 15, 2012. As I have come to realize, this was all divinely orchestrated. The building I work in is known as “the Lawyers Building”! There are many statues and symbolism of Ascended Lady Master Portia holding the scales of Justice.

I had to work on 12-21-12. On the interior walls of this building is a lot of artwork. I pay attention to most of it, but on 12-21-12 I was going to one of the offices on my floor (the 7th), to thank a tenant for a card they gave me and as I walked there, I notice a large poster on the wall of Christopher Columbus!

I have walked by this poster everyday for the past 7 months and never acknowledged that St. Germaine was right in front of me! On the table under the poster is a vase with White Roses in it. One – they are my favorite flower, and two – they are connected with Ascended Lady Master Mary Magdalene. As I wrote the above in my journal, I consciously realized for the first time that “Christ” is the beginning of Christopher Columbus’ name!

On 12-22-12 I spent time shopping for Christmas, but felt a heaviness all day.

On 12-23-12 I spent some time reflecting on how it would have been my parents 67th Wedding Anniversary had they still been alive. At 5:33 pm I began feeling very light headed and dizzy but full of love, joy, peace and a total Bliss. My thoughts were: as Buzz Lightyear would say, “to Infinity and Beyond”. I felt this wonderfulness for about 5 hours, before I headed to bed.

On 12-24-12 my Impressions upon waking were:

12-21-12 Winter Solstice. The birth of the “Sun” 3 Days of Darkness. Then the birth of the “Son” The rebirth of Mother Earth on 12-24-12 The Birth of Christ Consciousness on 12-25-12

I totally agree with all of these impressions that I received but I was feeling an overwhelming sadness. It was so intense that it felt debilitating. It was a heaviness that someone would feel who was contemplating suicide.  I was having a very hard time processing what it meant.

As I was leaving for work, I asked my guides and angels if this sadness was from the collective consciousness. As soon as I asked the question a huge flock of birds flew right over top of my car. I thanked God and then my thought was, “Oh ya, transform and transmute, that is my job here.”

I worked until noon, came home and took a 2 hour nap and woke to still feel this intense very heavy sadness that continued for the rest of the day.

After processing the events of this period I realized that I experienced the 3 Days of Darkness and Descended into the Netherworld / Underworld to transform and transmute the negativity / sadness of the collective consciousness. It is my belief that this must happen for us to be able to ascend into the light. There are Lightholders, such as myself, who have volunteered to experience the intense darkness “for everyone else”.

[Complimentary passages deleted.]

I don’t yet channel messages, but this has come to me in impressions from Archangel Michael to be passed on to you.

We are all one! Love and much light to you as you continue to hold the Beacon of Light for all of us.

Your sister in love and light,


Visual Changes

AscensionHi Steve,

I wanted to share some things I really notice since December 21. Like many I was quite disappointed, but one thing I kept noticing is that everything is clearer. In fact it is much similar to a High Definition Television show.

I notice a light blue color of the snow, and also a pink or purple hue mixed in with the color of the snow.

I look for reasons as to why this might be, ( the color of the sky reflecting is the sun peaking through etc ) but everything is more beautiful. There is more of everything in front of us. My brother’s red shirt is incredible, the water in a clear glass reflects so many beautiful colors, truly amazing. (2)

The sun is bright, but warm, wonderful, bright light, magical. She warms my soul. I want to jump up and down and tell everyone, stop!! Look at the beautiful world, the colors are amazing, the clarity is amazing, can you not see it? Stop look with your heart, it is right there. Now my eyes see what my heart feels, and my heart feels what my eyes see which powers me further in love and repeats.

We are so lucky to be here, and especially now.

One other thing, a few days ago I was using a “Instrument called a “Perfect Balance Card” by Mary Miller from “I Ching Systems” I had my palms face down on the Instrument ( 2 big cards ) and while eyes closed and meditating I felt the cards start to move like they were floating on water, for about 5 seconds.

Now a few minutes ago while practicing some Kung Fu forms, I caught a glimpse of the T.V. all of a sudden wobble once suddenly. As if a wave of water passed over it.

The energy is so high I have been knocked back and have had to sit down, and I find the only release that feels great, is to close my eyes and let go, or go for a walk in the park with Mother Gaia.

I felt compelled to tell you these experiences, but I do not wish to over whelm your inbox which I am sure is full. But I had to try as something wonderful is happening, and if anything, you and your team of beautiful people have helped me stay the course and grow and help me help others.

Love and light, BT


I thought I’d send in what I believe is my ascension experience. What I’m beginning to understand is that our “ascension” is not as much the physical as the spiritual, if that makes sense. It’s an ascension of consciousness. I’m beginning to think that it’s not that we will magically disappear and re-appear in a different place, but rather that we are anchoring the higher-dimensional consciousness here on this physical planet. Soon enough of us will awaken into fifth or higher consciousness that we will be able to change our systems into those of higher consciousness.

I’ve had multi-dimensional consciousness for awhile now. I broke through into fifth-dimensional consciousness a few years ago, and can now access all through the twelve dimension of this universe and even higher. I have full memories of many galactic civilizations and can telepathically speak and meld with my higher selves in those dimensions. I can telepathically communicate with some of my galactic family and some of what I suppose you would call the Ascended Masters as clear as if they are sitting in the room with me. I have not physically gone anywhere. But I can telepathically bi-locate at will.

I don’t think the communication has been the greatest about what this ascension experience really is. It’s more of a changing of consciousness and a regaining of higher dimensional memories and access, I believe. And grid work, of course. Lots of grid work.

I, too, thought we were supposed to magically disappear and pop up in a magically peaceful fifth dimension, hopefully on December 21st. I was rather looking forward to it. My forays into the higher dimensions have not been exactly fun over the past few years — I’ve been dealing with and transmuting a lot of trauma. I think it’s important to express that the fifth dimension and above are not perfect places — they have many problems of their own that they are trying to solve (or they’re waiting for us to solve for them).

Are they vastly more enjoyable and peaceful places to live than 3D Earth? Yes. But any cursory google search of Pleiadian or Sirian or Orion history will reveal many galactic wars. And those conflicts haven’t been solved nearly as far in the past as some representatives of those civilizations would like to have us believe. And many of them have messy histories with this planet. This entire universe is currently undergoing a shift in consciousness.

I did, however, experience something on the 21st. I experienced what I would call a great soul healing, across all dimensions I have access to. I had been healing piece by piece, trauma by trauma. But on the 21st I felt all the traumas healed, all the soul fragments restored. Kind of a spiritual soul reset, like I was able to meld with my pure, whole, heavenly soul matrix, before all the traumas of this universe shattered it.

I have felt much, much more peaceful since then — although not perfect by any means. I still get angry, especially when someone cuts me off when driving and then proceeds to drive ten miles under the speed limit in front of me. But I feel like the anger no longer affects me or anyone else, like it dissipates and is transmuted immediately. Before it would kind of stay stuck in my energy field. But I feel like my energy field has been healed, is whole and healthy and no longer stores trauma. So that was my ascension experience.

I saw an unmistakable UFO tonight, though. A little ball of light that looked a little like an airplane, but bobbled and floated in the air like no airplane ever could.

These are my personal experiences and opinions. I do not pretend to have the full picture. If you have any questions or I can explain anything further, please email me.

Thank you,


AscensionMany things have been happening, but here are the two closest in time to the 21st. About half way between the 12th and the 21st, I was awoken at 1:23 am. Very unusual for me not to sleep soundly through the night as that is when I travel and do my best personal work.

I laid there for a few minutes trying to get back to sleep before I noticed that my cells were bursting with light. I started giggling, really giggling, to myself thinking that I have never felt so alive in my life. Here I am in my bed in the middle of the night and I have never felt so alive.

My body was literally bursting with love and life as my cells were being infused with the new energies.

About a week later I was approaching my house and noticed that there was mist rising from my fence surrounding my yard. I looked around to my neighbors’ houses and saw that mine was the only fence to which this was happening even though we all have similar wooden fences.

I entered my yard and the only way that I can describe it is magic. Everything was glowing and pulsing with life. The past two times that I’ve gotten body work I’ve seen a green that does not exist in this world, it is an emerald green but neon and glowing and here it was in my yard, two little orbs hanging in raindrops from my quince bush.

Only two out of thousands of the glimmering raindrops but it was there and it stayed in the same two drops for about five minutes from every angle I looked. I even stepped out of my yard and looked around to be sure that it wasn’t just the time of day or the way the sunlight was hitting the earth and there was nothing spectacular going on outside. Again I was filled with a sense of being so alive and so grateful to be able to experience all of this with the awareness of what is happening.

Today I saw a purple that does not exist in this world. At first I thought so! meone had poured paint on these branches because it was bright! purple, but as I got closer I realized it was the branches themselves. The essences of these branches was this beautiful incandescent purple and they were showing themselves to me in a way that has never happened before. It was so beautiful and again I was filled with this overwhelming gratitude to be feeling so alive. Ascension is happening and it is gradually realized in these sudden moments of perfection.


Ascension 3145Steve, I know you are not answering emails at this time and I really do not need an answer, but I wanted to let you know, you are spot ON and I feel this in my heart as well that bliss and love are EXPANDING…as an energy reader I simply feel that a net of highly sensitive sensors LOL have overlaid my already sensitive energy organ which I call my love/truth sensor and others would call intuition…

I am absolutely feeling an openness of the heart, of love, not only from humans but also from the soul of Gaia, from the animals and minerals and trees especially…all are tentatively reaching out and finding more and more connections and more and more joy in the REAL stuff–someone said to me the other day, we are seeing more and more what is real and what is fake…the fake stuff is things we have been told we need and have worked years to obtain at great cost! to our happiness and when we get it, the satisfaction is shallow at best…

The REAL stuff instantly brings tears of joy–man Steven I have been crying with joy and feeling literally like a bottle of soda exploding with joy as I touch source in others and their love…I too truly believe that we have ascended in our hearts and opened to that small still voice in us that leads us to our hearts desire..

I could strongly feel the changing field approaching the solstice and it was compressing down down down like pressure all around, or being held under water and then after the solstice the energy was effervescent, like a drop of oil on water spreading out…I also felt a shift from a vertical chakra alignment and grounding down through the root to the earth to a more spherical energy field around me and a grounding directly into the crystal grid of earth and source..

.I can see auras and mine is like 2 x as thick and definitely see more of a column of light from my crown, almost like a diadem on top…this isn’t evidentiary proof of course, but simply what I have experienced..

Much love, many hugs, much joy and simply this–keep doing what you are doing–stay the course and steer by that north star of yours, which is of course…LOVE…All the best in the new year and the new world!


Ascension 3456Hey hey Steve! :):)

Been looking at your blog for a while now and just wanted to first say thank you, it has helped me immensely in finding myself and helping to explain all that I’ve been feeling ever since I can remember. I’d like to say that I especially resonate with the words of AAM and feel like whatever he says makes sense to me.

Anyways , back to my experience!

So basically since the beginning of the year I started my whole awakening process and things have just been progressing so rapidly since then. I had been feeling great energies penetrating my body leading up to the 21/12/12 date throughout the year and don’t feel like it was an instant process on that exact date nor did I ever feel it would be. Instead of going through the different stages I went through I will instead just write about how I feel at this current point in time.

Firstly, I’m 20. I have been working out at the gym for a few years and have a fairly solid build of 90kg. I was in a bulking phase (gaining weight) and would easily eat in excess of 3800 calories. During this current month I have completely lost my appetite and food makes me feel absolutely sick.

I now eat less than 1000 calories and this is only because I enjoy the taste of food and not because I’m hungry. However my energy levels have increased dramatically and I guess I feel a lot lighter. I compare this to a cutting phase (losing fat) where I was eating ~2200 calories and had hardly any energy at all and was constantly hungry and craving food.

I suppose I feel like I’ve already being in quite a high frequency for the last few months and have been adjusting to the energies quite well although being fatigued occasionally every time my senses changed. By senses changing I mean the way I see and hear things. It’s sort of like everything becoming clearer and more beautiful.

Colours now look so bright and beautiful, it’s like they just stand out. I”m sitting in my room and it feels like I am in a completely different place. I now get an overwhelming sense of joy from colours, when before I would just take it for granted. I was lying down at the beach with my friend looking up at the sky. It looked different, spectacular and almost unreal. It was and still is just so beautiful and gives me an intense sense of calmness. I told my friend this and she looked at me like I was crazy. I then came on here and read about AAM talking about the sky being different so I suppose that could be something to do with that?

I just feel so calm and aware. I have no fears, worries and the answers for ‘problems’ just come to me with ease. I feel intense love for everything and can see the lost souls in human beings. It sort of feels like I’m the only one awake, walking through a movie with all these different characters in play.

I feel people’s emotions, can sense their energies and ‘just know’ what I need to do or say to put them in a good mood without even thinking about it. In fact I rarely ever have thoughts running through my mind on a daily basis anymore. Only if I choose to have a thought, which I will be fully aware of. Automatic reactions to situations don’t exist to me anymore.

I have absolutely no care for 3D issues anymore. I suppose that’s what it feels like with the whole movie thing. It’s like I’m in a completely different world (5D?) and I’m just observing others in another world (3D). Only very rarely will I come across someone that I feel is on the same wavelength as me and that I can feel is in my world or awake in my reality.

I can feel and see that all animals are in my world along with quite a lot of children. In fact it’s like these children are now drawn to me and they cannot stop staring at me in a trance-like state, it gives me great joy because I don’t feel as alone in a sense. By the way, the way in which I interpret the separation between the different dimensions is done mainly through looking into someone’s eyes and sensing energy.

I work at a cafe and it’s fairly busy so I will see over a thousand people within a day. When I drink lots of pure water ( say ~4 litres) and have no food, the intensity of the light in my reality gets brighter. I can go into a state of complete bliss and just feel like telling everyone I love them as I can feel the oneness easier.

I dance around and sing (something which I do all the time anyway) but it just feels that much more amazing. This is all helped by the fact that music is playing. Good music now sounds better too (really is hard to explain but it’s just.. perfect and it’s like I’m feeding off the music for energy and has the ability to put me into a blissful, trance-like state ).

Time doesn’t exist to me anymore and I can’t feel time too. There is a lot more I’d like to write about my new and current perspective of this amazing reality but about to reach the character limit so instead I’ll leave it it there and if you’d like to know more just let me know

:):)  Thanks for reading!



Ascension 09192Is This My Ascension?

I think the first thing to remember is we are flying by the seat of our pants, to use a phrase. We have not done this that we remember so we are feeling our way through the process without totally knowing what it looks like. I am learning as I go, as I imagine all of us are.

On 11/11/11 I had eight beings who called themselves Guardians show up to escort me through the ascension process. I felt like I wasn’t ready, and I didn’t want to go “alone.” But as I look back now, I can see they didn’t take no for an answer. They did, however, let me imagine I was in charge.

I continued to clear out emotional goo until I felt like I was ready. That was 12/21/21. However, my experience preceded that date. I suppose the whole point was to catch “me” off guard. I am more willing if I don’t know exactly when it’s happening.

I was sitting in meditation a few days before 12/21 when I saw “the gates” open and joy and love and creativity began to flow in. I heard, “Enjoy this!” I saw the sun rising on a whole new us. I saw what looked like confetti coming down on the whole world, but the confetti was made of sparkles of light. I’ve never seen anything like it. I got very warm and then I turned into sparkles of light. The best way to describe how this felt was heaven on earth.

I began to spiral up-up-up in an ever-widening spiral. I felt myself relax my boundaries and expand to become part of everything. During this time of a few minutes I had no interest in coming back. But after a time I felt myself falling like a feather to the ground. Every so slowly I came back to the earth, and I heard a clear message that I had ascended. My heart field grew as big as the sun and I realized I had no attachment to anything physical. I experienced myself as abundant, that abundance is not something I need to seek or create, that abundance is simply part of who me. I am abundant. That takes a weight off and I have been enjoying that feeling.

While what I went through may sound like a pleasant experience, it is far more than that. Since this experience, my point of perception has shifted. It’s like I have crossed a threshold. I am seeing things from another perspective. I can see things I couldn’t see before, the “energy” of things. I am no longer able to tolerate any harshness and for the time being I am being very protective of my new environment while I learn the ins and outs of it. One thing I am noticing: the things I think about take shape around me, in front of me, as soon as I think them. That alone takes getting used to. I am experiencing an unusual joy and a steady energy and a sense of being out of time. I may look the same, but something is very different.

My dreams since that day all take place on a new earth, where joy flows, where we co-create, where we live in unity, where our cars don’t touch the road or use gas, where the lakes are crystal clear. I’ve never had dreams filled with so much love and joy!

I have had only had a few interactions with the world outside my door, but people have been angelic to me. They are behaving in ways I have dreamed of, with respect and kindness and love. I feel like I am in some place that doesn’t have a name. How much do I dare test it?

I want only to enjoy it. I know there are things going on out there in the news, but they are not going on in my particular corner of the world. And in spite of the TV weather forecast of heavy rain, I have been experiencing intermittent sun and very little rain. Although my computer weather icons show me it’s raining, it’s not.

And this happened: I changed one of my insurance policies a couple weeks ago, and when the new company called me, the woman said, “This is Angel, and I see you have our Star policy.” I have no idea what that means, but I think I am covered.

I have had love pouring out of me, love that I withheld from people who were not kind. I can no longer withhold love. My phone hasn’t rung in four days. The silence is unusual. Every now and then I go for a walk to make sure the world is still there. And it is. But it’s very different. And I am still learning the ins and outs of that.

One more thing: I had friends who came and stayed with me on 12/21 and brought their daughters, aged 17 to 22. We went to bed about midnight and right before I fell asleep, I felt the familiar energy of some of the star beings that I sense. In the morning, two of the young women, who slept in the living room, said they were awakened at about two am by tall beings of light standing over them (this was a first for them). One of the young women said, “The room was full. It seemed like they were having a party.”

We had had a Solstice party earlier (very low-key) of 10 people. A friend brought her close friend, who had just flown in from Oakland, CA. She related a story, that as the plane lifted over Oakland, she looked down to see not the city with its buildings, but green fingers of land and blue water. She couldn’t make sense of it. She isn’t someone who has read about ascension, so her description was striking for me, as it matched visions I have had of the new earth.

The world around me feels very interactive and alive, like I am in a movie of my own dreaming. Is this the way we make the shift, one human being at a time moving into something that can only be called miraculous?


Ascension 2134Dear Steve,

I ascended 41 years ago. 12/21 wasn’t any more enlightening than any other day since 12/12. But I was very calm about it.

It was a heavy, cloudy day but I managed to sit outside between 10 and 11 am and the sun peaked through the clouds for about ten minutes so I soaked up as much white light as possible, had a moment of oneness with the light and love, and then really wasn’t feeling it. So I continued prepping for Christmas feeling fine about the day, knowing that most days this year have been wonderful thanks to 2012 scenario.

Everyone is so lovingly intending light and love and power, I’m convinced that it is being manifest here, now. When I came back to earth 41 years ago, though I did travel to the future and went to a great Celebration regarding this scenario, but then was slammed back into my earthly body before it really got started,  I thought it impossible, to happen here on earth again, especially collectively.

But in 60 or 70 years, the blink of an eye compared to eternity, I’ll shed this body and be home again. Now, four decades later with 12/21/12 here, and over the last 2 or 3 years of having followed your blogsite almost exclusively, since it rings completely true to what I experienced, again I’m convinced it’s happening collectively, here, now.

Your AAM is absolutely real to me now, since I did meet him in his original form, and having not dropped dead, long story why, I know exactly what he meant by that remark to you. LOL.

Not at you Steve, I want to thank you for bringing me closer and closer to the One now every day. Please don’t stop and please be patient. I’ve had 40 grueling years of waiting and wandering in these shadows and things are changing more and more very rapidly now. We’ll all be there soon! and you won’t be disappointed.

Love JH

ascension-purpleHi, Steve, and wonderful team of 2012 scenario! My name is Vladislav and I’m a reader of your site from Russia. Although my English is far from perfect, everyday I translate articles and channelings from your site to stay informed about current events.

I also have a blog where I regularly publish articles about cosmic family, disclosure, contact, and evolution of human consciousness and the Earth transformation process.

And now, I want to tell my story, and I hope will be useful to many people.

Of course, I had high hopes for December 21, as a key moment in the history of our planet, waiting for mass awakening, Ascension and contact.

I can not say that it was a normal day for me, not at all. This day was very special and the energy-rich for me, and the period from December 21 to December 24, was a great spiritual adventure and I had very intense physical feelings, especially in the spine – with warmth and tingling, as if electrodes are connected to my back. And this symptoms of transformation I feel to this day.

But still, I began to doubt about some of channeled sources who claimed that the mass awakening and ascension will take place, that the world will be transformed to the Love and Peace and the wars will end. These doubts are reinforced after mass arrests, NESARA, Contact, Awakening and Ascension did not happen. I was saddened and began looking for answers. I began to think that it is some kind of cosmic conspiracy against spiritual people.

I woke up on the 22nd knowing that I should pay the bills, that I have to do the work, that everything remains as before and I felt cheated while some people laughed at me. But I was not so worried about my reputation, but rather the fact that it all can be a “global cosmic deception” organized by the Dark Cabal. [Refers to a specific person. Reference deleted.]

So, all of this story, thoughts and doubts has led to the fact that I wanted to have a physical confirmation. I went outside from my house and looked at the starry sky, asking galactic brothers and sisters to give me a signal, if the channeled information about Ascension and Contact is real. I asked Archangel Michael, asked all cosmic beings who hear me, send me a sign, literally praying about it.

And half a minute later, a glowing object appeared in the sky and sent me two light signals before disappearing. It was a fantastic experience, I was happy, and sent my Love to the team of this ship. My mood was great and it seemed that nothing else could upset me and knock me from my course. Now I’m back on my way inspired and full of hope, because now I know – this is TRUE

I’m glad that has already come a day when people can communicate in the universal language of Love. And I send my unconditional love to you Steve, I’m very grateful to you for your work with your wonderful team of 2012 scenario, and I send my Love to all the readers of this blog!

You may publish my post, if you find it useful for people and I’ll be happy if it will help many people to get back hope.

Thank you from all of my heart, I wish you a nice holiday, Steve!

Your reader and friend,


Ascension 3425Just wanted to tell Liva that I experienced the sky that was Golden, Sapphire Blue, Pink with purple, green, magenta and beautiful colors in between with silver white puffy clouds that had two silver cloud discs. However, this was early morning on 12/21/12, for me in Simonton, Texas.

I called a friend (who lived a couple of miles from me) to look at the sky and she never saw what I experienced. The sun was so bright with a colorburst of surrounding color that I could not look directly at the source. It was as though I was literally in the presence of our Creator. I was in AWE!

I felt I was shown that Gaia “had arrived” and I had mentally ascended. The feeling was blissful, calming and a knowing that all is in Divine Order.



Sananda_ascension1I offer this experience in the hope that it might bring hope to others. One day in August, I was downtown, waiting for the light rail train. All of a sudden, I slipped into a different perception, a golden world where everything was connected. I saw that I actually knew everyone walking by, riding by in their cars or on their bikes or skateboards. Furthermore, I loved them!

I saw that we were all held together in a golden love, and that everything was perfect, all of us moving and flowing together, everything choreographed by the hand of an unseen Choreographer. I knew that most of the people passing me were not aware of this golden light, but that did not matter. They were held in it anyway. I thought about those little wooden Russian dolls, each one nesting in another.

We all have lived in one little doll (3D), but that doll has always been held in ever larger ones. Even though we have seemingly forgotten, when the walls of the smaller doll dissolve, we will see the love that flows in and between us all. I stood there in bliss until the train arrived and I got on to go home.

When the walls of the little doll did not seem to dissolve for us all on December 21, like everyone else, I was terribly disappointed. Most of all, I wanted everyone to experience the perception I was blessed with on that one day. I realize that just that one shift of perception could change EVERYTHING, and we would all understand and want to work together to begin to solve our problems. But maybe a sudden shift would be too much for the world.

I have been what I have called “slipping in and out of time and space” for several years. At first, it was very confusing. My husband thought I had had a stroke. The doctors ruled out stroke, and then checked me for a brain tumor, then just shrugged their shoulders. Over time, I began to become more friendly with this new way of being. It took a while to trust it and to learn how to move through the world with no mental map or linear past and future. I still slip in and out, but it’s gentle now, like breathing in and then breathing out. Maybe this time we are in now is when we are all gently adjusting?

I’m not sure if what I have been experiencing have been “peeks” into Ascension. I offer this story of waiting for the train because it was a clear experience of Oneness, but is grounded in an everyday reality that I think other readers can easily relate to.



(1) Not to be mistaken for Linda Dillon’s use of the “descension” to mean the descent of Heaven to Earth.

(2) I’ve had this experience of sharper, more lustrous colors as well.

Source: http://the2012scenario.com/2013/01/a-cornucopeia-of-ascension-and-other-related-experiences/


  1. Beautiful experiences. May share my own at some point–maybe after I rack up a couple more–Thank you, Wes and Steve. The Scenario and this blog have made my life infinitely better!!! Blessings to you both, well and all readers who are awakening to this true truth.


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