Steve and Barbara Rother – The Positive Dream (Video)

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Stepping into the New World


  1. I invested in the Omega program in 1994. For years I followed the “Dove of oneness” reports forever promising the payout was coming tomorrow. 6 months ago Mike Quimsey
    promised it is a matter of weeks now not months. 10 years ago Sheldon Nidel was on his way to Europe to “get our money” In oct. Aquarius channeling said dec 21 is coming we don’t have long to wait. Anyone remember the A and A reports. This will happen any day now. Is anyone out there getting totally burned out on waiting and false promises that never happen.


    • Hello friend,

      While I can’t speak to the predictions given by others, I think we should refine our personal roles from solely following the words of others and hoping, hoping, hoping, to begin sitting up and taking action ourselves. I am still feeling the amazing effects of the 21st, because I’ve been attuning to them and experiencing them because of that attunement. The effort must be put in if we wish to manifest anything positive for ourselves, and while I have never said the 21st was going to be a for-sure ascension date [you can review my writings on that date to confirm this] I would say that even those doing the predicting have at least sat-up and are trying to help this movement in any ways they can.

      We are all invited to contribute, to do anything we can to bring our heavenly future about. Let’s take our focus away from dates and timeframes, and put it where it should be; in manifesting our ascension and a plethora of other things, rather than pinning them down to our concepts and expectations.

      I hope I could help friend,

      Wes 🙂


  2. Hi Wes, thank you for your undertanding and perfectly chosen words to express it 🙂
    I myself always beleived in power of realistic expectations and self manifestation with the complite trust in God’s will and his help. 🙂


  3. Today I read Blossom Goodchilds channelling of the Galactic Federation, that I find very helpful getting things into perspective.

    They are my thoughts really. At first I was very disappointed that there wasn’t a blast so to say, but I immediately thought that if we didn’t help get our light and love established on and in the earth, nothing much would have happened.

    I can say that I had my, what you can call, three days of darkness. But that was letting go of any old stuff, that was not of the light.

    Since Dec. 21, I can really feel a different energy: everything feels lighter. The sky certainly looks different. And I have sudden explosions of love, so much love. That wasn’t there before. And it is as Wes says: we have to do it ourselves, with (a little) help from our friends.

    Much love for everyone and lets get the positive energy flow, so the changes can occur.



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