This Endless Experience Continues to Amaze

001smallThe amazing validations of some type of initiation into a purer state of consciousness continue flowing in for me, and I am feeling a general Lightness in my everyday activities. It truly does feel as if things are becoming more refined but make no mistake; I am certainly still following and adhering to a process that exposes still-latent vasanas and things in myself that need to be worked-through. I now begin the process of doing just that as I ready myself for the continual amazing upgrades I’ve experienced during meditation.

I said before the 21st that if my family and I were ready to ascend, I would embrace a sudden ascension on that date. I stand by that statement and it seems that the readiness and belief I personally put in; not in a single date or timeframe but in the overall bolder initiation into that aforementioned purer consciousness, seemed to work for me quite well as I have continued to feel amazing benefits; even on the days that others reported “dark night of the soul” moments and moments of doubt, disbelief, frustration or sheer sadness.

Again – I have indeed been going through such moments myself, but I’ve been going through them in a different manner. Previously I would experience one of those moments, and the energies behind them would stick with me for a very long time because I made little or no effort to work through and transmute them in that very moment, because of the very anger caused by them that was driving me not to!

Lower emotions and energies are very, very sticky. Once they attach themselves to you and are able to shape your perspective, they have you until you can begin that steady uphill climb away from them. Previously, for me this uphill climb was about the hardest thing to do and it felt much easier to simply feed the negativity I’d wanted so badly to get away from.

Now, I’m finding my anger or sadness nearly wiped away from me whenever I feel it, and this is not because some magical date has taken all my worries, concerns and negative emotions from me; it’s because I’ve been able to find a purer and deepened state of consciousness that simply laughs in the face of any attempted negativity or sadness.

If I was not to even try dealing with the negativity, it would indeed continue to haunt me and make me feel low. I believe it is Ziggy Marley who says, “If you don’t deal with it, it keeps killing you little by little, I say”. If we leave the negativity we feel within un-dealt with, it will do just that!

So I’ve been finding an easily-lightened perspective and I’ve found that the negativity can simply last no longer within me. Yes, it makes itself known as it is transmuted but I have to say, negativity just does not have the lasting effect it used to on me. It is truly wonderful!

And that is just the beginning of what I’ve continued to experience. Of course, I too have had the creeping doubts and concerns that I’m somehow “fooling myself” but the endless validations I have experienced since the 21st have been much stronger, so I’m going to stay in the camp I’ve always felt I belonged in.

The doubts and concerns have been every bit as fleeting as the negativity or sadness and again, they are the “minority” emotions I’ve been feeling as of late.

They are more catalytic emotions, really; I find them presented to me and I find myself with a crucial decision to make: do I now embrace this ascension fully knowing that I am Creating it from here on out, rather than being led toward what to know and do by my guides? Or do I simply trash the whole belief, join the circle of disbelievers and look back upon this time as a fond memory of something wonderful we attempted to Create?

I think everybody reading this knows what I’ve chosen and while some people may choose to remain neutral from here on out, I say that we have already Created and done so much in the name of a movement that I personally know with every facet of myself is real, so why not give it our all? Those of us who have risked and sacrificed nearly everything for this movement have nothing else left to lose, so why not go at it and treat this year of 2013 as the amazingly-energetic and spiritually-active year we know it is going to be?

I recognize that this perspective is coming-forth from within me because I have experienced so many endless validations (I guess I’m one of the lucky ones) and I acknowledge that some have not. As I always have, I strongly recommend meditation as much as possible because this is how I’ve been feeling these upgrades.

Indeed, I have not been simply sitting around and then suddenly feeling an etheric perception of our fifth dimensional Earth; I have put the soul-growth work in and I have worked so very hard to attune to our fifth dimensional energies and having done so, I can continue to reiterate with happiness that they are stronger than they have ever been and they are not going anywhere. The experience I’m about to detail below has certainly helped solidify this belief in myself, though it was already quite solidified.

I’ve been meditating every single day since the 21st alignment began and honestly, I don’t even see it as a meditation anymore. I see it as a simple attunement and with each meditation, I am exposed to purer and purer energies that the sheer awesomeness of, has overwhelmed me quite a bit. I believe some have been talking about the apparent fleeting experience of bliss they’d had during the 21st that now seems to have left them, and I say that it hasn’t left me.

It is very much still here, and every meditation reminds me of that. When I go through my “dark night of the soul” moments, those very Light energies help me on an upward climb that again, is not nearly as difficult as it used to be. These energies are here for me. They’re here for you to, and they want you to know this.

Now, I must detail quite an amazing experience I had last night during meditation. Again, during meditation I’ve been attuning to energies that just amaze me and, being open to “multidimensional” travels within myself that I receive impressions of via my third eye, I’ve been able to experience amazing places that I make my effort to attune to.

Recently after the 21st, I felt myself existing within our fifth dimensional Earth and actually came into contact with the fifth dimensional aspect of my higher self or, as some would call him, my “future self”. I’ve still been able to visit that brimming land since and it seems that our fellow Lightworkers are still attuning to it and Creating upon it as well, because I’ve been checking up on it and I have to say that it looks amazing.

I’ve also recently felt myself merge quite literally with the very energies of Source; of Oneness; of our Creator in the purest form I have ever felt, and it was truly a Life-changing experience. The experience I had last night matches those detailed above in the amount of positivity and assured-ness of our ascension and the Light forces helping to bring our ascension about, it has garnered in me.

I remember feeling submerged in the meditative healing Light planes I’ve mentioned in previous writings, and from there I had the thought to visit our Pleiadian brethren in their Mothership. I instantly felt impressions in myself of first existing in a type of small, general “meeting hall” or “command center”. I remember looking out of the very large windows (some of which seemed to cover a whole wall) and seeing our beautiful space.

For some reason, the impressions then changed to form the location of some type of room within this ship. I felt myself in this room and it felt as if I’d attuned to this location myself. I can remember feeling impressions of exiting the room and beginning to walk down a narrow hallway, wherein I was spotted by a very humble and nice Pleiadian soul who had apparently been waiting for me.

Oh, hoy joyous this soul was to see me and to know that I was actually perceiving of this experience from the Earth as it happened. This soul was so happy and excited, and quickly rushed me to a type of meeting hall that was much larger than the one I’d initially felt myself in. This meeting hall was like a stadium.

I likely perceived of this place through my own lenses so to speak, but I remember a very big stage and what seemed to me to be unnecessary seats. Do fifth dimensional beings need to sit? I personally couldn’t say if they do but again, I perceived of this place in a manner I’d be less overwhelmed with. For what it’s worth, during the next part of this experience I do remember everybody standing (or perhaps floating).

The most interesting thing about this experience is that everything that happened seemed to overlap; I did not experience these events in a linear manner and rather, it was as if it was all happening at once as I received what seemed to be a grand vision of it all. I can remember there being soooo many Pleiadians in this meeting hall; there had to be thousands of them there and they were all so happy to make a connection with an Earthly soul in the manner we had been able to.

Yes, they connect with me routinely to channel but I had never fully felt myself with them in this manner while on Earth. I can remember somebody having the idea for me to get up on stage and speak, as apparently, the perspective of a soul anchored unto the Earth is important to a race of humans who are trying to help the Earth evolve.

I remember getting up on the stage and delivering what seemed to be the most heart-felt, inspiring speech because I felt very strong emotions arise in myself as I felt myself giving it. I don’t remember much of what I said but I do remember that at times, there would be immense applause and/or laughter at something I had said. The Pleiadians were very much like the Sedona crowds; so respectful, so Loving, so happy to hear me speak.

And I was, of course, speaking to the largest crowd of people I had ever spoken to. The Sedona Conferences were big and even they were first-time experiences for me but wow, was this Pleiadian meeting hall large and filled with enthusiastic, evolved humans!

I can remember saying something along the lines of “I do not have the perspective you all do, but I know that what is happening is real and that everything we’ve worked so hard for is about to come forth. I don’t know what you guys know, but I can feel that we are nearer than ever before to achieving our goal”. Immense applause, I can remember, after saying that. Of course, the above segment from my apparent speech is paraphrased.

I remember telling them that the collective of Earth are increasingly opening up and finding enlightenment, and that their presence on our world will be widely accepted and greatly appreciated. Speaking for the Lightworker collective, I remember telling them that I understand the delays and the seeming non-manifestations and that I understand as well, the importance of working myself to find the experiences I wish to find.

It was just so neat, as usually they are speaking through me to the Earth collective and now, it seemed that I was speaking to their collective!

Overall, the apparent speech seemed to be one of encouragement and upliftment, and it was delivered to a General Assembly of the Pleiadian Councils who were very, very enthusiastic. I can also remember everybody’s auras; their entire bodies were glowing and the focal-point of this hue seemed to be their heart chakras, which I can also remember were radiating-out the most wonderful energies I have ever felt.

There is probably so much more to this experience I’ve forgotten to detail, but this writing has turned into quite the essay so I should probably wrap it up. Though I have to say, I could keep writing for a very long time; which I feel is another result of these heightened energies.

Take a break? I’ve tried and tried but my process is just too heightened and I’m experiencing just too much to stay quiet!

Overall, the message I wish to deliver is that our ascension process has indeed reached a heightened phase and we’re now being given the choice to either embrace it when doing so may feel it’s hardest, or to turn away from it and eventually re-find it, as well always will. Personally, even if I wanted to ditch my Lightwork or my developing ascension (which I absolutely don’t) I wouldn’t be able to; the energies are just too strong and I would likely find another amazing experience that would pull me right back in.

This is because I know without a shred of a doubt that our ascension is real. I know it, and I can feel it. I will continue to be given validations and, in the face of disbelief or detractions, I will buzz right through the doubt in myself they would attempt to garner and continue on in a process that I have enjoyed every bit of.

Wes Annac – Learning, growing, and experiencing aspects of the higher realms.


  1. WOWsers! Now that’s something I’ve never read from another channel, Wes. I posted it at another site and used the title “Reverse Channeling”. 😉 Sounds like you’re becoming a real shooting star, and I bet you’ll have lots of amazing posts in the future as well. I hope you can continue to visit the Pleiadians and give them more details on our reality down here. We’re not all as enlightened as you are at this point and would appreciate a few flyovers and/or replicators to kick things into a higher gear. Maybe they can send one back with you next time. 🙂


  2. Thank you, Wes. I so look forward to your personal postings, as much as I look forward to Salusa’s and I am grateful for the wisdom and experiences you’re sharing. It sounds like happy travels. Rather than be envious that I’m just a mom who can’t seem to find even 5 minutes to myself while you’re interacting personally with our star families, I am very happy for you. You go, boy!


  3. Agreed: WOWsers!! I am going to go meditate right now–I am now familiar with so many star groups around us in our Galaxy–including the Iargans who are truly lovely advanced beings–but the Pleiadians do resonate so strongly with me, too, that I would also love to have a chance to say “Hi” and send them love for all they are doing for us. Would love to return the favor. What a great message!! Congratulations, Wes!!


  4. HOLLER WEEESSS!!! HAHA …I feel you too!!! I feel the exact same way. Like this is something NOBODY can take away from you because it is created inside ourselves!!!! PURE AMAZINGNESS!!!!!


  5. Dude and I’m sure there’s no way in hell you’d remember but I left a post the other day on here saying basically the exact same thing you said in this message…that it [is] a choice and we can decide if we want to stay there or not


  6. Wow! This is so wonderful. I have to say my friend that I felt envy while reading your beautiful message. But now I appreciate it a lot that you have these amazing experiences. So to speak that somebody as come further a long the way or journey into light has bothered me a bit. But now I see that it only benefits my evolution and the one of others joining this beautiful movement. The “only” thing I’m experiencing are heightended states of consciousness, as if I had a new operating system being installed in my being. And I want to state how you also emphasize it that this is really all it is about. Inner work does it al. People (including me) make this wonderful “mistake” to focus too much on the outside world, dates and expectations that are then following. Really I can only repeat that the outside world is just a mirror of the inside. If everyone on this planet would have totally understood that, everybody would be completely happy.

    Thank you so much Dear Wes! 🙂


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