12-28-12 Bill Ballard ~ Remain Focused on YOUR Ascension Expansion

28 December 2012

Things are so mellow right now as so many persons have shifted into their higher ascension frequencies along with Mother Earth. Well, the excitement of the intensity leading to the end of 2012 seems to have waned, although we truly have only just begun the shift. Do you miss the excitement of what we did in 2011 or 2012? HA! Well now it is time to focus on personal ascension, raising our frequencies to the highest we can as that affects all else. Persons are telling me that this HolyDay Season with their families has been so wonderful and like no other, but are wondering about they family members personal ascension… Focus on YOURS as that shifts all other… What you do for yourself spiritually you are doing for all else, see? LOVE

One comment

  1. Dear Bill,
    Yes, Now the time has come to focus on our own Ascension….
    This will help others also….
    You are very right….Thanks a lot….
    Love, Light & Peace….


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