Heavenletters: It’s Love’s Turn

Heavenletters Published on: December 29, 2012

Thanks to: http://soundofheart.org/galacticfreepress/content/heavenletter-4418-its-loves-turn


God said:

Lovely is the light I shine on you. Lovely are you to receive it and to reflect it. The only thing to reflect is light, beloveds. What else matters a whit? Yes, it is for you to shine the light of love. All else fades. All else is for naught. The light of love lasts. What else do you imagine fills Eternity? What else is worth the salt of Eternity?

Your soul is worth Eternity. What else would you want to keep? The little disturbances that you bump into? The big arguments you have with yourself? The trials and hurts of the world seen from the outside?

Beloveds, put down your squabbles. Squabbles aren’t worth your while. Disagreements, phooey. What are disagreements worth that you would want to keep them in your heart or anywhere?

If you must harbor things in your heart, harbor love and engagement of love and light and all the beauty that is yours right now. What are beauty and elegance for if not for you? Who is worth all the beauty and goodness conceived in the world if not you?

You were made for wondrousness. You were not made for anything else. Don’t two-time yourself with folly. Let go of the folly of aggravations and choose the light of love. What else is attractive? Anyway, haven’t you had enough of all that which does a number on you?

Come along. I will take you the wonders to see. And, you, My beloveds, are the greatest wonder of all. Isn’t it a wonder that you can displease yourself when you live in a world where flowers grow, where snow falls and sun lights the world, trees blossom, and leaves change color, where there are mountains to climb and oceans to swim in and gaze at? What can possibly be missing from the world? The only thing I can think of is your happiness. You have laid it down somewhere, forsaking it for minor matters. Confess.

Confess, and lay aside whatever remnants of hurt and distaste you may harbor. Lay down your thoughts of enmity and think of friendliness and the love in your heart that begs to be ignited. Come. Come to the shores of My heart and dive in. I am here for you, and you for Me. Let it be so. Let there be no strangers in any heart. Now We start with your heart. We empty it of foolishness, and We fill it to overflowing with the light of love that burnishes there.

There has been enough of discontent. Have you not had enough of it? Drop it then. Drop off discontent. Throw it off the edge of the world. Dissatisfaction has had its day. Boot it out. It is love’s turn now. This is the year of the fulmination of love. Welcome it. There is nothing but love to keep in your heart. There is nothing else that truly wants to be in your heart but love. I say your heart is Mine, and that hearts are to be filled with love and nothing but love from this day forth.

What makes you think that this is something hard to do? Bail out from your heart anything that is not love. Get a dump truck if you have to and empty your heart of the past and fill it with the light of love. No longer cover up the light of love. No longer sully your heart with less than love. Everything is less than love. Jewels are less than love. Nothing equals love. Nothing but love is to occupy your mind and heart. Nothing but love deserves your heart. You deserve love, and you are to fill your heart with it. Do not hold your heart for ransom. Do not hold your heart in waiting for some day. Some day is now. Now is the Year of Heart. Make My dreams come true.


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