Disappointed about 21-12-2012?

Please don’t! And here is why. Why would you be dissapointed with the person you have become? Can you honestly say you are the same person you where a year ago?

You became a lightworker because you want a better world, freedom and abundance for all who walk and live on this planet. Know that your personal growth and the love in your heart where the only energy attached to 21-12-2012!

Please know you experience a reality because this is what the soul wants to experience and learn. 21-12-2012 means love in a illusionary reality. Whatever you thought would happen on 21-12-2012, please know that the expantion of you heart is the only reason you came back into this reality.

Now your task is to share it with all you encounter. Don’t place circumstance on the love you have to share, but share it freely with all! The world is but an reflection of what you believe it to be, bypass the mind and share directly from the heart! What do you have to lose? You can’t change the world if you don’t believe it starts with you!

Blessings, Cédric

Source: http://lightworkers.org/channeling/173990/dissapointed-about-21-12-2012

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